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How to Live Happy

Posted on: July 5th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen
Be happy - be grateful

Be happy – live the Law of Increase

Do you know this secret about how to live a prosperous, happy life? Did you know this secret will help you turn your life around?

Take a look at your life – do you feel happy every day? Or, do you often find yourself in a funk, or surrounded by negativity?

You can wake up and have an amazing day every single day of your life. You might wonder how to be happy, how to be prosperous, or how to have better health and relationships. I will tell you this secret – it starts with a choice. Choose to live the Law of Increase.

Watch this video to learn more about the Law of Increase:

When you live the Law of Increase, you give more, you are more thankful, and you receive more!

Live happy!

Missing Instructions to the Secret

Posted on: June 4th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen

Lots of people think they know about the secret. There are books, movies, blogs, and articles all discussing the secret. Why is it called the secret? I’m not sure about that because it isn’t a secret at all. The ‘secret’ is the Law of Attraction and it’s been written  about for thousands of years, however it has not been called ‘the secret’, nor has it been called the ‘Law of Attraction’. this whole thing called the secret is even taught in the Bible and referred to in every religion.

the secret

What would you do if you had the instructions to the secret?

So, it’s not new; it’s not a secret; and what’s really a shame is that that no one ever gave you instructions on how to use it. No wonder people think the secret doesn’t work for them. You were taught the concept of the secret, oh yes! The problem is that concepts don’t attract anything. It takes ACTION….action steps attract things to you. You can talk about the secret, say you believe in the secret, think about the secret, read about the secret, and study about the secret, but until you actually know how to use it, and until you know the action steps, it’s not going to work for you!

Why not learn how to attract the perfect life? The Law of Attraction (or the Secret) is the means by which you currently design your life, whether you know it or not. Your life right now life, that is-where your life is this exact moment- is what it is because of the Law of Attraction. When you find out the missing instructions to the secret you can have everything you want in life.

I teach you the action steps which never fail to attract. It’s called ATTRACTION IN ACTION. There is no wild, way out there, woo-woo explanations; just specific, step-by-step, easy, actions steps that will bring your dreams and goals to you starting the minute you start. The big secret is that things you want will be magnetically drawn to you when you use your energy in the right way. It’s not hard. It’s a simple process. But if you don’t know it, you can’t do it. Don’t keep the missing instructions a secret any longer. They are here and ready for you use immediately.

Have you ever wondered?

Why some people are making so much money when so many others are suffering financially? I have the secret!

• Why some people are making a massive amount of money–and even save while others struggled from paycheck to paycheck? I have this secret!
• Why some people are in empowering relationships and others are stuck in difficult, unsatisfying relationships? Yes, I know this secret.
• Why some people have vibrant health and energy and others get sick over and over? It’s such a simple secret!
• Why some people are happy and just seem to attract what they want and others are sad and depressed? Who wouldn’t want to know this secret?
IT’S TIME TO QUIT WONDERING and start using missing instructions of the secret to bring in wealth for yourself, time to use the missing instructions of the secret to attract or improve an awesome relationship; time you knew how to use the secret to have radiant health and energy; and time to have an amazing day every day.

Life is a Puzzle, Are All Your Pieces in Place?

$97 online offer – instant digital content

I will share with you every single secret instruction, everything you need to know, and every tiny, little. exciting energy secret is revealed in a way that you can quickly and easily put to work in your life. Get the missing instructions to the secret today so they won’t be a secret to you any longer. LIFE IS A PUZZLE – ARE ALL YOUR PIECE IN PLACE is your answer. No one has ever given you these specific instructions to make the secret work for you and here they are ready for you to use and become an expert in attracting everything you want in life. Buy it right now and you can start using the secret right away!

  • Did anyone ever tell you how to write affirmations so they go directly into your subconscious mind and begin to work for you immediately? Well, I will. I don’t make it a secret when I teach you how you how to write them. Did you catch that?? I said write them. That’s right! If you print them, it doesn’t work. Handwriting is an ideomotor response that affects the brain in a positive way. When you put dollars and cents in your affirmations, which is a great thing to do, make sure you also hand write them instead of putting down numbers. When you do this, your brain gets it! This secret can make a big difference to you.
  •  Did anyone ever tell you the secret of how to put pictures in your mind using all 5 senses so that your creative mind considers it a real experience and continues to create that experience in your real life? Your mind doesn’t know the difference between the past, present and future.  The secret way you see the pictures in your mind determine whether they manifest quickly or ever at all.
  • Did anyone ever tell you the secret of how to bring in your personal energy source which can smooth out your energy, bathe away stress and worry, and give you vitality?  Such a fabulous secret!
  • Did anyone ever tell you the secret of how to make a vision board that is so powerful that it magnetically attracts your vision to you quickly? Did anyone ever tell you which colors to use for specific desires, on which areas of your board you should place specific goals, where to hang it in your house so that your personal energy more easily connects with the universe, and what to do with it each day so that it is a vibrant magnet bringing the things on it into your life. You will receive my   ‘MAKE THE MOST POWERFUL VISION BOARD YOU’VE EVER MADE AS BONUS when you purchase my ‘secret’ instructions.

The missing instructions to the secret are here! If they continue to be a secret to you, your life will continue to be as it is right now. You will learn to put all the pieces of your life in place when you discover the easy steps that no one has ever told you.

How do I know these missing instructions to the secret work? They changed my life and they will change yours.

There was a time when I was so in debt …..that if I TOOK every penny I was currently making, used every penny to pay off my debt, acquired no more, it would have taken me 203 yrs to pay of my debt. Doctors, medical specialists, told me I had no more than 10 years to live. My relationships were not the type of people you’ve want to take home to mom. My life was a disaster! I wanted to change my life. When I looked around, I saw people around me  living in abundance, having fulfilling relationships, with vibrant health and energy.  I knew that there was something that they were doing that I WASN’T AND I made it my mission to find out what that was. As soon as I found out, I  began to implement the action steps my life and immediately I WAS ON MY WAY TO MAKING MY FIRST MILLION. That was decades ago and today I live in a beautiful estate, have incredible relationships, and am in vibrant health. All this change by using the missing instructions to the secret and I’m ready to reveal them to you right now.

The Secret to Unlock Any Door in Your Life

Posted on: March 19th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen
Do you know the secret key?

Do you know the secret key?

What is the secret to unlock any door in your life? It’s the secret to finding the love of your life. It’s the secret to drastically improving your income. It’s the secret to finding new opportunities in your life.  It’s the secret to improving your health. It’s the secret to any and every thing you could ever want. It’s actually a secret on how to be in control of your life.

The secret to everything is to realize that YOU ARE THE KEY. It’s easy to think your problems aren’t your fault, that the direction of your life is being determined by someone else, or that your relationship problem is the another person’s fault. It’s easy, but absolutely not true.

Understand that you create everything in your life. You, and you alone, must take full responsibility for everything.  Next determine what it is in your life that isn’t going exactly as you wish. You have a valuable force within you.  The secret is to use that force to focus on the solution rather than the problem. As you do this, amazing things happen. When your thoughts and feelings are focused on the solution, which is the way you want it to be, you send invisible energetic vibrations which magnetically attract the things on which you are focusing to come to you. The vibrations of what you are focusing on will be matched and attracted to you.

You might say something like, “I would never attract that. I don’t want a controlling person in my life.” You may not consciously want it, however the secret that will surprise you is that you are in some way focusing on it. Maybe you have been thinking about the fact that you don’t want a controlling person. The secret is – when you do that, you attract one. Maybe you are focusing on it by observing someone else being controlled. The secret is, you will attract one. Maybe your thoughts wander to a a past relationship where you were controlled. The secret is when you are thinking about such a person, even if it is in your past, you are attracting one. Perhaps, you are a controlling person and if so, when you see it in another you focus on it and therefore, attract it.

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What do you think you would attract if your consciously or unconsciously focus was on what you want? If you were to say, “Exactly what I’m focusing on,” then you understand the secret.

So, more than anything, the secret is to observe what you are attracting and see exactly how you are focusing on it in your life. The Law of Attraction always responds to your vibration and you vibrates are determined by what you focus on.

Watch this youtube video

Learn the missing instructions to the secret and learn exactly how easy it is to take control of your life in companion to the secret – Life is a Puzzle-Are All Your Pieces in Place

Protect Yourself from Contamination

Posted on: January 22nd, 2013 by Glenda Feilen

protect yourself fromProtect yourself from contamination. Wow, sounds a little scary. It is scary because of the harm negativity can have on your spirit and your life.

The first thing to do to protect yourself  from something that will contaminate you, your family, or any part of your life,  is to realize that negative people and situations can only attract other negative people and situations into your life. The law of laws, as Emerson called it, reminds us that like attracts like. What that means is that positive energy, (thoughts, words, and feelings) brings in more positive energy…and the same is true of negative energy.

To protect yourself from a negative life, take seriously the fact that whatever energy is either in you, on you, or around you is affecting you. Because you are constantly, second by second, exchanging energy with everything in your environment, especially your home and office…..and because you are constantly exchanging energy with every person, whether they are  an intimate relationship or just a customer, incoming energy can bring you down or pick you up.

  • Protect yourself from people who spout out negative words. Use only the words that make you happy.
  • Protect yourself from people have a bad outlook about their own future.
  • Protect yourself from people who doubt your ability to have a bright future.
  • Protect yourself from people who think sarcasm is cute. Sarcasm is the lowest form of humor and hurts.
  • Protect yourself from people who speak down to you or demean you in any way, mental or physical.
  • Protect yourself from people who make you feel bad because feelings are the best indicator of what kind of energy is being sent or received by you.
  • Protect yourself from people who don’t smile.

Your spirit is precious  and it is housed inside your body. Your spirit is beautiful, high vibrational, light energy and foremost in your mind should be to protect yourself from any energy that isn’t high vibrational because you create your own life through your energy.

Wherever you are right now, look around see see the things and people who make you feel good and those who make you feel bad and from whom you need to protect yourself from.

Remember to protect yourself from yourself, by sending out only positive energy. The best way to do that is to keep smiling. Seriously, when you smile, your vibes automatically rise.

What is the Secret?

Posted on: October 12th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen

What is the Secret? I have your answer! However, let me warn you, it’s not what you expect. ‘What is the secret?’ is the exact question I asked myself when I was so far in debt it would have taken me 203 years to pay them off. ‘What is the secret’ is the same question that was on my mind when I was told by medical specialists I had no more than ten years to live. ‘What is the secret’ is the exact question I was asking when I woke up one day and realized the sad state of everyone one of my dysfunctional relationships.

When I discovered the answer to ‘What is the Secret’, every aspect of my life changed. Immediately, I was on my way to making my first million dollars. I regained my health and decades later I still have 100% clean bill of health. Today, I enjoy fulfilling relationships in all areas of my life. I have a beautiful life, and it’s all because I found the answer to the question, ‘What is the Secret?’ This can happen to you, too!

When you know the coveted answer to, what is the secret, you will know the means by which you currently design your life; you will know why every dollar, every million dollars-or lack of them-has come into your life. You will know why every person and every situation has been attracted to you. To be truly happy in life, you must know the answer to ‘What is the secret?’

I’ve met with a lot of people lately who are feeling depressed, frustrated, and sad. They aren’t getting what they want. They’ve taken motivational and personal development classes, however their lives aren’t changing. They are yearning to know, ‘What is the secret?’ Do you know the secret? Do you have everything you need in your life? What is the secret to living your dream? What is the secret to getting more out of life? What is the secret to make more money, have amazing relationships, and vibrant health? Once you have that answer, you can have it all. I’ve figured it out for you. I have your solution! Let me guarantee you my answer to ‘what is the secret’ is one you’ve never heard before!

What is the secret? The Law of AttractionThe answer to your question ‘What is the secret?’ is that there are 3 simple Keys to a lifetime of happiness. These 3 keys have everything to do with how you obey the law of life. Which law is that? Emerson called it the Law of Compensation. Is this universal law new? Of course not-it’s ancient; however a lot of information on how to use it is new. It’s like the law of gravity. You can’t see it or feel it–however, it affects you every moment you live and breathe.

This law is as workable and exacting a science as physics, math, or music. Einstein wondered, ‘what is the secret?’ and then revealed it in his famous formula, E-mc2. He said everything which appears stationary is actually moving energy which is constantly vibrating. Science has shown that everything has an energy field: you, your desk, pet, plants, food, everything. Your energy fields can radiates around you 18 to 25 feet. You are constantly exchanging your energy with people and things around you. What you think, feel and say, what you wear, and what is around you in your environment is a result of the energy that you radiate. What is the secret? It is that you are a living, breathing energy. You actually have three critical energy fields. The real secret is that you use this law, the Law of Attraction, in all three of your energy fields: In you, On you, and Around you, to create your life. What is the secret? When you learn use the Law of Attraction from inside out, you fully experience power and benefits in your life.

What is the Secret to the Law of Attraction WITHIN YOU:

Key #1-‘What is the Secret?’ The first key teaches you how to change your mindset. You create your tomorrow with your thoughts and feelings of today. Everything you have, or don’t have, today, is a result of what you were thinking and feeling yesterday. Your unconscious mind creates your life. You have the power to consciously reprogram your unconscious mind. It’s as simple as putting new software into a computer. What is the secret? Use Imagery, which is on-purpose imagining. When you use imagery correctly, it makes huge changes in your life quickly. Things in your life change to the degree that you change your mind.

What is the secret to the Law of Attraction ON YOU:

Key #2-Most people think the Law of Attraction is only at work in their lives by what they think, say, and feel; basically they only work with what’s inside them and forget what’s on the outside. What is the secret that most people don’t know? One secret is that your energy does not stop at your skin. The energy on you, what you wear, is vitally important in creating the life you want. Colors, textures, fabrics, and designs all have energy and send out messages about you. Each person has specific colors, textures, and designs that enhance who he or she really is. Learning to dress in a way that resonates with your personal energy is little known answer to, ‘What is the secret?’ When you use the Law of Attraction in your dress, you show others on the outside, who you really are on the inside. When you use your energy in your dress, the way you present yourself to the world, you enjoy increased profits, empowering relationships, and feel more energized-and have another answer to ‘What is the secret?’

What is the Secret to the Law of Attraction AROUND YOU:

Key #3-It’s creating an environment that will attract money, fulfilling relationships, health and vitality, and a confident self esteem.  The influence of your surroundings is at work 24 hours a day, every week of your lifetime. The flow of energy in your home greatly influences whether you are achieving your goals or blocking your dreams. Research reveals that your brain waves literally change according to what you have in your surroundings. What is the secret? The secret is that you are a living, breathing, energy field and your environment is part of that field. You can change your life and level of happiness by changing the energy in the surroundings around you.

What is the Secret? Here’s a BIG one!

The Law of Attraction isn’t just a concept. Concepts don’t attract anything. I teach you the action steps behind the concept to create attraction! It’s no mistake the word ‘action’ is within the word ‘attraction’! This is one of the biggest reasons why people who ask ‘What is the Secret’ think it doesn’t work. They don’t know how to take action  to get the attraction.

In the only complete, easy to use, step-by-step ultimate guide to the Law of Attraction, the ATTRACTION IN ACTION WOW System, I give you the3 keys to take action in all three areas of your energy field.

Discover the most coveted secrets of how to change your life. I share my most intimate knowledge and top-secret techniques. You’ll say WOW when you discover the secrets in the WOW System. Discover new internal programming and behavior patterns that will catapult you to know exactly ‘What is the Secret?’ You will build habits of thought and action that guarantee your success.

Stop trying to figure out how to change your life the frustrating, old-fashion way. It’s time to try something different. Set yourself apart from 99% of all others who are wondering ‘What is the Secret?’ to a happy and prosperous life.I hold nothing back in my answer to ”What is the secret? in the only complete, ultimate Guide to the Law of Attraction, the WOW SYSTEM.’ When is a better time to start than right now?

what is the secret

The Secret to Getting Everything You Want in Life

Posted on: August 10th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
The secret to life is knowing how to use your energy

The secret to life is knowing how to use your energy

Want to know a secret? I love a good secret-how about you? This is the most important secret anyone will ever tell you! This is a secret about how to get everything you want in life. The secret is not that everything is energy. Instead, the secret is knowing how to use your energy to get what you want.

Albert Einstein told us the biggest secret on how to use your energy lies in physics, rather than philosophy, where many people search for the secret of life.

To understand how to use the energy secret, it is important to understand that everything is energy. The real secret, however is that you, me, the chair, the lights, music, and everything else in our universe is vibrating at different rates of speed or frequencies.

There are high vibrating things and low vibrating things. With that knowledge, the secret that Einstein reveals to us becomes clear. He said there is no other way to get what you want in life than to match your frequency with the frequency of what you want. Now that’s a super secret, but how exactly do you do that?

Your feelings determine your frequency, so the secret is to feel the feelings that match what you want. If you want acceptance, the secret is to be accepting. If you want to attract love into your life in the future, the secret is to feel love toward others now. If you want angry people and situations in your life in the future, the secret is to feel angry now. If you want joy in your life in the future, the secret is to feel joy now. The secret is that you get back into your future life exactly what you put out now. Big secret: Feelings are nothing more than electromagnetic charges of energy that go through your body and magnetize their vibrational match to you.

The secret is - your life is up to you.

The secret is – your life is up to you.

Now, the best secret of all: if you don’t like what you have in your life, you can change your vibrations by changing your feelings. Another  secret is, you are in total control of your feelings, whether you know it or not.

It’s a simple secret. Now that you know it,  you can use it by making it a habit to be consciously aware of your feelings.

I hope you realize what an incredible secret you have. I also hope your new secret is that you are keeping your moment-to-moment feelings matching what you want to come into your life.


The Love Secret

Posted on: June 8th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
There is a secret to a good relationship

There is a secret to a good relationship

Do you know the secret to good relationships? Whether you are in a relationship with a client, a friend, or whether you are in an intimate relationship, this secret is the most important thing you can know.

Here’s the secret that so many people miss while their trying everything else: it’s your relationship with yourself that makes it possible to have a relationship with anyone else.

The secret is – if you don’t like yourself, you can’t like anyone else. The secret is – if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else. It’s the love secret that no one wants to know because hardly anyone wants to accept themselves as they are. They want to identify all the things that are wrong with them. The problem is, when a person does that, they likewise find all the wrong things in the other person.

A research secret about relationships indicates there is a success ratio to having a good relationship. The secret ratio that the partners need to have between them is saying 5 good things to 1 bad thing about the other person. The secret is that you need to give five sincere compliments to one negative comment.

They know the love secret

They know the love secret

When your secret inner dialogue to yourself is about all the things you feel are imperfect, it is only natural for your secret thought pattern about others is automatically find all the things that make the other person imperfect.

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Maybe it’s time to be positive about yourself, to find only the good in yourself. Begin expressing good things about yourself to others. The secret is that in no time it will be natural for you to be sharing good things about whomever you are with.

The love secret is to learn to have a good relationship with yourself. When you find yourself delightful, you will soon find others delightful and your relationships will improve by leaps and bounds.

The love secret

How to dress? – Don’t Dress Like These Stars

Posted on: August 22nd, 2011 by Glenda Feilen


In Fashion We Can’t get Away With, but Celebs Can, we are reminded that it’s fun to emulate the fashion looks of celebrities. Please, do NOT emulate these looks. Celebrities can’t even get away with these! They are ridiculous. In these looks, all yohow to dressu see are the dress, rather than the celebrity. When you use the Law of Attraction to determine how to dress, people see you-your eyes, your light, the real person inside rather than seeing the dress itself.

Every person is born with a specific energy which they radiate outward. When you dress so that the same energy you radiate from within matches the clothes you have on, others see the real you inside. how to dress

Megan is actually wearing a pretty cool dress which radiates Regal energy. It is stylish, sleek, high fashion, and the color is stunning. The problem is, it makes her appear as though she has a figure fault. Too much body (boobs) on top and the unusually-shaped skirt on the bottom is too short for the design of the dress. This creates an imbalanced, mis-shapen look. The last thing you see is her.

How about these lovely frocks worn by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I love these little twinies, but why must they look like old ladies? Where are their pretty little shapes, their youthful curls. Why are they hiding in those clothes? They look like the energy has simply been sucked right out of them. Are they really manifesting the energy they were born with…no way! They are confusing… and that’s what happens when you don’t dress according to the Law of Attraction, people get confused about who you are.

Okay, let’s check outhow to dress another celeb. Chloe Sevingy decided how to dress a rather interesting outfit. It has the colors of the sleek Regal energy, the cuteness of the lively blouse and jacket reflects the Brilliant energy, and the lovely socks with mary janes accentuate an awkward stance. Her hair reflects the Stream stream energy and once again, we have confusion.

Here is a great look you can emulate if you are the same energy as Brooklyn Decker. This adorable little red leather dress mini dress brings out her fun, Brilliant energyhow to dress. The cute tucks, the shiny gold, glittery heals, and her wispy hair all say, ‘Life is a party’.

Another look to copy, if you radiate a Regal energy,would be Rihannas stunning, stylized, gorgeous black lace dress. He red braid accentuates even more her Regal energy. It all makes a statement, as she does. There is nothing confusing about who she is inside! You see her, her face, her eyes, her personality.

How you dress sends an energy message to all who see you. Find out how you can dress according to the Law of Attraction On You in my WOW System.

how to dresshow to dress

You Have a Genie in a Bottle-the Law of Attraction

Posted on: August 18th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

law of attractionImagine for a minute that you have a genie in a bottle that gives you the power to make whatever you desire appear in a puff of smoke. The truth is YOU DO. It’s the Law of Life, commonly called the Law of Attraction.

You are a Divine being and you have been given a Divine power to make anything you choose appear in your life (not so sure about the puff of smoke.)

You may say, “I’ve been praying that God would send me a new relationship (or a new job.)” You don’t have to pray about something you already have. Because of the Law of Attraction,you have it the minute you desire it with your thoughts, feelings, and energy from within you, on you, and around you. Now, do the rest of the work and bring it into physical form by simply acting like it’s already true…by seeing it in your mind’s eye until you expect it.

Be confident, creative and expect the future you wish to have. The Law of Attraction requires that you dwell on what a great day it is today, on the wonderful relationship you do have, on the good things about the job you already have. When you do this, you will be in the frame of mind that no obstacle is too big for you to overcome. You must be it today to attract it tomorrow!

You do have the Divine Power to turn anything around you want. You created what you have now – you can uncreate it and create something new anytime you want. You don’t need genie in a bottle because you already have something better.

Are you ready to find out how the Law of Attraction really works. Why do many people, who think they are living the Law of Attraction, not get the results they want? In my Law of Attraction Mastery WOW System digital audio book download, HOW DOES IT WORK? I teach you to harness the power of your critical energy fields–from inside out.



How Does It Work?

Find out how the Law of Attraction really works. Why do many people, who think they are living the Law of Attraction, not get the results they want? Learn to harness the power of your critical energy fields–from Within You, On You, and Around You.






You CAN bring your dreams to life!


Law of Attraction

De Stress with the Law of Attraction

Posted on: August 17th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
no clutter de stress

Clutter multiplies stress!

Do you have a lot of Stress? Stress seems to be a part of life for most people. Law of Attraction to the rescue!

Are you tired, stressed out, angry, or frustrated? Maybe your family is quarreling or things at work are in conflict because of arguing and gossip. Perhaps you or a family member is not feeling well or employees are taking too many sick days. Maybe your income has taken a dip and you feel like you can’t get ahead. You can use the Law of Attraction in your environment to change those unwanted problems and feelings and relieve stress.

Your environment has an effect on you, your thoughts, your relationships, and even your career. Why not take steps to improve your surroundings with the Law of Attraction ‘around you’ and create balance in every aspect of your life. You cannot completely relax in a cluttered space. Not only does clutter result in low self-esteem, tiredness, weight gain, and the inability to concentrate, it can affect your prosperity by creating a lack of it. Clutter multiplies stress!

Many experts suggest that clutter in your environment is a physical manifestation of stuck energy. Everything around you, especially your home environment, mirrors your inner self.

To de stress you life, the first thing must do is to de stress your environment. You do this by removing clutter, cleaning drawers and cupboards, creating a warm healthy environment with colors that harmonize with you cleaning windows, removing dead flowers, and broken or outdated items to make room for new energy to flow in.

The quickest, most effective and easiest way to de stress your environment is to pick a spot in your house and begin to ‘de clutter’. To de clutter is to de stress. When you begin to de clutter your environment, you not only create a release on the physical level,  you can trigger one on your mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well.

I remember a time I was super-stressed. My closets were a mess and I gave or threw away at least half of their contents. I felt so relieved after I had done that. It was like a big burden had been lifted off me. And the best part was what happened afterwards. Suddenly, I was given three of the most gorgeous brand new suits I have every owned.

There is order in the universe. There must be order in your universe. It is a principle that everything in nature obeys. It is a principle that you must obey to enjoy nature’s abundance. Clearing clutter in your life clears your mind – and helps to reopen your life to prosperity. To have joy, peace, and abundance in your life, you must create that in our physical space.

If you can’t set aside an entire day to take on the problem, commit to five minutes of decluttering a day.

You do not receive until you create room for the good that is coming to you. In my Law of Attraction Mastery WOW System, the digital audio book download, ARE YOU MAKING ROOM?, I teach you simple, easy techniques to release what’s holding you back. Get what you want by creating an energy vacuum from all three of your energy fields, from Within You, On You, and Around You.


Are You Making Room?

You do not receive until you create room for the good that is coming to you. This session teaches you simple, easy techniques to release what’s holding you back. Get what you want by creating an energy vacuum from Within You, On You, and Around You.




You CAN bring your dreams to life!


live without stress