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Ann DeVereI have read many books and listened to countless motivational audios on what to do to attract prosperity and live an abundant life. But until I got Glenda Feilen’s program, I could not figure out HOW to do it. Glenda’s program is by far the best, fastest and easiest way to achieve an abundant mind set. Glenda shows you step-by-step what to do. I have increased my income dramatically. I know exactly how to take any day and instantly turn it around to a positive, productive day. If you are still struggling with living the abundant life, this is the program for you!

- Ann DeVere Author, Speaker,
Business Growth Strategist,


“This is the most empowering program I have ever done. When I finished this home study course, I knew what to do, why to do it, and how to do it. And best of all, it is simple to do! I could not put this amazing study course down.”

- Julie Johnson, CA

“My life is living proof that anyone can dream, set goals, and then enjoy success. I have been a student of Glenda Feilen’s for over 20 years. Glenda’s techniques, when used daily, can fill your tool box with every skill you need to magnetically bring your dreams to you. Just be playful and do the easy step-by-step process in this course and I guarantee you that your life will transform into whatever you imagine.  Most people don’t believe it can be this easy, but it is!”

- Nancy Whittier, WA

Terry Holden“Doubled my client base & tripled my profits”

“Since I’ve been using Glenda’s Law of Attraction System my life is incredibly different. My personal relationships have changed and I am attracting, successful, fun people into my life.

Almost miraculously I’ve been introduced to ‘key people’ who helped me double my client base and triple my profits. The work associates who used to stress me out and make me grit my teeth in frustration, are now people I easily work with. I truly enjoy my work now.”

- Terry Holden


“I know that success can be learned because I learned the principles in this course and began using them daily. Since I began using Glenda’s techniques, my income has more than doubled, my health problems are no longer an issue, and my family is happier than we have ever been. This course is a complete roadmap to become truly happy. The minute you open start this program, you can start changing your life.”

- Debbie Houser, AZ

Michael DrewFor the past few years, I’ve have worked hard to make my business successful, however shortly after I began using Glenda’s ‘WOW System’ I noticed things happen that had never occurred before. In a relatively short time I acquired the three biggest clients I have ever had, and combined they have increased my income by thousands of dollars every month since then.

- Michael Drew




“I had been owed a large sum of money from my mother’s estate for 3 years. It was being delayed by some technicality
in the probate process. When I questioned the lawyer about how much longer he thought I would have to wait to receive the money that was left to me, he said, ‘These types of legal hang-ups can take years.’ Needless to say, I was very disheartened. Shortly after that I met Glenda and asked her to Feng Shui my house. She recommended changes which I implemented immediately. Within thirty days, the lawyer called me with a wonderful message. He said that something unexpected had happened and he was finalizing the process in order to pay me. Feng Shui and dowsing definitely changed my luck!”

- Yvonne Laswell