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What is the Secret to a Powerful Visualization?

Posted on: August 11th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

What is the secret to a powerful visualization

What is the secret to  a powerful visualization? There is a very important secret to experiencing a creating a powerful visualization that manifests quickly, and it’s one that not many people take the time to use. I’m sure you already know that the images you hold in your mind create your physical reality, however most everyone misses the key ingredients of visualization.

What is the secret to a powerful visualization? Successful people know it because they have used mental pictures, mental rehearsals, and mental imaging for years to accomplish their goals. Olympians, piano players, professional athletes, all have practiced their skills in their minds long before accomplishing the real thing.

One of my talented granddaughters, who shines when she dances on stage, has learned the advice I gave her long ago really pays off.  She goes through her dance routines in her head each night before bed. This technique has really done its magic with her. She knows the secret to a powerful visualization! I explained to her that she shouldn’t only go through the steps in her visualization, but to imagine she is actually dancing on stage, with the facial expressions and emotions she would put into it if she were dancing for judges. This creates a whole new level of learning and a whole new level of what creating the future you want.

Michael Phelps, Olympic record-breaking swimmer revealed that he used visualization continually prior to the Olympics. He even set specific time limits in his imagination for each race, many of which were exactly like those he actually accomplished during his races. I guess he knew the secret to a powerful visualization!

Bring your visualization to life by seeing the image as if you were experiencing it that very moment, by using all of your senses, and by feeling the vibration of having already received it. I take you through the specific, easy techniques of how to see your future by bringing in colors, lights, focus, and adjusting the picture so it is believable, in my 46 minute audio download, SENSORY IMAGING IS POWERFUL.   Experience the secret to a powerful visualization and then make it a habit. Your life will change by leaps and bounds!

Albert Einstein knew that your IQ, your imagination quotient was more important than your other IQ, your intelligence quotient, when he said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge!”It’s not only powerful to hold specific images in your mind, it’s fun to see them come true and know you created them.

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What is the Secret to a powerful visualization

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What is the secret of powerful visualization?