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5 Ways to Keep Romance in a Relationship

Posted on: November 16th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Romance should never end

Romance should never end

Do you still have romance in your relationship? Romance is a necessary element in a relationship no matter how long you’ve been together.

It isn’t unusual for someone to tell me they just don’t have the same feelings of romance they did when the relationship was young. It is normal for a relationship to be a bit different from the first few dates or the honeymoon phase because your romance was in the discovery stage.

The worst thing that can happen in a romance is to take each other for granted and be complacent about the relationship.

When a romance begins, you give lots of attention to each other. You make each other feel as though they were the only other person in the world. That is exactly what you want to keep doing, even though you don’t have to take the same amount time as you did then. To kindle romance, you simply have to keep courting your love!

In fact, it’s the little things that keep the romance on fire. When you are aware of not taking your partner for granted, it is not hard to create little habits that will keep romance alive.

Kindle romance by: always smiling and showing your gratitude for your partner when he or she enters the room.

Romance keeps love alive no matter your age

Romance keeps love alive no matter your age

Kindle romance by: sending them love messages a different way than usual, perhaps in a surprise note, an email or text.

Kindle romance by always take the time to say thank you and being polite. Courtesy breeds romance and shows you care.

Kindle romance by going out of your way to find their favorite type of food, or drink, or something that will make them happy.

Kindle romance by continuing to date in romantic places.

To keep romance you must continue to court your love if you want to keep your love.

Now you know how to kindle romance, you must learn the love secret of saying at least 5 positive things to every negative thing you may state to your partner.

The Most Important Factor in Marriage

Posted on: November 5th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Gratitude is the number one thing that creates a happy marriage

Gratitude is the number one thing that creates a happy marriage

It may surprise you that gratitude is important in a successful marriage. In fact, gratitude is the most important factor to a satisfying, long-term marriage.

A 2005 study (Schramm, Marshal and Harris) found that higher satisfaction in marriage occurs when the parties actually express gratitude to their mate. Appreciation was listed as one of the most important factors to a satisfying long-term marriage.

Newlyweds also viewed partners who expressed gratitude in a more loving way.

The partners who expressed gratitude in their relationship regularly for 3 weeks actually saw their marriage become stronger.

How does gratitude affect a relationship? It was found in a study by Lambert and Fincham in 2011, that when you express appreciation for something about your partner, it gives your partner a more positive view of you. It also helps the marriage partners to feel more invested in a long term relationship, as well as both partners in the marriage being able to voice concerns in the relationship.

How can you express gratitude in your marriage?

  • Help your marriage by looking for things you like about your partner and then sharing it
  • Help your marriage by expressing gratitude in a way you wouldn’t normally do so, such as leaving a note
  • Help your marriage by doing little things that you normally wouldn’t, such as making something special that you know will be appreciated

Now you know the number one love secret to improve your marriage, get going on your new gratitude habit today. Create the best marriage you can have by incorporating tiny little things daily.

What is the Secret to How You Socialize

Posted on: August 10th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
what is the secret

What is the Secret to how you socialize

What is the secret to how you socialize?  How you act at a party and socialize has everything to do with the Law of Attraction?

Most people don’t even know that the specific energy, which they were born with, determines the way they interact with others. They don’t know how that inborn energy and the Law of Attraction determine whether or not they have outstanding relationships. What is the secret to having amazing relationships? Knowing your energy type using it to your social advantage.

Do you ever ‘people-watch’? It’s one of my favorite things to do. At a party recently I was people watching and I noticed the energy of the ‘Brilliants’. What is he secret about Brilliants? They bring sunshine to everyone in the room; they offer optimism, fun and brilliance. Often, they are the life of the party.

People who enjoy a dominant ‘Stream’ energy floats through the room carefully checking on the emotional well-being of their friends. What is the secret behind every Stream energy type? They check on you because they truly care. They are loyal supporters and friends!

The ‘Movers’ work the roomaccomplishing everything they had planned in advance to achieve. What is the secret being the mover energy type? Their secret goal is getting things done. They take action and are always focused on a project-or two or three.

The ‘Regals’ don’t talk, so you might think they’re aloof and a bit stuck up. What is the secret behind the Regal energy type? They aren’t stuck up at all-they are the observers. They aren’t real talkative, but when they are, everyone listens because they say something worthwhile.

Everyone, and everything in nature, is a combination of all four of these energies. You walk, talk, dress, think, and socialize according to your dominant energy. Want more outstanding relationships? Want to know what personal energy runs your life? You should – because when you find out, you’ll want to dress with clothes that reflect that energy. When people see on the outside who you are on the inside, you enjoy more satisfying relationships, attract more customers, and make more money.

When you learn how the Law of Attraction is affecting you personally, you can take advantage of your personal energy to attract more outstanding relationships. Learn more about the Law of Attraction ‘On you’ in the video Key #2 in my Law of Attraction Mastery WOW System below. When you learn how the Law of Attraction is affecting your relationships, you won’t be asking, What is the secret?

You CAN being your dreams to life!

Glenda Feilen

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