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Can You Have Money and Be Spiritual at the Same Time?

Posted on: December 18th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Money is a gift from your Divine Source

Do you like money? Well, if you like money, money likes you because money takes on the energy you give it.

Some people use the excuse of spirituality to stop them from attracting money. Some religions actually teach that you can’t be spiritual and have lots of money. They are wrong. Money is a gift from your Divine Source. Money can feed starving people.  Money in the hands of good people can do good things.

The bible is one of the best books on prosperity and having money. I’m certainly not a scriptorian, however I do know the first chapter of the Bible describes a luscious earth. Heaven is described in rich terms. Look at men of bible who  were born with money or came into huge amounts of money and were prosperous: Joseph, Abraham, Elijah, Moses, David, Solomon, and Jeremiah, just to name a few.

Jesus was given riches by the wise men. He used the laws of prosperity to feed thousands. ‘Poor in spirit’  means humble and teachable, not poor as in having no money and living in poverty. 

A rich man came to him and told him to rid himself of all his money and sell every earthly position in order to obtain eternal life. Why would he do that? Because the man was possessed with his money and possessions. Rather than him being  in control of his money, it was in control of him. Money was his love. He loved money more than his Divine Source who supplies it to him. We love whom we serve and he was serving his money, not his Source.

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Jesus’ seamless robe was considered so valuable that Roman soldiers cast lots for it. It was a man of money who begged for jJesus’ body from Pilate and who buried it in his own tomb. Jesus appointed a treasurer among the disciples to handle their finances.  He paid his taxes to the Roman government.

This  is a rich universe. Your Divine Source supplies you a rich universe and gives you the ability to experience wealth. Money is our medium of exchange.

The lord is my shepherd I shall not want..there is always enough for my needs. The universe, infinite intelligence, God, or whatever you call your Source is your supply and is your connection to riches, including money. It is the spiritual way. Prosperity is spiritual. When you co-create with Divine intelligence you manifest money and wealth with harmony, abundance, peace, joy , love. You create with confidence and happiness and a deep feeling of gratitude for the supply that allows you the incredible ability to create.

How to Create the Perfect Holiday Season

Posted on: December 4th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Create The Perfect Holiday Season
Vibrate love for the holiday seasonHow’s your Holiday vibration? You attract what you vibrate.

What do you need to do to have a happy, healthy Christmas holiday which attracts the things and people you want in your life?

First, a little reminder that like energy attracts like energy. If you want to attract fun people, be a fun person. If you want a calm holiday, be calm… rather than running around like an elf with his head cut off.

Next, you get to decide what kind of Christmas holiday you want to have…what kind of experiences you want to enjoy…what kind of gifts you want to receive….what kind of people or who specifically you want to spend it with.

In fact, decide to the point that you take your pen and hand write a small paragraph (or at least a very descriptive sentence) describing exactly how you want it to be. And – of course, it would all be wasted if you didn’t feel the feeling you want to enjoy while you are writing.

As you are writing about and emotionally experiencing your upcoming holiday, these instructions are like seeds being planted in your subconscious mind. To make those seeds grow into the exact Holiday you want, give them nourishment by reading the list and experience it every day. It only takes a few seconds.

Have a super, duper holiday. Now, excuse me…I’ve got to write my perfect holiday list. Glenda
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A Child Can Teach an Adult 3 Things

Posted on: July 13th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
A child comes in with infinite wisdom

A child comes in with infinite wisdom

We can learn so much from a child if we are open to learn. A child has not picked up negative attitudes. A child doesn’t know ‘I can’t’. A child is a little optimist being of light whose example can only bring us a more successful, joyful life.

1. A child knows how to be happy for no reason. A child is positive and trusting. A child freely gives smiles away expecting to meet with acceptance. If you know a child who is not like this, unfortunately that child has been taught negative adult habits. Wake up tomorrow morning and every morning thereafter like a child….Decide right now to develop the habit of being happy for no reason!

2. A child is always busy with something – usually something that teaches them something. Learning is a child’s favorite past time. Children are busy little bees who have batteries that never seem to run down. They go, go, go until it is time to sleep. They certainly don’t waste time, or enjoy being idle. Tomorrow, be busy with the 20% of the action steps that make 80% of the difference in your success. As you do this, you will be learning, for sure.

3. A child usually gets what he or she wants, if reasonable, because with a child, expectancy is automatic. The fact is, research reveals that you get what you expect. The problem with adults is that they don’t really expect to get what they want. Adults are programmed with doubts and are experts in self sabotage. Begin the habit tomorrow, of mentally seeing yourself already having what you want with great feeling and soon your doubts will take a back seat. Unless you mix emotion or feeling with that thought, it will not be programmed into your future-creating subconscious mind. A child automatically does this since we thing in pictures. A child doesn’t have doubts unless he has been taught failure.


Have as much Money as You Want

Posted on: July 12th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Love money and money will love you

Love money and money will love you

You can have as much money as you decide to have. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. The first step to increase your money is to decide that you want it and that you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Many people say they want more money, but in reality, they don’t want the responsibility to accomplish it.

Once you’ve made your decision that the money is worth it, you must give deliberate, bold, conscious attention to the fundamental principles of increasing your money. The following are steps that you can take immediately which will produce quick results and quick money.

  • When you open your mind to having more money, you must know how much money you want. You don’t really know how much you want unless you can WRITE IT with specific dollar amounts. Write your money goal in handwriting and in the present tense. State it as if your money goal were already accomplished, “I am enjoying…..” Keep your written money statement handy so that you can read it and rewrite it frequently.
  • Next, CREATE A VACUUM so money has room to flow into your energy field. Nature abhors a vacuum and when you create one,  it will supply you with what you desire to fill the empty space. You can create a vacuum by cleaning out the old to make room for the new. Clean closets, drawers, garages, files, cars, and everything in your life. Your energy  becomes stagnant, and prevents movement toward you when old unneeded things remain in your life. If you want to have money for a shopping trip for clothes, clean out your closet first. My friend took my advice recently and before she could go shopping she was given an incredible, practically new wardrobe by someone who no longer fit into her size. She created a vacuum and it was filled!
  • Acclaim your new money by SPEAKING OUT LOUD.  Express your prosperous attitude by speaking to yourself and others about money in conversations several times a day in a positive way. You cannot expect to get your money if you tell an opposite story or express doubt about money coming to you to your friends.
  • IMAGINE WITH FEELING having the money you desire. Imagination creates your world! You are the sum total of your dominant thoughts. Thoughts are habits in your mind that become your reality. Think conscious thoughts about having money. Imagine a scenario that you want to occur when you have your money and do it with feeling. Your subconscious mind, which is being programmed by your imagination, cannot tell the difference between something real and something imagined with feeling. The best time to imagine is before you sleep at night because at that time, your mind is like fertile soil. The money seeds you plant in your imagination will begin to grow.
  • CREATE A VISION BOARD with pictures and words that specifically represent  the money you want and what you will do with your money. Your mind thinks in pictures and putting specific pictures and words representing the money you desire on a poster board and placing it where you will see it all the time, is another way to reprogram your subconscious mind to bring you money. Make sure you put a picture of yourself in the center, a picture that represents your source, real or fake money. Make it colorful and exciting so your journey will be colorful and exciting. What you see is what you get! Your subconscious mind does not take a joke. It is impartial. It merely takes directions. Your visions board will give it specific instructions about the money you want.
  • You will move closer to attracting money the minute you begin to TAKE THE ACTIONS I have suggested. The word ‘Attraction’ has the word ‘Action’ inside of it. A lot of people think that Attitude is Everything. Wrong! The other ‘A’ Words is just as important. That word is ACTION. You can have the best attitude in the world, but if you do not take action to get your money, you will not move forward and attract money in your life.

There’s a little money secret. Money is just paper with ink on it, however, making money is a by-product of your consciousness about it.

Getting money in general is not a goal. What you will do with the money is the goal. Make these things I’ve suggested above, a habit. What you focus on expands so focus on money, money, money and money will come to you.



8 Universal Rules About the Law of Attraction

Posted on: July 11th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
When you know the Law of Attraction, you hold the world in your hands

When you know the Law of Attraction, you hold the world in your hands

There are universal rules that apply to the Law of Attraction and you, because you are human.

1. YOU WILL RECEIVE A HUMAN BODY which you may or may not like, however it’s yours for your whole human event. It will help you use the Law of Attraction if you use it correctly.

2. YOU WILL LEARN LAW OF ATTRACTION LESSONS because you are enrolled in an informal school called life. You will either learn the Law of Attraction lessons or think they are irrelevant and stupid.

3. THERE ARE NO MISTAKES, ONLY LAW OF ATTRACTION LESSONS. Learning to use the Law of Attraction is a process of growth by means of trial and error and experimentation. Both the Law of Attraction experiments that are successes as well as the Law of Attraction failures are learning experiences.

4. EACH LAW OF ATTRACTION LESSON IS REPEATED UNTIL IT IS LEARNED. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. Then you will go on to the next Law of Attraction lesson.

5. LEARNING LAW OF ATTRACTION LESSONS DOES NOT END. Every part of human life contains lessons. If you are alive, there are always more Law of Attraction lessons to learn.

6. OTHERS ARE MERELY MIRRORS OF YOU. A Law of Attraction rule you will discover is that you cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.

7. WHAT YOU MAKE OF YOUR LIFE IS UP TO YOU. You have all the tools and resources you need  to use the Law of Attraction. How you use them is up to you.

8. THE ANSWERS TO LIFE ARE INSIDE YOU. All the answers to using the Law of Attraction and to life’s questions are inside you. All you need is to look, listen, and trust.

You hold the world in your hands when you know the Law of Attraction. Most people don’t realize that the Law of Attraction does not stop at your skin. The energy ‘within you’, as well as ‘on you’, and ‘around you in your environment’ are the three critical areas you can use to create the life you want.

law of attraction

Do You See Yourself Happy?

Posted on: July 6th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Design yourself a happy life

See the happy things in your life

See yourself happy. How can you do that if you aren’t as happy as you want to be? It means that sometimes you just have to STOP facing reality!

How happy are you? Does your checking account make you happy?

Is your relationship making you happy?

What does your medical report make you happy?

If it’s not exactly what you want it to look like, DON’T LOOK AT IT! Look at things the way you want them to be-the way it would be if your were happy. I told that to a friend today and she said, “Well, that’s not facing reality!” Right! When you face reality and focus on the things you don’t want, that don’t make you happy, you’ll get more of those things. If you focus on the happy things, people, and situations you want, you’ll begin to expect those things, and soon those things are what you will see in your happy future.

See a happy future and you will get a happy future

See a happy future and you will get a happy future

“But that’s hard! I’m not used to doing that.” Right again. It’s hard ONLY because you haven’t been doing that. You have the ability to focus on whatever you want. Everything is a little more difficult the first few times you try it, but TRY IT OUT. You will be amazed how easy it is…and soon, you’ll have a new habit AND a new and different future. When life gives you lemons, think about a happy glass of cold, delicious lemonade.

When you mentally focus on what would make you happy, your mind takes orders from the images you send it. When you do this, you are actually programming your mind to bring you those happy things.

Stop being worried, stressed out, and wondering whether something good is going to happen. Stop thinking of what you have that doesn’t make you happy. To be happy, start thinking of what in your life does make you happy. Start thinking of what you want, instead of what you have, IT WILL HAPPEN.

Anyone can change a habit. Get the happy habit. Think happy, see happy things about your life and that you want in your future. If the habit of seeing your reality as it is isn’t working, start the happy habit right now!



Worry Brings You Woes

Posted on: June 29th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Worry will make things worse

Worry will make things worse

Don’t worry! There is a saying ‘Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.’ That’s not exactly true. Worry does get you somewhere-it gets you where you don’t want to be.

Many people realize that worry doesn’t help any situation, however, they don’t realize that worry hurts every situation. Worry is like praying for something you don’t want. Worry will not only repel what you want, it will attract what you don’t want. How is that possible?

It’s easy to understand why worry is toxic when you realize that the simple law that governs us all is the Law of Attraction. The energy you put on anything will attract that thing to you. When you worry you are imagining what you don’t want to happen and that negative energy will attract what  you are worry about to you. The pictures and feelings in your mind  send orders to the universe that the  awful feeling and the awful events you are imagining should be yours. The vibration and feeling of your thoughts magnetically attract an exact likeness into your life.

Mark Twain said, “Drag your thoughts away from your troubles…” This is not only good advice about worry, it’s something that you can absolutely do.

What you focus on expands. The vibration you put out commands the universe to return the same energy to you. The universe does not judge, it just takes orders. When you imagine negative things (which is what you do when you worry)-you manifest  negative things in your life. When you imagine the positive thing you want to happen, you manifest those things to come into your life. The trick is to turn your thoughts and feelings to what you want-not what you don’t want.

Worry and you'll get your wish

Worry and you’ll get your wish


Not only does the energy of worry bring you negativity, it makes you sick because it sends messages to your cells. Worry can set off a whole cascade of physical problems such as insomnia, stomach problem, over eating,  heart problems, and headaches.

Why worry? There is no reason to worry and many reasons not to worry. Train your mind to stay in the sunshine and stay out of the dark. It’s up to you what plays on the stage of your mind. Make a conscious effort to change your worry habit  soon. Worry and the worry fairy will always bring you your wish. 


Climb the Happy Ladder

Posted on: June 27th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Stay on top of the happy ladder

Stay on top of the happy ladder

How do you know you are on your way to a happy life? There is a simple way that very few people know about. There is a ladder that takes you to a future with happy moments or to a life of pain.

Like attracts like. Therefore, you are constantly attracting back into your life things, people, and situations that match the emotions you are feeling. How far you go up on the ‘vibrational ladder’ will determine which way your life is headed? The emotions behind your thoughts determine what you are attracting moment by moment. An emotional thought is an order to the universe.

When you are high on the ladder, you are experiencing emotions which attract happy things into your life. If you stay low on the ladder, your emotions are in a low place, and you will attract negative, sad, angry, or painful things.

At the top of the happy ladder are emotions such as joy, love, freedom, and appreciation. When you are experiencing these feelings you are definitely headed toward to a happy place.

In between the happy place and the painful place on the ladder are emotions such as boredom & contentment. These really won’t take you to a happy place. Your life will probably stay about where it is now if these are your usual feelings.

Emotions that are the opposite of end of the happy ladder are emotions such as pessimism, impatience, frustration, doubt, worry, blame, anger, unworthiness, fear, and jealousy.  If you ever find yourself in any of these  emotional states, climb the ladder quickly! You are in the danger zone for a life headed anywhere but happy.

You can climb the happy ladder anytime you want to

You can climb the happy ladder anytime you want to

When you find yourself slipping down the ladder, immediately take control of your thoughts and emotions and climb the ladder to the happy place. You can zoom up to the happy ladder as quickly as you decide to. At first, it takes a little practice, however when you realize that your life depends on your feelings, it’s worth the effort. Simply choose a thought that takes you up the emotional scale.

High vibrational, feel good emotions take you to a happy future, where low vibrational emotions attract less than happy, low vibrational experiences. Do your emotions stay in the happy zone during out the day or is the happy zone a place you rarely go? Look at your life and your will know. It takes happy to attract more happy into your life.


Be a Love Magnet

Posted on: June 21st, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


You can be a love magnet

You can be a love magnet

Do you want to increase the flow of love and passion in your life?  One of the best ways to increase love, passion or attract romance is to adjust the energy in your environment.

To increase love or romance, the first thing to do is to eliminate any piles of clutter. New energy, new people, new love, and new situations will not come in until you make room for them. Clean out old pictures of the past with a previous love. That stagnant energy must be removed in order for new passionate love energy to come in.

Speaking of pictures, hanging numerous pictures of yourself in your home or bedroom is telling the universe you wish to be with yourself-that you are your love.

Place artwork in your environment that tells the exact story of what you want to have in your love life. For example, if you are a man desiring a serious relationship, you won’t want pictures of women walking or turning away, no matter how artsy they are because love will turn away. If you have lonely pictures or images of lonely figures rather than pictures of happy, romantic couples in love, then loneliness is what you are ordering. If you are only looking for is a sexual relationship, rather than love, place pictures of naked women or men above bed.

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Keep family pictures and children’s artwork out of the bedroom if you want your private love  retreat to be private and romantic. Enjoy those pictures in other rooms in the house.

If you want sensuality in your love relationship, sleep in sensual sheets and give up that favorite old ratty-looking comforter and pillow. Make your love bed a beautiful place both in the fabrics and the colors you choose. Invite love and romance by putting a touch of the fire colors – rose, red, violet, scarlet or a soft romantic pink or rose. Also, warm colors such as peach or coral make the bedroom warm and comfortable.

To attract love, move your bed away from the wall, because energetically pushing your bed against the wall crowds out any chance for love to expand in your life. Arrange your bed so there is plenty of room on both sides for energy to flow in for two people (you and your love.)

If you already have a love and want to increase love, passion, and romance, you can make every relationship better with the energy you project.

The energy in your environment has a great influence on what comes into your life, whether it is love, money, or health. A love relationship is a gift and you attract love energy being a love magnet by using the Law of Attraction from within you, as well as around you in your surroundings.


I Want A Better Life

Posted on: June 18th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
A better life ahead for you

A better life ahead for you

If you want a better life, you aren’t alone. Almost everyone wants a better life. Where you are today in your business, you relationships, and your life is a result of only one person—YOU. This is great news, because if you caused your current life, you can certainly cause a better life.

To have a better life, you must first take responsibility for your current  situation. A better life will begin when you accept that everything you’re happy about and everything that makes you sad or even mad, is all a result of your past thinking, behaviors, and choices.

A better life won’t happen if you think the state of your life today occurred because of your family, friends, boss, economy, or the competition. People who think that way are victims. Victims would rather play the ‘blame game’ than take responsibility for their current life situation.

Start your better life today by getting your dreams in check. Stop and think whether what you are thinking and doing is going to take you to a better life  or give you more of the same.  The easiest way to change your life is to change your thinking. If you don’t change anything today, tomorrow will be exactly the same; next week will be exactly the same, next year will be exactly the same, and so goes your life.  No one else can choose your better life but you!

Shocking fact: 90% of people will earn 10% upward or downward of what they are making right now for the rest of their lives. Take yourself out of that 90%! If you have created what you have right now, you can create a better life only if you choose to.

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It’s not what you are that is holding you back from a better life. It’s what you think you are not. When discouragement, fear or anger takes control of you, you are not thinking about a positive future. Only thoughts about a better life can take you to a better life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself which will reveal whether you are on the right track for better life:

  • Do you know exactly what you want in a better life? If not-sit down and write it down. Include all areas of your life.
  • Are you 100% committed to that better life?  If you have the attitude, “I don’t think this will work but I’ll give it a try,” you’re kidding yourself about being committed.
  • Will you get rid of any distractions that will prevent your better life. Just ignoring them won’t work!
  • What action are you going to take daily toward your better life goals? It’s not only about attitude—action plays an equally important role.

    Push the start button for your better life

    Push the start button for your better life

Stop all the little voices in your head that say you can’t have a better life. Tell yourself, “I know I can do it.” The good news is you don’t have to be super-human. You do have to see yourself mentally experiencing yourself in your better life several times a day. As you mentally experience your better life, emotionally feel how great it will be. This will not only help create your better life, it will create a strong belief within you that it will occur.

Experience your better life mentally and emotionally when you wake up in the morning, frequently during the day, and before bed. According to Napoleon Hill, the first time you visualize your better life, you ‘conceive it’. When you do it often, you come to ‘believe it’, which allows you to ‘achieve it!’. What you conceive and believe, you can achieve.

You also want to use the valuable tool of writing affirmations to bring your better life to you quicker.

Push the start button to your better life now!

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