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Why Can’t You Get Rid of Clutter?

Posted on: October 15th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Are you emotionally attached to clutter?

Are you emotionally attached to clutter?

Why can’t you get rid of clutter? Getting rid of clutter should be easy–right? Why then is it so hard to do. In order to understand why we keep accumulating things, we have to understand why we keep things we don’t really need and frequently don’t even love.   
Here are some common reasons for your ‘clutter problem’.

You are EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to the clutter:

  • Are you keeping clutter because of emotional attachment? Maybe you are keeping an item of clutter because you are ‘considering the source’. You are attached to the person who gave it to you. Perhaps that person has passed and keeping it is your way of remembering them. That is certainly understandable, however be realistic.

I knew a lady who had to walk through a narrow path in her home because she had so many keepsakes from her departed parents that it was difficult to move around in her own house. This clutter was creating stuck energy. Keep in mind the ‘thing’ they gave you is not them and when you release it, it’s not letting ‘them’ go.

  • Maybe you are emotionally attached to an item of clutter because it is a remembrance of an old boyfriend, an ex, or even a memory you had with a person when times were good–but have now changed. You will never bring in new energy to replace the old with clutter from the past. This is the worst kind of clutter. These items suck energy from current relationships and abundance. These items of clutter must go!
  • You are required to keep a gift you don't like because it's clutter

    You are required to keep a gift you don’t like because it’s clutter

    Perhaps you are emotionally attached to an item of clutter because it was a gift from someone you care about, even though you don’t so much like the gift…but you don’t want to hurt their feelings. First of all, they probably won’t know. Secondly, by releasing these items of clutter you are not only bringing in new energy for something you do want and need, you are actually creating a better energy between you and that person because subconsciously you feel guilty because of having a little resentment about having to keep it around. Let this clutter go!

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When you release energy, new energy must come in. Look around your house to see whether you have any of this type of clutter in your home and see it for what it is…clutter!

Do You Have Clutter Traps in your House?

Posted on: October 11th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Trophies are fun but can become clutter and be overdone

Trophies are fun but can become clutter and be overdone

Clutter clogs! It’s that simple. The shocking truth about clutter is that it clogs up your own personal energy when you are around it. Clutter clogs up your inward money flow, your relationships, your health, and your future. Your reason for holding onto your ‘stuff’ may be very different from someone else’s reason, however most reasons for keeping clutter are not worth the clogged-up effect they cause on your life.


  • Recently I was invited into a little girl’s bedroom where she literally had no room to play or do much of anything because it was filled with trophies, trinkets, pictures, plaques, and awards. Because of all this clutter, she could barely make her way to her bed where she could admire her many accomplishments. Too many award are too many!! They is clutter!! When I asked the little girl why she had the different awards, she had no idea. They really weren’t that meaningful to her–but they were to her mother. I told the mother to determine which ones the little girl really wanted to keep and give her relief from the bedroom clutter.

Many people don’t have trophies or awards, but they have clutter in the form of too much old memorabilia. You are living your life TODAY. It’s nice to have some remembrance of an outstanding past, however there’s a limit. Many accomplishers don’t understand that it’s okay to let go of some of the ‘stuff’ of yester-year. You ARE great, and you don’t need a whole room full of clutter to prove it.


  • Sound a little weird? Well, they put things like books, magazines, or items that will illustrate to others who come into their home that they are followers or experts of a certain sports team, way of life, or that they are great thinkers and are well read. Some people actually have ‘stuff’ around to make sure others know they can ‘keep up with the Jones’ or with modern trends. These are actually clutter. If you don’t use it-lose it. If you don’t love it, let it go! It’s clutter!

Check out your home and office for clutter traps. Look for places where you have too much of anything or things that have no purpose. Look at these place for what they are: clutter traps.

Kick Out the Clutter

Posted on: October 3rd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Too much furniture causes clutter

Too much furniture causes clutter

Clutter keeps you stuck; it keeps you in a rut. Why does clutter just seem to grow around you? Clutter accumulates because of your habits. Kick out clutter and expect to see new energy to help you move forward?


Maybe you just have too much stuff in too small a space. One of the most frequent clutter mistakes is to put a lot of furniture in a small room. When you walk into the room and you get the cluttered-feeling but don’t know why, this is often the reason. Do you have too many shelves, tables, sofas and chairs, in a space meant for less? Take something out and feel the difference.

  • Keep you computer free from clutter

    Keep you computer free from clutter


Today, for most people, computers are a big part of our lives. Is this a place that is weighing you down with clutter? Do you delete emails but forget to delete the deleted box? Do you read emails and immediately take care of them or do you let them build up into the hundreds and thousands and create clutter and overwhelm? Purge emails and files.  Keep your addresses up-to-date. Imagine how you would feel if opened your computer with an open, clear mind, rather than the thought of, “Oh, I’ve got to clean up this clutter mess, someday.” A computer with clutter can get out of hand and create overwhelm. Make it a habit to clean your computer clutter each day.


Yard clutter not only affects your own family, it affects those who live around you. Why do you think property values diminish when there is a neighborhood with clutter? It’s because clutter diminishes and shrinks abundance. Clutter affects you every time you come in or go out of your house. Overgrown or too much shrubbery in your yard can be clutter. Is there an eye-sore in your yard? Is there something that is no longer needed or loved by you? Is there beauty in your yard? Do you find it a peaceful, calm place to sit? Your yard is included in the energy of your home.


If you’re a charitable person, it could be a clutter problem. Many people travel, move away, or for some other reason, they do not want to take their ‘stuff’ with them, so they leave it at your house to clutter things up. Consider saying ‘no’ next time–or make sure you have a shed or place to ‘hide’ their clutter from the universe so it isn’t affecting you.


Closet clutter is so annoying because we constantly get into our closets and are being reminded of this problem. Take a day to put things in stacks: give away, throw away, and put things back in the closet in sections. Personally, I separate summer from winter, sports, business, and formal, and then I place things in the closet by color. Such an example is putting all yellow/gold tops together–all brown tops together – and so on. It feels so good when it’s done. And, remember, all that leaves your closet energetically is creating an energy void that must be filled.

The shocking truth about clutter is that it not only affects you physically. It can negatively affect you mentally and emotionally. Isn’t it time you kick the clutter out of your home?

Get Rid of Clutter

Posted on: September 20th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Too many projects can cause clutter

Too many projects can cause clutter

Get rid of clutter and expect a pretty fabulous new energy to come into your life. Here are a few reasons clutter accumulates in your home:


  • A husband recently told me how much he adores his wife, however he said he had one little problem. There is never a place to sit at the table, on the couch, and often on my bed. He told me there is clutter in every corner of the bedroom and most of other rooms too, not to mention the garage. He feels like it isn’t his home anymore. He also said the clutter is affecting his relationship and his mental well-being. Too much clutter has destroyed the energy in the home. What to do with all that clutter?  Pick a room to be home for the clutter or find one or two shelves in the garage to put your projects on. You will, at least, have ‘organized clutter’ so new energy can flow into the home immediately. This kind of clutter blocks prosperity!


  • Hobbies and collecting certain items can be fun and exciting, however they CAN get out of control and take over your home. You aren’t your hobby–however many people become so identified with their hobby that they take on its identity and soon…so does their home. Be considerate and confine your hobby to one appropriate  space of its own; otherwise your hobby clutter can impinge on others who can be easily affected by it.


Bathroom clutter...declutter before you depart

Bathroom clutter…declutter before you depart

  •  Maybe you’re just not an organized person. You leave a cluttered mess with your cosmetics and brushes when you put on your make-up. Maybe you leave the table or computer in a mess of clutter when you finish your task. Maybe you leave the dishes on the table when you are finished eating. Clutter–clutter-and more clutter. There’s a simple habit that anyone can learn. Simply remember to ask yourself before you leave any space, “Is this the way I would like to see this area when I return?” If you say ‘yes’ because it’s just me–you are still defeating yourself because it says you are so used to clutter that it doesn’t even bother you anymore and your life is constantly being stuck or held up in many areas. It’s a simple habit and one that takes only seconds. You can do it!! If you realize the shocking truth about clutter, you will de-clutter before you depart!

When you clean up clutter, you are releasing the old and bringing new into your life. 


The Shocking Truth About Clutter

Posted on: January 11th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Clutter clogs

Clutter clogs

Many experts suggest that clutter is a physical manifestation of stuck energy. Everything around you, especially your home environment, mirrors your inner self. Clutter is a symptom of what is happening in your life and then becomes part of the problem itself, because the more clutter you have, the more stagnant energy it attracts to itself. Clutter-clutters your future and prevents you from receiving.

According to ancient Chinese, clutter traps the chi, one’s energy or life force. Clutter at the front door blocks the energy as it flows into the house and therefore affects the energy in every room. Bedroom clutter is very undesirable because it’s where you sleep and are affected by passive energy all night. It is a room where you should be able to relax. You can never completely mentally and emotionally relax in a cluttered space. Studies show that what you are thinking before you go to sleep affects your quality of sleep. A  room with clutter creates a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Not only does clutter result in such consequences as low self-esteem, tiredness, weight gain, and inability to concentrate, it can affect your prosperity by creating a lack of it.

There is order in the universe. It is a principle that everything in nature obeys. It is a principle that you must obey to enjoy nature’s abundance. Clearing clutter in your life clears your mind—and helps to reopen your life to prosperity. To have joy, peace, and abundance in your life you must create that in your physical space.

If you can’t set aside an entire day to take on the problem, commit to five minutes to clear clutter each day.

An office filled with clutter will affect you the same as a cluttered home. When you clear your clutter, you clear your head, and you are clear to create the future you desire.

Creating a vacuum is a universal prosperity principle. Nature abhors a vacuum and when you clear a space, something better must flow in. It’s a law. Clear the clutter, gain more energy, harmony, mental clarity and abundance in your life.

Decluttering is simply a matter of mind over mess. The more clutter you have the less focus you have. The more clutter you; have on the outside, the more disorganized you are on the inside.

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