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Posted on: February 13th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen

Romance and intimacy in the bedroom is very much affected by what hangs in your bedroom.  Do your paintings bring you romance or block it from you? The energy in your bedroom is part of your energy field and very much sends messages outward.  That energy determines what you attract back into your life, including romance.

The colors, art, smells, light, fabrics, the arrangement of your room and everything in your bedroom can either improve romance and sensuality or block it. Your brain waves actually change within seconds of entering a room depending on its energy.

Here are some examples of paintings that do not attract romance:

What's above your bed to attract romance?

What’s above your bed to attract romance?

For example, a picture of your parents or family in your bedroom will block it romance and energetically create their intrusion into your life.

  • A picture which is has a mysterious look, will create a mysterious relationship.
  • A painting of a dense forest will make it difficult for you to find your true love because it will be hard to find that romance in such a dark, dense place.
  • A painting which reflects sadness, loneliness, violence, are anything are not romantic and will bring you anything but romance. You want art that creates a soft, sensual, relaxing mood.
  • Painting of predatory animals or weapon collections will send a bad message about romance.
  • A painting of you alone, will send the message you love only yourself and that you want to be alone.

A couple who was on the verge of separating had a painting which was so huge it went from floor to ceiling, it almost covered one wall. It was directly across from the couple’s bed so it faced them. The painting was blue which is the worst color for the bedroom and romance since a large amount of blue can cause waves of emotional instability. The painting was of a a woman facing downward, struggling to get to the top  and in eminent danger of  drowning. No wonder their relationship was unstable, struggling, and in eminent danger of ending.

  • An angel or cross in the bedroom, even in your personal spiritual direction, should be very small or non-existent because angels do not focus on physical intimacy, but on spirituality  Unless your bedroom is a spiritual sanctuary, then I suggest you do not make them a major decoration in that room.

What should you hang on your wall to attract romance?

  • The first thing is to make sure you have two people or animals, rather than a single person. A picture of a couple being romantic would be ideal. If you have a single person in a painting will not attract romance. It sends a message that you want to be single.
  • Two something beautiful attracts romance

    Two something beautiful attracts romance

    Two beautiful flowers would represent a beautiful couple. A special flower that attracts romance to women is peonies.

  • A beautiful painting of two peaceful, loving animals would be appropriate. The secret to romance is to hang a painting that will send the message and ‘give you the feeling’ you want to have in your romance. What do you want? Do you want a sexy relationship? Do you want a loving relationship? Let the picture reflect the feelings you want in romance.
  •  Light is very important although there are times in romance when you want dim light and candles. A chandelier or light in the bedroom is not a problem, unless it is directly over the bed. This puts is too much light on your personal intimacy.
  •  A TV hanging on your wall can definitely block romance. If you have it, cover it. If you communicate with your TV you are not communicating with your partner. A TV is a major intrusion into romance and intimacy.

Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction around you. If you are looking for romance or want to bring more romance into a current relationship, look at what hangs on your wall. Is it sending the message of romance that you want to enjoy? If not, now is the time to make some changes.

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You Are Your Biggest Love on Valentine’s Day!

Posted on: February 12th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen

The Love Secret

I think we should call Valentine’s day…self love day. What? Am I crazy? No way. You must love yourself even if you are in a relationship. You must love yourself for someone else to love you. You must love yourself to feel lovable and worthy of love. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to love yourself.

When you love yourself, you are sending out love vibrations. The more you show love to yourself, the more the Law of Attraction will attract love to you.

It’s not your duty to make romance happen. It is your duty to feel what you want and then let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen. You attract what you are, so be the thing you desire.If you love yourself you will nurture yourself and give yourself gifts. How do you nurture yourself?

Do you speak to yourself with love?
Do you give yourself flowers?
Do you take time to do something you love every day?
Do you give yourself the luxury of a massage?
Do you take time to just be with yourself every day?
Do you indulge in self-pity?
Do you criticize yourself?
Do you keep your best smelling candles to burn when someone comes?
Do you say yes to someone even when it’s something that isn’t the best for you?
Do you push yourself too hard instead of giving yourself a break?

Even if you don’t already have the love of your life, you need to love you! Relationships may come and go but you are here to stay. When you indulge in self-love, the Law of Attraction will return it to you. How you treat yourself is how the universe will respond energetically.

What Does Love Mean?

Posted on: November 30th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


What is love?

What does love mean?

Love means a lot of things to a lot of people. When it comes to love, this is about the best I’ve ever heard: L – lift, O – others, V – visions, E – effortlessly.

When you really love someone, you want to support them in their goals and visions. You want to support them in being the best person they can be.

True love is syncing your energy with another person’s while still maintaining your own identity.

You don’t love someone because they are perfect; you love them in spite of the fact that they aren’t. You love them for who they are as well as who they can become. You overlook imperfections and appreciate and praise their good points.

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry  When you truly love, you look outside yourself. We look at another with the same reverence and value that you feel for yourself.

When you are in love, you know The  5 Ways to Keep Romance in a Relationship



Love is a syncing feeling

Love is a syncing feeling

When you love another, time is not an issue because you know you have forever to be together and for your souls to synchronize with love. You don’t  focus in on a beginning and an ending. You total focus is expanding your souls together….expanding your visions – expanding your love endlessly and effortlessly.


5 Ways to Keep Romance in a Relationship

Posted on: November 16th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Romance should never end

Romance should never end

Do you still have romance in your relationship? Romance is a necessary element in a relationship no matter how long you’ve been together.

It isn’t unusual for someone to tell me they just don’t have the same feelings of romance they did when the relationship was young. It is normal for a relationship to be a bit different from the first few dates or the honeymoon phase because your romance was in the discovery stage.

The worst thing that can happen in a romance is to take each other for granted and be complacent about the relationship.

When a romance begins, you give lots of attention to each other. You make each other feel as though they were the only other person in the world. That is exactly what you want to keep doing, even though you don’t have to take the same amount time as you did then. To kindle romance, you simply have to keep courting your love!

In fact, it’s the little things that keep the romance on fire. When you are aware of not taking your partner for granted, it is not hard to create little habits that will keep romance alive.

Kindle romance by: always smiling and showing your gratitude for your partner when he or she enters the room.

Romance keeps love alive no matter your age

Romance keeps love alive no matter your age

Kindle romance by: sending them love messages a different way than usual, perhaps in a surprise note, an email or text.

Kindle romance by always take the time to say thank you and being polite. Courtesy breeds romance and shows you care.

Kindle romance by going out of your way to find their favorite type of food, or drink, or something that will make them happy.

Kindle romance by continuing to date in romantic places.

To keep romance you must continue to court your love if you want to keep your love.

Now you know how to kindle romance, you must learn the love secret of saying at least 5 positive things to every negative thing you may state to your partner.

Bedroom Colors that Don’t Attract Romance

Posted on: September 25th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Too much red color for romance

Too much red color for romance

Are there paint colors that DON’T belong in the bedroom if you are looking for romance? – YES!

If you want a bedroom that feels peaceful and allows you to enjoy relaxation and romance, there are certain colors that you must avoid.

Does BLACK attract romance?  No – The color black absorbs energy and draws energy inward. Think about what color monks and nuns wear. That’s right – black. You want a color that will replenish your energy, rather than absorb it while you sleep, so that when you wake in the morning you are refreshed and filled with energy. Black in the bedroom can even cause depression. Black wall color is a no-no for romance.

Does RED attract romance? – Yes, but…..Red is a stimulating fire color which encourages passion and physical activity. A lot of red in the bedroom can make it difficult to relax and fall asleep. It can cause over stimulation sexually. Yes, red is sexy and creates passion, and is actually an color acceptable in the bedroom, in small amounts. When using the color red in the bedroom for romance use it in small items such as a carpet, a lamp, a red candle, a pillow, vase, or another accessory. A little red goes a long way. The red bedroom in the picture is overbearing, would not be relaxing, could contribute to insomnia, and would be out of balance for romance.

Does YELLOW attract romance? - Yes – but not too bright. Bright yellow is also a stimulating color. If you want romance and relaxation, it’s best to choose calming, soft colors. When you walk into your bedroom, you don’t want a rush of being stimulated, but rather a feeling of peaceful, tranquil feeling. Keep bright yellow for other rooms and soft colors for romance.

Does BROWN attract romance? – Many shades of brown are kind of downer colors. In a bedroom, it is often an old, stagnant color. A very light brown such as a light coffee or a brownish cream would be better than a darker brown. For romance, add a flare color bring in a flare color to bring in passion and sexual energy, such as violet, red, or fuchsia.

Does stark WHITE attract romance?- Stark white is too cold and sterile for a bedroom. Keep stark white in the laboratory. White must be mixed with a soft, warm color to supply a relaxing, peaceful, sexual energy. White represents purity and innocence – not romance. White is great for a room where you want open, fresh energy. You wouldn’t want white as the main color for your bedroom, for sure.

Does BLUE attract romance? –No!  Blue brings in water energy which is a no-no in the bedroom. Do not put water, fountains, or water images such as seascapes in the bedroom because it can cause unstable emotions problems. No one needs the ups and downs of emotional waves when it comes to romance.

What colors do you want in the bedroom? Certain colors do attract passionate love. At least one of the colors that attract romance, such as pink, rose, lavender, purple, and red should be somewhere in your bedroom. Colors in your bedroom are very important. It is a great place to think about whether your ‘personal colors’ will bring you nourishment, relaxation, and romance. If you don’t know your personal colors, get it FREE from my website:   Click on the ‘Colors and Element’ link.

I walk through several bedrooms to illustrate color, bed location, arrangement of furniture placement, headboards, windows, and all the  important things to bring romance into your bedroom in my Feng Shui the Easiest Way video series.

The Story of Two Trees and Love

Posted on: May 3rd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Love made it give different fruit

Love made it give different fruit

What do two trees have to do with you and love? They are perfect example of what can happen to you. This story could be a story about two different people instead of two trees. It is a true story about love. These trees live in the tiny little orchard I have on the lower part of my yard.

As you can see, this tree has large, beautiful oranges on it. For the past several years, the oranges have looked beautiful, but no one would eat them. They were so bitter that I considered cutting the tree down. The fruit tasted like a cross between the lemon tree next to it and an orange. It had taken on the taste of the lemon tree which made its fruit undesirable.

This exact thing happens to people. When a person mixes with a bitter, negative person, what they give out becomes affected. They become tainted because of the bitter influence of the negative energy of the person in their energy field. Instead of getting rid of the tree, I consciously gave it lots of love and told it how much I love its sweet, juicy fruit. I know you think sounds a little weird, but I also talk to my roses. Amazingly, the oranges are sweet again. They are bigger and juicier than ever and I love eating them now. Think about how the fruit of this tree became so bitter. It was influenced by another tree. Their roots got tangled up somehow. Keep your roots from tangling with bitter, negative people because you may not be able to recover like this tree. Another example of the old adage, ‘Love never fails’ (even with a tree).

Love brought it back to life

Love brought it back to life

Now, let’s look at the other tree. I just love the little pink blossoms on this tree. They excite me because once it appeared to be dead. Nothing on this tree looked like it was alive. It seemed to be worth nothing and to be an eye sore in my little orchard, which I didn’t love. I watered it and gave it nourishment, anyway. Well, you see what happened. It came back to life. When a person is down on himself and thinks he has nothing to live for, all he needs a bit of love, some love, nourishment and encouragement that he can bring his life back to a beautiful place. If you know someone like this who does not love himself, you be the gardener who give him nourishment. If you are like this tree was and you don’t love yourself, your life can change and become beautiful again.

Learn to love yourself and love your life, as well as simple easy steps to change it in my WOW SYSTEM.



The Love Secret

Posted on: September 1st, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

The Love Secret

What is the love secret? Is there really a secret about love? No matter who you are and what you do, there is one law you cannot ignore if you want to be happy, healthy and successful. It is the highest law of all the laws of the universe. It affects your finances, your work relationships, your romance, your fellow workers, and literally everything in your life.

What is your ability to love? Can you do it at will? Love has unequaled power because it is the vibration that unifies the world and everything in it. Can you love everything and everyone? Is it possible? It sure is! A Harvard Research Study on the power of love found that love can be deliberately produced by human beings. You can learn to generate love as deliberately as you do other things.

How do you generate love? You can produce love in many ways. Some of those ways are in showing approval, appreciation, tenderness, kindness, devotion, and acceptance.

Life is a process of giving and receiving. Everyone knows you must give in order to receive. Start giving love now-give to yourself, to everyone in your life, to your goals. Give it through your thoughts, words, feelings and actions. Develop a consciousness of love. Deliberately practice generating love for a few minutes every day. Think of love a being an a bright, luminous light that enfolds you and empowers you. When you go through a bad time, let this light penetrate and saturate your whole being.

When you send out love, you are giving out a high energy vibration, therefore you can expect high energy things and people to come into your life. Giving love the greatest and first commandment. It is the highest law in the Law of Attraction. The light of love will change everything in your life!

Learn simple, easy ways to get into the love vibration in the complete, ultimate guide to the Law of Attraction, the WOW System.

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