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Using the Law of Attraction to Get More Money

Posted on: May 21st, 2013 by Glenda Feilen
create money spiritually

create money spiritually

Do you want more money? Then you must understand what money really is. You think it’s coins and paper, right? Nope. It is really energy.

Everything in the universe, everything (even money) has a current of energy that runs through it. Even though you can’t see it, everything on this planet is energy because it is the basis of our world. 

To get more money, you must realize you live in a vibrational universe. You are an energy being as much as you are a physical being. Only a few people realize everything on the planet runs on energy and everything vibrates at a particulate frequency of vibration. Money is a system of energy. Money is neutral and the energy you give it is the energy it takes on in your life.

radio signalWhat vibration does money vibrate on? Your money vibrates on whatever frequency you are on. The electrons of your body are not just particles of matter. They are literally waves of living energy and they ripple and spread themselves into patterns of light. They flow and merge with other waves and radiate out from you and when they radiate outward, they are like a radio signal…emitting your words, thoughts, feelings about money. What you put out vibrationally returns to you multiplied and that includes money. Einstein taught us that everything travels in circles. Money energy flowing from you returns the same money energy to you multiplied. Whatever is on the same frequency of what you put out is what you get back.

Life is a mirror for you to get feedback on your thinking and feelings. Whether you have ample money or not enough money, you have sent out the money signal that has resulted in the amount of money you currently have. Your circumstances in life, your daily money situation, the people in your life, everything around you match your vibrational radiations outward.

You are the deliberate creator of your life of abundance or lack. Look at your money life which you have created by the vibrations that emanate from you. Do you complain about money? Do you feel money is evil? Do you talk about not having enough money? Do you walk around thinking that you don’t have the money to pay your bills? Or…do you love money? Do you tell yourself that you always have enough? Do you speak words to yourself and others of prosperity? Do you deliberately put yourself in the feeling that you have lots and lots of money? Look at your money situation and you have your answer.

You are the sole creator of everything in your life. If you don’t have enough money, it’s time to consciously change your energy habits around money. Good attraction requires action and now you know what action to take, consciously put yourself in a vibrational place of receiving all the money you desire by radiating out the feeling that attracts money in your thoughts, words and feelings.

Create Money Spiritually

Posted on: April 2nd, 2013 by Glenda Feilen


create money spiritually

Create Money Spiritually

You create money spiritually. Actually, you create everything spiritually before it manifests in your life physically.

You have a connection with your Divine Source. There is a constant stream of energy that flows to you. You can accept it or resist it. Either way it is constantly flowing to you. Why is that important to you? You can use that energy to deliberately create money.

Once you feel a spiritual connection with your Divine Source, you can take that energy in the direction of bringing money to you, and  nothing can stop you because you will become a high vibrational force in the universe moving on a direct path toward your money goal. You are a co-creator with Divine Intelligence, a power greater than you.

Money, money everywhere. There is is plenty of money for everyone who will receive it. To create money, let your highly charged electronic magnetic emotions be charged with the high vibrational energy from your Divine Source -because whatever you are vibrating at any moment is what you are attracting back.

Everything that you have ever created that has come into your life, and that includes money, occurred because of some vibration that you put out. There is no exception. If you put yourself in the vibrational place of what you want, it will be attracted to you. Money is a high vibrational energy and you have to stay in high vibrational feelings to create money.

Let’s examine why your money situation is what it is. What is your daily vibrational holding pattern? Does it doesn’t match your desire? What are your normal daily vibrations? What do you go around feeling? Is it sadness, resentment, loneliness, doubt, frustration, or stress? If so, it is literally impossible to be successful and attract lots of money when you feel these low vibrations.

To attract money, feel high vibrational feelings such as gratitude, love, joy, appreciations, and enthusiasm. Maybe you think that’s not possible and that you can’t do this? You bet you can! You control everything about you. Here’s how…when you are having low vibrational feelings, stop and feel gratitude. Go there quickly and you’ll be in a high vibrational state. Everyone has something to be grateful for. To go quickly into feelings that attract money, you could also feel what it’s like to fall in love, or hold a new born baby, or finding a hundred dollar bill in your pocket, or some other high vibrational feeling, like havingHappy Lady all the money you will ever need.

Your Divine Source responds to every desire (including money), however if you are not allowing yourself to stay in a high vibrational state, you are resisting it, and you are not allowing yourself to receive money.

A lot of people spend their time in blame, frustration, or worry and don’t even know they are blocking money from coming into their lives. They don’t get money because their feelings attract money situations that bring you more blame, frustration, and worry.

You can’t co-exist in both high and low vibrations at the same time. You can stay in the state that resists money or can you have a constant connection with your Source and money will flow into your life. Imagine a Meter that would read your vibrations. If it were pointed at you, what money vibration do you think it would read?

How’s Your Money Meter?

Posted on: September 13th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
       Attract money by affirming, "I love receiving abundance!"

Attract money by affirming, “I love receiving abundance!”

Imagine a Meter that would read your vibrations. If it were pointed at you, what money vibration do you think it would read?

Would it read energy vibrations or feelings of stress, lack of money, lack of time, guilt, disappointment, worry, or other negative emotions? Or would it find the vibration of joy, abundance of money, happiness, gratitude, acceptance and love?

The Law of Attraction works in a very simple way. It matches the energy vibrations you send out to people, things, and situations which must comes to you.  Your feelings are matched whether they are positive or negative, and whether they are felt deliberately or not.

The feeling of money and abundance in any area of your life is a strong, high positive vibration. To attract money, you need to be a vibrational match to it. You can attract more money to come into your life when you send the vibration or feeling of having money. You will not attract money when you send out the feelings being in debt, worry about bills, fear of not having enough money.

Want money? Send out feelings of having money deliberately. Suppose you asked people on the street, “How many minutes a day do you send out a vibration of having money?” What do you think their answer would be for most people? I bet it would be ZERO minutes a day.

How can anyone expect to become abundant or have more money if they are not sending its matching vibration? You will not attract money until your money meter sends the message you are ready to receive it. So, how high would your money meter read based on your current moment-to-moment feelings?

Put more money in your wallet by keeping your money vibes high

Put more money in your wallet by keeping your money vibes high

How do you get the feeling of having money if you don’t already have it? You have an imagination, don’t you? You imagine how it would feel to have money, to be driving the car you want, to be living in the house you want, and to have a wallet full of money. If that is hard for you, simply ask yourself, “If I knew how it would feel to have money, what would it feel like?” Your subconscious mind will supply that money feeling to you. Now, intensify that feeling and get used to feeling it so you can feel it habitually and deliberately. When you do this, your money meter will start shooting sky high.

  • When someone gives or buys you something, whether it is money or not, feel that feeling. Think to yourself, “I love receiving abundance!”
  • If someone does something for you, whether it has to do with money or not, say to yourself, ” I love receiving abundance!”
  • When you get something FREE, which definitely has to do with money…you know what to say, “I love receiving abundance!”

Now you know how to make money by keeping your money meter ticking at a high vibration, and soon the money in your wallet will match it.


Money Flow Increased with Plants, Fruits, Flowers

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen



Bamboo and round leafed plants attract money flow

Bamboo and round leafed plants attract money flow

Money flow increases when you increase the prosperous energy in your surroundings. Your environment has a great effect on your prosperity level.

The role of plants, flowers, and fresh fruit is very strong in attracting money to flow to you. They bring in luck, money, and family harmony because they harmonize the energy around them.

Where do plants attract money?

  • Plants in your office, as well as your home, bring about increased money in your career.
  • Plants bring in money especially in the East and South East areas because those areas are represented by the wood element.

What won’t bring you money?

  •  Don’t put bonsai plants in your home as they symbolize stunted growth and energy and it will stunt your money energy.
  • Don’t put live plants or flowers in the bedroom because their energy is too active. You can put silk plants there.
  • Never put dead or dried flower arrangements anywhere in your home. They bring dead energy and misfortune, and that’s not money flow.
Dead plants stop money flow

Dead plants stop money flow

Check your plants to make sure there are no dead leaves.  Perhaps there is something on your plant that needs to be trimmed. You can see a difference in the energy of the two plants in the pictures. You would never let your plants get like the one in the picture. Check the plants on your porch to make sure they are luscious and welcoming. That is the entrance where your money flows into your home. 

Fresh flowers and fresh fruit also bring money flow into your home.

Flowers on dining room table attract money.

Flowers on dining room table attract money.

Flowers bring beauty, fresh energy, money, and strong healing energy. Remember to check your flower arrangements by taking out the dead flowers. Dried flowers are dead and do not create good energy. High quality silk plants go well in your home.

Fresh fruit are especially auspicious on your dining room table or in the kitchen. Get rid of any spoiled fruit to keep your fruit looking beautiful and continue to bring in good

Look at your home to see where you can enhance the energy and increase your money flow.

A very important place in your home is your front door. It  is the mouth of your home and is very important when it comes to money. The color of your door, the size and condition says a lot about the energy that is entering your home and your ability to attract money. Everything in your home, including your money, is energy. The energy in your environment is part of your own energy field which sends a messages about how you feel about money to the universe.



Have as much Money as You Want

Posted on: July 12th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Love money and money will love you

Love money and money will love you

You can have as much money as you decide to have. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. The first step to increase your money is to decide that you want it and that you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Many people say they want more money, but in reality, they don’t want the responsibility to accomplish it.

Once you’ve made your decision that the money is worth it, you must give deliberate, bold, conscious attention to the fundamental principles of increasing your money. The following are steps that you can take immediately which will produce quick results and quick money.

  • When you open your mind to having more money, you must know how much money you want. You don’t really know how much you want unless you can WRITE IT with specific dollar amounts. Write your money goal in handwriting and in the present tense. State it as if your money goal were already accomplished, “I am enjoying…..” Keep your written money statement handy so that you can read it and rewrite it frequently.
  • Next, CREATE A VACUUM so money has room to flow into your energy field. Nature abhors a vacuum and when you create one,  it will supply you with what you desire to fill the empty space. You can create a vacuum by cleaning out the old to make room for the new. Clean closets, drawers, garages, files, cars, and everything in your life. Your energy  becomes stagnant, and prevents movement toward you when old unneeded things remain in your life. If you want to have money for a shopping trip for clothes, clean out your closet first. My friend took my advice recently and before she could go shopping she was given an incredible, practically new wardrobe by someone who no longer fit into her size. She created a vacuum and it was filled!
  • Acclaim your new money by SPEAKING OUT LOUD.  Express your prosperous attitude by speaking to yourself and others about money in conversations several times a day in a positive way. You cannot expect to get your money if you tell an opposite story or express doubt about money coming to you to your friends.
  • IMAGINE WITH FEELING having the money you desire. Imagination creates your world! You are the sum total of your dominant thoughts. Thoughts are habits in your mind that become your reality. Think conscious thoughts about having money. Imagine a scenario that you want to occur when you have your money and do it with feeling. Your subconscious mind, which is being programmed by your imagination, cannot tell the difference between something real and something imagined with feeling. The best time to imagine is before you sleep at night because at that time, your mind is like fertile soil. The money seeds you plant in your imagination will begin to grow.
  • CREATE A VISION BOARD with pictures and words that specifically represent  the money you want and what you will do with your money. Your mind thinks in pictures and putting specific pictures and words representing the money you desire on a poster board and placing it where you will see it all the time, is another way to reprogram your subconscious mind to bring you money. Make sure you put a picture of yourself in the center, a picture that represents your source, real or fake money. Make it colorful and exciting so your journey will be colorful and exciting. What you see is what you get! Your subconscious mind does not take a joke. It is impartial. It merely takes directions. Your visions board will give it specific instructions about the money you want.
  • You will move closer to attracting money the minute you begin to TAKE THE ACTIONS I have suggested. The word ‘Attraction’ has the word ‘Action’ inside of it. A lot of people think that Attitude is Everything. Wrong! The other ‘A’ Words is just as important. That word is ACTION. You can have the best attitude in the world, but if you do not take action to get your money, you will not move forward and attract money in your life.

There’s a little money secret. Money is just paper with ink on it, however, making money is a by-product of your consciousness about it.

Getting money in general is not a goal. What you will do with the money is the goal. Make these things I’ve suggested above, a habit. What you focus on expands so focus on money, money, money and money will come to you.



Is Your Piggy Bank Broken-Do You Need Money?

Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
is your piggy bank leaking money?

Is your piggy bank leaking money?

Is money falling out of your piggy bank? Is your piggy bank cracked? If you don’t have enough money in your bank – you only have yourself  to blame…and only you can fix it!

The amount of money you have and how easily it comes to you is determined by how you are living the Law of Attraction. You are either living the Law of Increase or the Law of Decrease.

If you lack money, you are living the law of decrease. Do you speak about debt (yours or other’s)? Do you think about not having enough money to pay your bills? Do you ever speak words of lack such as, “I can’t afford it?” or  “I never have enough money.” Do you speak badly about money by calling it ‘the root of all evil’ or some other nasty name? Do you worry about finances? Do you gossip about money?  Gossip can cost you money. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are living the Law of Decrease. If you continue to do these things, you will continue to lack money.                                                            

Living the Law of Increase will increase your money

Living the Law of Increase will increase your money

You can put money in your piggy bank, your pocket, and your bank account. You can attract all of it you want by living the Law of Increase. Speak about money as if you loved it because money responds to your attitude about it. See everyone as abundant. Speak about it as a blessing. Speak positive affirmations such as ‘I always have enough’. Visualize yourself having plenty of it to pay your bills. It’s simple-never speak or think negatively about money.

There’s a little money secret. Money is just paper with ink on it, however, making money is a by-product of your consciousness about it. 

An affirmation for abundance

An affirmation for abundance



Gossip Costs You Money

Posted on: June 7th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Gossip sucks your money

Gossip sucks your money

Gossip can stop money and other good things from coming into your life.

Are you stopping your prosperity with gossip? Are you preventing a pay increase, a new job which would mean more money, or a new relationship from entering your life unknowingly? If you are criticizing and gossiping about and to others, you are messing up your money flow.

Gossip, or any other kind of negative words, can not only cost you financially and stop money flow in its tracks, it can cause you ill-health and bitter relationships. Gossip shrinks your money energy instead of expanding it. When you send out destructive energy through your words, gossip included, others receive it. There is one little problem though-those negative words are  repelled and that energy returns to you multiplied. If you are speaking unkind words, you are condemning yourself as well the person who is spoken of and you are condemning money that would have been yours. You cannot send out negative energy, and receive positive energy.  Money is a system of energy. Do not gossip about other people’s money or financial misfortune if you want to get money.

Money will not flow where negative words go

Money will not flow where negative words go

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Every moment you are either accepting money or resisting money. When you speak unkindly about others, or gossip, you are resisting your good, including money. If you were not resisting that person and who he or she is, or what he or she did, you do not have anything to gossip about because you would be accepting. Resistance is one of the main reasons that you don’t get what you want.

This week, watch what you are resisting and open your mind to acceptance of that person and thing. If you have urge to gossip, think how as you speak your money is reacting. Give people free agency and let your and their energy flow. This will free up your money flow. Do this and it will definitely put more money in your wallet.


There is Money in the West Area of your House

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Number 8 represents Money and Abundance

The Number 8 represents Money and Abundance

There is money in the WEST area of your home this year! New energy comes into your home each year and in 2012 the WEST area of your home represents LONG TERM ABUNDANCE. This energy brings in money that comes to you in long term investments, business, and relationships. This year you may invest money in something that will pay off in the future. You may get money from a business you start. You may start a networking organization that will pay money in residual benefits. You may receive money in the future from a new relationship. A relationship you develop this year may last a long time.

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If the West is your front door, your bedroom, your success direction, or even one of your 4 personal magnetic directions, it will be even more beneficial in bringing money to you. If you don’t know your personal lucky directions, get them free at

Each energy that comes into your home has a number and an element. The number representing money in the form of LONG TERM ABUNDANCE is number 8, and symbolically 8 represents eternity. The top part of the number representing heaven and the bottom part represents earth. Because of that, it would be a good place to place an image of Deity. In China, the number 8 is so important in representing money that people pay thousands of dollars to get an 8 in their telephone number or address.

Because the element the represents long term abundance energy is EARTH, you can activate your money energy by tapping into that energy by placing something from the earth there – crystal, an amethyst, a piece of pottery, or some decorative rocks.

To go a step further, because earth is enhanced by water, you could also place a small fountain in this area to flow money into your home.

The fountain pictured here would be nice fountain in the west because it is made of pottery (the earth element) and it is in the flowing water, bringing in both the earth and water elements at the same time.

*Remember, no water in the bedroom. Instead, use something blue.



Aquariums Bring You Money

Posted on: May 22nd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Let your surroundings bring in money

Let your surroundings bring in money

Does an aquarium bring you money? Is water really a prosperity symbol? 

Absolutely- Aquariums do being you money when they are arranged and placed in your house correctly.

First of all, let’s look at money. What does water have to do with money? Both are a system of energy. Everything is energy. There is no place where energy isn’t. Everything you deal with every day-every person and every situation is energy. 

Money, money, money. We all like money. Money is not just paper and metal. Money is the stuff that we barter with. Money is the thing for which most people give up their time every day. The money that comes to you is determinative on the energy that flows out of you and that which is around you because you constantly exchange energy with other things and people every minute you live. When you have a fountain or an aquarium placed properly it activates your energy to connect with the universal energy that flows the energy of money into your life.

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One reason aquariums bring in money is because they are a perfect harmonious balance of several elements that attract prosperity.

For example:

1. You have the Water element – inside the aquarium.
2. You have the Metal element – in the frame of the aquarium.
3. You have the Wood element – in the plants inside the aquarium.
4. You have the Earth element – in the little gravel and rocks on the bottom of the aquarium.
5. You have the Fire Element – in the aquarium lights, as well as the brightly colored red, yellow, and orange fish. The lucky number of fish in your tank would be 8 or 9 fish.

To activate the water energy with universal abundance energy, put your aquarium in the following areas

  • NORTH, which represent your future and career
  • EAST, which represents family and health
  • SOUTH EAST, which represents wealth and abundance.
  • NEVER put aquarium in the bedroom. No water or even pictures of water should be placed there because they can bring in unstable emotions. They also do not belong in the kitchen.

Find out more about how the Law of Attraction AROUND YOU, in your environment can bring money into your life in my WOW SYSTEM.


The Money Secret

Posted on: February 22nd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Do you know the Money Secret?

Do you know the Money Secret?

There is a secret to making money. The first secret to making money is that is has nothing to do with age, formal education, where you live, or whether you are a man or a woman. The secret to making money has nothing to do with your IQ, however, knowing the money secret does have to do with who raised you. Unfortunately, many people do not earn money because they picked up habits of how they think about money from their parents, and they from their parents. Not knowing the money secret is something that is passed along from one generation to the next, which causes stress and unnecessary problems.

What IS the secret? Well, first, what IS money. Money is just paper with ink on it, however, making money is a by-product of your consciousness about money. Money is the reward you receive for a service you render-the more valuable the service, the greater the reward. You have probably heard the money secret expressed with phrases such as ‘Sowing and Reaping, Cause and Effect, or Action and Reaction.’

Emerson taught the money secret in his law of compensation, which paraphrased is, You can’t get something for nothing.  If you do, what you have received will crumble because it does not have a firm foundation of serving behind it. Be deliberate about about using the money secret and you will become wealthy. Give more to make more! The money secret is a simple principle. It’s a law!

Your thoughts, feelings and actions are seeds that you sow. The conditions of your life are the harvest you reap as a RESULT of the seeds that you have sown. How have you been sowing? That will tell you how well you’ve been using the money secret.

Do you want to get rich? Determine a way to currently use the money secret to give more service to more people and you are on your way. Ask yourself:

  • How can I increase the quality and quantity of the service I am giving?
  • How can I do what I am doing more effectively to give more service?

Is it time for you to put the money secret into action, to give more service and make more money? If you’re not making enough, you’re not giving enough. Money is your servant, the more you earn, the more you can help and serve others. What a secret! The more you use the money secret, the more money will come to you.

You say, “WOW” when you learn one secret after another about making money in the WOW SYSTEM.