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You are an Energy Package

Posted on: August 30th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen

The secret that science has revealed to us is clear – your life is all about energy. It has been found that there is no other way to get what you want in life than to match your energy with the energy of what you want in life. When you match your energy with what you want, what you want quickly comes to you.  Now, that IS a super-secret, but how exactly do you do that?

Let’s talk about how to maintain your personal energy so that you live with a high vibrational energy, which in turn will attract high vibrational things and people into your life, such as wealth (rather than debt), fulfilling relationships (rather than being stuck in an unsatisfying one) and good health (rather than sickness or accidents).

high energy lady

You are an energy package

First of all, remember, you are an energy package.  The energy that you send out is affected by the total energy in your personal energy package.

So, how do you live in positive, high vibrational energy? This is done many ways:

1)    Your energy package includes the energy that flows into you from your Divine Source. The energy that constantly flows into you is a high vibrational, joyous, energy of love and peace. When you stay connected to your Divine Source it is easy to send out love, acceptance, and joy to others.

When you stay connected to your Source, it is easier to have thoughts and feelings which attract the things you want, rather than thinking of the things you don’t want into your life.

2)    The energy package that emanates from you is also affected by the state of your physical energy, which is determined by the amount of high vibrational foods you eat. What you eat can very much affect your energy package. Carnivores are not peaceful creatures. Our bodies are not made to be carnivorous. We do not have short guts with lots of hydrochloric acid to dissolve huge chunk of meat. Rather, we have different enzymes to digest the different foods grown by nature, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. When you eat greasy, sugary, hard-to-digest foods such as red meat, you have to sit down and rest because your body is taking its energy to digest. When you eat a high vibrational meal of a salad, whole grain, and vegetables, you feel energized and ready to move. Lack of physical energy affects the energy you send out to others. Sleep is another thing that affects your energy. When you don’t have enough sleep, you cannot function at optimal energy because your brain waves are negatively affected, which in turn affects your physical energy.

3)    Your energy package is also affected by what you have on you. Yes, it true. There a way to dress to attract the right things and people into your life. When you synchronize your energy on the outside with the innate, God-given energy from inside, the right people are attracted to you, your make more money, you have better relationships, and you feel better about yourself.  Here is a video about the Law of Attraction On You

4)    Your energy package is affected by the energy in your surroundings. A research study done by Paul Scheele of the Learning Strategies Corporation.  By using an  EEG machine, which is used to measure brain waves, he found that when a person entered a room with good energy, there was an immediate impact on the brain. He found that the brain automatically begins to produce more alpha waves,  which allows you to perform better in every area of your life.  He also found that when entering a room with negative, unbalanced energy, the brain waves spiked to beta levels which caused mental chaos and made it difficult to relax or focus.  This happened without any effort on the part of the person – why? Because you exchange energy with people and things around you. That is why you we use certain colors in our home or office and arrange your surroundings to create balanced energy in your home. That way, you flow high vibrational energy from the things around you. The energy in your surroundings make a big difference in who and what you attract into your life.

Because you are an energy package and constantly exchanging energy with people and things around you, YOU control your energy and therefore you control your life.

Oprah Cleared It Up About Your Past

Posted on: July 25th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen

We all know that thinking about the past will only bring us more of what we had in the past, however I am constantly amazed how many people refer to, explain, describe, enjoy reiterating things they didn’t like about their past.

The past comes up in everyday conversation and often people don’t even realize they have traveled backwards mentally and emotionally.

let go of your past

Your past is past!

I love what Oprah said about the past on her TV show. She quoted Iyanla Vanzant who said, “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different.” This is it!! As long as you can come to the understanding that your past was the way it was, even though it might not have been the way you wanted your past to be or the way you wished your past was… BUT THAT IT IS THE WAY IT WAS, then you are ready to move forward. You have accepted that it was that way. You can now deal with it. You can say, “ I can see it IS past and I will never change it and therefore I am ready to see a future because I know it will never change…but I CAN change my future even though I will never change my past!

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Many people just don’t get that their past simply can’t be different. They can’t wish it away. They can’t explain it away. They can’t complain it away. They can’t keep suffering it away. It’s not going away! It’s there. It’s yours and nothing is going to change except your future once you when you accept that.

This works with every area of your past when you give up the hope that it could be different life will only improve, once you do this.






How to Visualize – SENSORY IMAGING – A Big Name with Big Results

Posted on: April 12th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen


SENSORY IMAGING – A Big Name with Big Results

It sounds complicated….but it’s not. Let’s break the word down.

5-sensesSensory – having to do with your senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Imaging - the process of deliberately playing images (movies) in your mind.

One of my favorite authors, Joseph Murphy, taught me a lot about how to expedite whatever you want to bring into your life in his book, Creative Imagination.

You’ve no doubt heard that the way to attract the thing you want is to keep thinking about it. The thoughts sink into the fertile soil of your subconscious mind, which doesn’t know the difference between real and not real and manifests it in your life.
This is great idea, and long term, it will work if you think enough, however there is a way that works faster and is more effective in getting the results you want.

Day dreaming is something we all do when we want something; however….there is something even better. It’s daydreaming on purpose and the big ‘must do’-is to use your senses while you are day dreaming!

It’s actually taking a few minutes, even scheduling a few times during the day, to do this ‘on purpose’ visualizing. If I were to give you a magic pill to get what you want, would you take it three times a day? Sure you would. Well, I am giving a magic pill…it’s something you don’t have to take, but something you have to do. It isn’t hard. It’s easy and it’s fun…and it works!

There’s a right way and a wrong way. Do it right and get what you want.
Here’s how you do it:
1) Think of what you want. It has to be specific because you are going to literally see it. You know who, what, when, where…but not necessarily how you will achieve it. That’s up to the universe.

2) Put a scenario of you experiencing the exact thing you want. See it in your mind exactly like you are going through personally experiencing it right at this moment.

3) Now add the thing that makes it work! Experience it in your mind by using your senses.
  • Whatever future experience you are ‘seeing’ in your mind, you must not limit it to just what you see around you. You must also hear the sounds around you. Have someone say something you want to hear and maybe you want to say something to someone. Maybe someone is giving you a complement or giving you an award. Maybe there is a noise in the background. You could be driving a new car and you turn on the radio. It can be as simple as hearing the jingling of the keys. It’s not difficult to hear something because you want your visualization to be as real as if it were happening and there is always noise around us.
  • Next, bring into your visualization the sense of ‘smell’. It may be hard to believe, but the olfactory sense, which is the sense of smell, is the strongest sense we have and makes a huge impression on the on your subconscious mind.
  • Now, let’s bring in the sense of ‘taste’. This could be the most difficult, however if there is any way you can bring in a taste, do it. Maybe you are eating, or drinking something.
  • And now….it’s time to feel something in your visualization to bring in the sense of ‘touch’. Imagine your surroundings. Can you feel the heat of the sun, or the smoothness of an object? Feel the touch of another person’s hand, or the breeze on your face. How would these things feel?
Now you know the secret to the Law of Attraction. You will change your life to the degree you use it. While your children are young, teach your them. No matter what age they are, it works. Children pick it up quickly because they do it naturally.

“The secret of achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in mind.” -Henry David Thoreau

This is one of the WOW techniques I teach in my WOW SYSTEM, the complete, ultimate guild to the Law of Attraction.
Just a few more important things:
Interesting Image
You want to impress your subconscious mind, the one that creates your reality with all the details. You want your imaging to be as real as possible, which is why you are incorporating your senses. There are a few more things that will also make it real.
  • If your visualization is ‘far away’ as you look at it, bring it closer.
  • If your visualization is more to the right or left, put it in the center.
  • If your visualization is small, make it bigger. Enlarge it.
  • If your visualization is dark, turn up the lights. Make it light and bright.
  • If your visualization is black and white, make it Technicolor.
  • If your visualization is out of focus, bring it into focus.
So important!!! Get into the FEELING of your experience. Feel how great it is to have what you want. It feels so good. Now, intensify that feeling about 50 times! Make sure you are in the feeling place of your visualizations for a minimum of 16 seconds or your imaging won’t be as effective.

Does is sound like a big deal? Does it sound hard? Do you think you won’t be able to do it right? It is easy!! It will be little uncomfortable for the first time or two, but soon you will become an expert. You’ll be sensory imagining like a pro in no time!
It’s fun because you are actually living the previews of your life. Do it often. The more frequently you do your sensory imaging and the more intensity with which you do it, the sooner your goal will manifest.
Napolean Hill Quote

Napolean Hill Quote

Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” When you visualize, you ‘conceive’ your goal. As you do it often, you will come to ‘believe’, and then you will ‘achieve’.

Sensory imaging is something you can do anytime, anywhere. It’s your secret because no one needs to know you are creating your future.

Sensory imaging can help you in many ways:
  • Achieve your dreams
  • Improve your relationships
  • Change a bad habit
  • Develop a positive habit
  • Get promoted
  • Solve any problem
  • Get a new car or home
  • Improve your health
  • Find your one and only

And many more……

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How the Law of Attraction Can Improve Your Life

Posted on: January 14th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen
With The Law of Attraction You can change unhappy to happy in a few seconds

With The Law of Attraction you can change unhappy to happy in a few seconds

How can Law of Attraction help your life? It’s simple. It’s such a simple little secret that everyone should know it. The Law of Attraction  works like this..everything you do, say, think, or feel invites something into your life. That’s right.

When you have a little thought, because of the Law of Attraction, you are sending out a little invisible energy message which boomerangs something back into your life. The Law of Attraction brings in that very thing you thought about or something on that same wave length. The first time you think of something, you send out little energy seeds. the next time that energy formation becomes stronger and stronger and even more magnetic.

“When you think a little thought about  something you want, because of the Law of Attraction, that thought grows larger and larger, and more and more powerful.”

The Law of Attraction also works against you. When you have a thought of something you don’t want,  you are also inviting that thing into your life. So, how can you use the Law of Attraction to improve your life? Keep your thoughts positive.Think only of the things you want, therefore you’ll have a happier life because the the Law of Attraction will bring you the things you want.

The Law of Attraction automatically energetically attracts what you send out, whether it’s good for you or bad. The secret about the Law of Attraction is that you invite everything into your life, so if you want to be happy and successful life, your job is to be careful of what you are inviting. Now you know how to change unhappy to happy.  The Law of Attraction will take care of you if you take care of your thoughts, words, and feelings.

Learn exactly how to make this easy Law of Attraction change by using the simple, easy step in the WOW System. The WOW System is the most complete, ultimate guide to the Law of Attraction. Get ready to have a WOW life when you get the WOW System.

Use These Words to be Happy

Posted on: November 15th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


You believe the words you tell yourselfYou belive the words you tell yourself

You believe the words you tell yourself

The words you use can make a difference in whether you are happy or not The words you use can determine whether you are successful or not.

Your words determine your mindset…or you might think your mindset determines your words. Either way, when you say something, you believe what you say to yourself and your feelings instantly respond to your words.

To be happy and successful, find a time during the day to say the words, “I am important.”

Speak the words, “I am loveable.”

How about the words, “I deserve the best.”

“I am strong. I can do this, ” may be the exact words you need to hear.

Speak and think the words, “I am worthy of great things. My best is yet to come.”

You words determine your feelings

You words determine your feelings

It is said that, “A blow with a word strikes deeper than a blow with a sword.” This is as true for yourself as it is for others. When you speak words that demean yourself, it is like a dreadful blow that can hurt for your whole life.

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When you speak hopeful, positive words, you are filled with a powerful sense of optimism. It creates a feeling that nothing can stop you. What you say is what you feel…and what you feel determines the you energy radiates outward which is returned to you by the universe. Words make a huge difference in your life. Start right now to listen to your words and consciously say the things that will make you a happier and more successful person.

You’ll Never be Happy if You Say This

Posted on: October 25th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Never say certain words if you want to be happy

Never say certain words if you want to be happy

There is a science to being happy exactly like there is a science of getting rich. In the words of Wallace D. Wattles, who wrote The Science of Getting Rich,  “The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way.”  He was right and it is a statement that can also be said about being happy. The ability to be happy comes as a result of doing things a certain way.

One way to be happy is to have a happy attitude about where you are and what you are doing. A happy attitude is a result of happy thoughts, happy feelings and specific words that lead to happiness.  Delete the following thoughts and words from your vocabulary. These words will never result in a happy you.

I’m so frustrated that…

I’m worried that…

I’m stressed about…

I don’t want…

I should have, but….

I could have, but….

If only…..

These words will not result in a happy attitude because they invoke feelings of doubt, stress, worry, frustration, and that things aren’t as good as they should be. It’s easy to change your sad words into happy words once you are aware of the problem and observe what you think and say.

For example, rather than saying, “I really need to get out of debt, ” which brings up a sad feeling, you could say, “I love being debt free,” which would bring a happy feeling.

Sad feeling words are, “I’m so stressed about this situation.” Happy feeling words are, “One thing I can be happy about is that this situation is giving me a lot of valuable experience.”

Sad feeling words are, “I hate my job.” Happy feeling words are, “Something I love about my job is …”

Sad feeling words are, “I’m worried about…”   Happy feelings are, “I know this is going to turn out in an amazing way.”  

Happy words bring a happy attitude

Happy words bring a happy attitude

Start observing your words and when you find yourself uttering something that won’t result in a happy attitude, changing your words.

Your attitude always shows, especially when you are in the presence of children. Your words influence whether they are happy now and in the future. Keep a happy feeling in your attitude and words and you will not only have a happy child, your child will have a happy future.

Using happy words creates a happy attitude and a successful future. This is a great time to start the habit  of using only ‘happy words’.

How’s Your Money Meter?

Posted on: September 13th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
       Attract money by affirming, "I love receiving abundance!"

Attract money by affirming, “I love receiving abundance!”

Imagine a Meter that would read your vibrations. If it were pointed at you, what money vibration do you think it would read?

Would it read energy vibrations or feelings of stress, lack of money, lack of time, guilt, disappointment, worry, or other negative emotions? Or would it find the vibration of joy, abundance of money, happiness, gratitude, acceptance and love?

The Law of Attraction works in a very simple way. It matches the energy vibrations you send out to people, things, and situations which must comes to you.  Your feelings are matched whether they are positive or negative, and whether they are felt deliberately or not.

The feeling of money and abundance in any area of your life is a strong, high positive vibration. To attract money, you need to be a vibrational match to it. You can attract more money to come into your life when you send the vibration or feeling of having money. You will not attract money when you send out the feelings being in debt, worry about bills, fear of not having enough money.

Want money? Send out feelings of having money deliberately. Suppose you asked people on the street, “How many minutes a day do you send out a vibration of having money?” What do you think their answer would be for most people? I bet it would be ZERO minutes a day.

How can anyone expect to become abundant or have more money if they are not sending its matching vibration? You will not attract money until your money meter sends the message you are ready to receive it. So, how high would your money meter read based on your current moment-to-moment feelings?

Put more money in your wallet by keeping your money vibes high

Put more money in your wallet by keeping your money vibes high

How do you get the feeling of having money if you don’t already have it? You have an imagination, don’t you? You imagine how it would feel to have money, to be driving the car you want, to be living in the house you want, and to have a wallet full of money. If that is hard for you, simply ask yourself, “If I knew how it would feel to have money, what would it feel like?” Your subconscious mind will supply that money feeling to you. Now, intensify that feeling and get used to feeling it so you can feel it habitually and deliberately. When you do this, your money meter will start shooting sky high.

  • When someone gives or buys you something, whether it is money or not, feel that feeling. Think to yourself, “I love receiving abundance!”
  • If someone does something for you, whether it has to do with money or not, say to yourself, ” I love receiving abundance!”
  • When you get something FREE, which definitely has to do with money…you know what to say, “I love receiving abundance!”

Now you know how to make money by keeping your money meter ticking at a high vibration, and soon the money in your wallet will match it.


How to be in Control of Your Life

Posted on: August 30th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Here's the key to take control of your life

Here’s the key to take control of your life

Do you know the key to being in control of your life?  Some people actually believe we live in a world where there is no way to be in control of your life.

That is WRONG! Why do I say that? Because YOU are a magnet, literally. You are a living, breathing, walking magnet, constantly pulling back into your world anything that just happens to be on the same frequency or wave length as that which you are putting out. When you control the thoughts and feelings you send to others, you are in control of your life.

The energy that flows from you comes from your highly charged emotions to create highly charged electromagnetic wave patterns of energy, making you a powerful, walking magnet.

How does your magnet work? Simple…whatever you are feeling is what you are vibrating—and whatever you are vibrating is what you are attracting.

It is literally impossible to flow negative energy of any kind, in any amount and be happy. That means feeling anything from mild irritation to livid rage makes it a physiological impossibility to be happy. Whether you are happy or unhappy, you are in control of your life.

Did you ever notice that when one thing goes wrong, so does everything else? That’s because the energy in your thoughts and emotions  are matching up with all sorts of different stuff on the same wave length.

You can consciously get control of your life

You can consciously get control of your life

Okay-the simple secret of being in control of your life is this: 1) Decide what you want, 2) find the FEELING PLACE of having that want, while at the same time staying out of the feeling place of not having it.

Does that mean you have to control your thoughts and feelings? Yes, if you want to have control of your life. Thoughts are habits in your mind. You can control your feelings just as you can control your thoughts if you decide to. Now you know you are in control of your life, realize that anyone can learn to override negative thoughts and  feelings with positive ones.

Be in control of your life if you want joy in your life. Whatever you are doing during your day, feel joy. 

Be in control of your life if you want appreciation and acceptance in your life. Whatever you are doing during your day, be appreciative and accepting to others.

Be in control of your life if you want to bring more money into your life. Whatever you are doing during your day, keep your thoughts and feelings prosperous and not on what you don’t want.

Be in control of your life if you want happiness in your life. Whatever you are doing during your day, stay happy.

When you are in control of your life and you are smart, you vibrate abundant thoughts so everything abundant is drawn to you. When you are in control of your life but you are not smart, you think of lack and negativity and that is what will come into your life.

Believe in yourself. Be in control of your life.



How to be happy Thinking Above the Line

Posted on: August 15th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Keep your thoughts above the happy line

Keep your thoughts above the happy line

Have you ever heard of the happy line? If not, you will be happy to know that it can improve every area of your life. 

To be happy you must keep your thoughts above the happy line. Similarly, to maintain a prosperous  life, you must keep your thoughts above the happy line.

The thoughts you choose can actually be measured. ‘Above the happy line’ thoughts are those that vibrate at a rate of speed that attract positive, prosperous things into your life. ‘Below the happy line’ thoughts attract things, people, and situations that don’t make you happy or prosperous.

What kind of thoughts are above the happy line? Thoughts that bring up feelings of acceptance, love, respect, and hope make you happy.

Keep your thoughts above the happy line

Keep your thoughts above the happy line

Above the happy line thoughts are those that focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have. They are thoughts when you take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, rather than making excuses and playing the victim. Happy line thinking is when you expecting the best, rather than doubting. When you think above the happy line, you take action to get the results you want, rather than procrastinating.

Thoughts where you respond to something that happens in a positive way-rather than reacting in a negative way will bring good into your life.

When you think thoughts below the happy line, you are feeling anger, resentment, guilt, hopelessness, and fear. When you judge others, your thinking is far away from the happy line. When you feel stuck or make excuses, you will stay stuck unless you elevate your thoughts above the happy line. In short, you must kick out toxic thoughts.

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At all times, you are in total control of your thoughts. Once you make it a habit to bring your thoughts up from below the happy line, it becomes easier and easier. You will also see more happiness and prosperity in your life.

Now you know what the happy line is, you can stay happy by maintaining high vibrating thoughts.

Be Happy, Kick Out Toxic Thoughts

Posted on: August 9th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
You must think happy to be happy

You must think happy to be happy

You can’t be happy if you think toxic thoughts. Thoughts are habits in your mind reproduced into your physical world. Thoughts are things and what you think about comes about. If you think about happy things, happy people, happy situations, you will be happy. If you think toxic, angry thoughts, you will have an angry life with angry people and situations which cause anger.

If you want to know what a person thinks about, look at his life.

Toxic thoughts stop you from being happy because they pollute your mind. Just like toxic food can make your sick, toxic thoughts will make a sad, miserable life. How can you be happy by thinking thoughts which are not uplifting? You can’t. You will not be happy by thinking thoughts which do not support your goals. You will not be happy by thinking thoughts which are uncomplimentary to yourself and others.You will be happy by thinking about how you will feel when you reach your goal. You will be happy when you think about how capable you are. Being happy is a state of mind you create.

Don’t let the toxic thoughts of others stop you from being happy. When you hear others speak or act in a way that creates negative thoughts in your mind, purge those people from your life just as you would purge poisonous food from your physical body. Make it a habit to hang with people who are happy.

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Napoleon Hill knew thoughts can make your life happy or unhappy. In his book LAW OF SUCCESS he tells us about the disaster of negative and toxic thinking: The subconscious mind makes no distinction between constructive and destructive thought impulses. It works with the material we feed it, through our thought impulses. The subconscious mind will translate into reality a thought driven by fear just as readily as it will translate into reality a thought driven by courage or faith.

You choose to be happy with happy thoughts

You choose to be happy with happy thoughts

He said that toxic thoughts can lead you down into the valley of misery, failure, and poverty. Like the wind which carries one ship east, and another west, (your thoughts) will lift you up or pull you down, according to the way you set your sails of thought. It’s time you set you sails of thought on what makes you happy.

 To be happy, you must create thoughts which will make you happy. Think of your subconscious or creative mind as soil. Your conscious thoughts are seeds that you plant in your subconscious mind and expect to reap in your outward life. In a garden, if you planted wheat, you would expect wheat to grow. You would never think of planting wheat and getting corn. It’s the same with your conscious thoughts. Toxic thoughts are like planting weeds in your mental garden which will never result in a happy relationship or a happy financial situation. If you think about and plant happy, positive, thoughts, you can expect happy, positive specific results to manifest in your life. If you dwell on negative, violent, sad, resentful thoughts, you can only expect to see a life filled with negativity, violence, sadness, and resentment. If you do not plant seeds in your creative mind, but haphazardly allow whatever blows in to fill your precious creative soil. This usually results in your fulfilling other people’s goals which will only make them happy.

 Consider what would happen if you decided not to take control of your car when you are in the driver’s seat. It would swerve off the road, enter a place where it shouldn’t go, and you would end up with a disaster of a vehicle. That is not so different from your life. You are in the driver’s seat of your life and if you don’t take control with conscious thoughts, you could end up with disaster. By controlling your conscious mind, you can insert a new program in your creative mind. Just as a magnet attracts, the mind attracts the things equivalent of your most prominent thoughts. That is why it is impossible for a negative mind to attract positive things. If you think negative angry thoughts, you attract failure and despair. On the other hand, if you train your mind to think only positive, happy thoughts, you will be happy.

Emerson said, “The key to every man is his thought.” You are the result of your voluntary habitual thinking. You are where you are and what you are because of your established habits of thought. You may control your earthly destiny simply by exercising the privilege of shaping your own thoughts. The key to being happy is to think happy thoughts!

Thought control is only one way of using the Law of Attraction to bring you the life your want. Can you do it? Can you constantly think happy thoughts/ Can you really change the way you think?  You can – and it’s worth it because whether you are happy depends on it. You have complete control over your mind. Consciously, think about what you are thinking about and make it a habit to replace toxic thoughts with happy thoughts. Isn’t it time for you to be happy?