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A Guaranteed Formula to Double Your Luck

Posted on: July 26th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
Double your luck

Double your luck

Do you ever talk to people in an elevator. Well, I do. I’m always open to expanding myself and growing by interacting with others. It’s actually fun being so open with others since you never really know what little surprises the Law of Attraction is bringing you.

My assistant, Mavi, is exactly the same as me-friendly. Recently when she was in an elevator, a lady inside with her said, “Everything always goes wrong!” This jolted her a bit because that’s not true-unless you want it to be and you keep projecting to yourself and others (as this lady was doing!). I’m sure it’s no secret to you that the words you speak literally vibrate through every cell in your body and attract people, things, and situations into your life exactly as you are verbally affirming. Through the Law of Attraction, you are also mentally and emotionally ordering what your words are projecting, aren’t you? What you speak is connected to your thoughts and thus you also emotionalize them. Your words create vibrations that attract or repel your desires depending on your exact words.

Mavi told the lady, “Don’t say that unless you want it to be true!” Then the lady’s friend echoed that request by saying, “She is right! You know I am always positive and I am always happy, and my luck is always doubled!” Then she told Mavi the story of her current doubled luck. She recently found out she was expecting and when she went to the doctor, he told her she had double the luck of most women who come to him because she’s having twins! Wow – what a Law of Attraction gift she got!

This happened to me too! I also have twins and it definitely is a double blessing!

Your words are the number one factor in determining your emotional well being.The audio download, LANGUAGE OF SUCCESS, in my WOW SYSTEM, teaches you what to quit saying and how to speak so you command money, success, and prosperity into your life.

You CAN bring your dreams to life!


Be Your Own Good Luck charm

Posted on: June 24th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

Wake up your luck! Can you use a little luck in your daily life every day? My bit of inspiration to you is that you can be lucky whenever you want.

There is a proverb that says, Go and wake up your luck! Shockingly, doing it is pretty easy. You have a built-in good luck charm and you just need to know how to use it. Your luck is all around you and it starts with the way you use your thoughts. You make your own luck with the Law of Attraction.

One of my five daughters is the luckiest girl I know. Everyone always asks her, ‘Why are you so lucky!’ Why is it she always wins the prize at the baby shower? Why is it she is so lucky as to always get the best seats at an event? Why does her good luck charm always bring her big discounts or unbelievable deals? And why is she so lucky that she is continually given valuable items for her home and her children? She uses the Law of Attraction to her advantage!

It’s all about energy. One reason is that she expects to be lucky. The energy she sends out in her thoughts and feelings is that ‘I am lucky…I always win…I deserve the discounts…I should sit in the best seats, and so on. You can also be your own good luck charm by using the energy on you and around to attract the things you want to you. You have three energy fields which can bring you luck.

Amazingly, when you use your energy in the right way, the Law of Attraction has no choice-What you want is attracted to you.

Watch this little video, WAKE UP YOUR LUCK, to find out how you can be luckier. Oh, PS…..Good luck today!!