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You are an Energy Package

Posted on: August 30th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen

The secret that science has revealed to us is clear – your life is all about energy. It has been found that there is no other way to get what you want in life than to match your energy with the energy of what you want in life. When you match your energy with what you want, what you want quickly comes to you.  Now, that IS a super-secret, but how exactly do you do that?

Let’s talk about how to maintain your personal energy so that you live with a high vibrational energy, which in turn will attract high vibrational things and people into your life, such as wealth (rather than debt), fulfilling relationships (rather than being stuck in an unsatisfying one) and good health (rather than sickness or accidents).

high energy lady

You are an energy package

First of all, remember, you are an energy package.  The energy that you send out is affected by the total energy in your personal energy package.

So, how do you live in positive, high vibrational energy? This is done many ways:

1)    Your energy package includes the energy that flows into you from your Divine Source. The energy that constantly flows into you is a high vibrational, joyous, energy of love and peace. When you stay connected to your Divine Source it is easy to send out love, acceptance, and joy to others.

When you stay connected to your Source, it is easier to have thoughts and feelings which attract the things you want, rather than thinking of the things you don’t want into your life.

2)    The energy package that emanates from you is also affected by the state of your physical energy, which is determined by the amount of high vibrational foods you eat. What you eat can very much affect your energy package. Carnivores are not peaceful creatures. Our bodies are not made to be carnivorous. We do not have short guts with lots of hydrochloric acid to dissolve huge chunk of meat. Rather, we have different enzymes to digest the different foods grown by nature, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. When you eat greasy, sugary, hard-to-digest foods such as red meat, you have to sit down and rest because your body is taking its energy to digest. When you eat a high vibrational meal of a salad, whole grain, and vegetables, you feel energized and ready to move. Lack of physical energy affects the energy you send out to others. Sleep is another thing that affects your energy. When you don’t have enough sleep, you cannot function at optimal energy because your brain waves are negatively affected, which in turn affects your physical energy.

3)    Your energy package is also affected by what you have on you. Yes, it true. There a way to dress to attract the right things and people into your life. When you synchronize your energy on the outside with the innate, God-given energy from inside, the right people are attracted to you, your make more money, you have better relationships, and you feel better about yourself.  Here is a video about the Law of Attraction On You

4)    Your energy package is affected by the energy in your surroundings. A research study done by Paul Scheele of the Learning Strategies Corporation.  By using an  EEG machine, which is used to measure brain waves, he found that when a person entered a room with good energy, there was an immediate impact on the brain. He found that the brain automatically begins to produce more alpha waves,  which allows you to perform better in every area of your life.  He also found that when entering a room with negative, unbalanced energy, the brain waves spiked to beta levels which caused mental chaos and made it difficult to relax or focus.  This happened without any effort on the part of the person – why? Because you exchange energy with people and things around you. That is why you we use certain colors in our home or office and arrange your surroundings to create balanced energy in your home. That way, you flow high vibrational energy from the things around you. The energy in your surroundings make a big difference in who and what you attract into your life.

Because you are an energy package and constantly exchanging energy with people and things around you, YOU control your energy and therefore you control your life.

Feng Shui for Summer Travel

Posted on: June 12th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen

Does Feng Shui matter when you travel?


And it Affects You Whether You are at Home or on Vacation

hotel pool

When you travel, you can continue to take advantage of the lucky energy that flows to you from your Personal Magnetic Directions.

When you arrive at your hotel, you might ask the front desk if they have a room with the head of the bed against one of your four directions. The front desk usually knows the setup and will easily accommodate you. If they can’t, then no problem – you can easily turn your pillow so you sleep with your head at the bottom of the bed or even move the bed slightly so that the top of your head is against one of your personal best directions. When I travel with my daughters, frequently after we are assigned to our rooms, but before we move in, we will compare bed directions and change rooms if they work better for all concerned.
Another way to take advantage of energy when you travel is to place items that represent the particular energy of the things you desire on your trip in your four best directions. An easy way to figure out the location of your directions is to download a FREE compass app on your smart phone.

glenda-business-card-stack*In your SUCCESS DIRECTION – if you are on a business trip, you will want to put your business card or something with a company logo in that area.

Perhaps you want to put a note you have written with the specific goal you wish to accomplish while you are there. If you are on a trip in which the focus is relaxation, then put something that represents it there. 

You can put your family picture in your relationship direction when you travel

You can put your family picture in your relationship direction when you travel

* In your RELATIONSHIP DIRECTION – place a small picture of your family.
You can also place a picture of someone you wish to do business with or you wish to meet on your trip.

* In your HEALTH DIRECTION – you can put your supplements or something representing health, exercise or fitness.
* In your WISDOM (personal and spiritual growth) DIRECTION – place a book you are reading or a small spiritual symbol.

If you don’t know your personal directions, get them FREE here:

There is another important energy tip to remember. If the bed is across from a mirror, which is common in hotels, cover the mirror. You will sleep better if you are not doubled. Also, sleeping with an uncovered mirror across from your bed can affect your relationships negatively.


Even though it may be a little more difficult than at home, keep the clutter to a minimum to keep the positive energy flowing to you!
And have a great trip!

Answers to your Feng Shui Questions

Posted on: March 21st, 2013 by Glenda Feilen
Feng Shui questions

Feng Shui Questions

Today I answer the following Feng shui questions which you have asked me:

1. If I want to put a beautiful fountain that does not move around monthly cures, where is the best place to put it?

Feng shui fountain

Put a Feng shui fountain in the North, East, and Southeast

In Feng Shui, a water fountain brings the water element into your home. Areas where you can put it on a permanent basis are North, East, and Southeast areas of your home.

This year, 2013, the water element is in the North and therefore it would be especially great to keep one there all year. It will bring in the energy of cash flow, new opportunities, and unexpected money and other things into your life. If you don’t have a water fountain, something blue or made of glass will also bring in that energy.

2. I know that at night when I sleep with the crown of my head against one of my four personal magnetic directions I have positive energy flowing to me as I sleep, but how can I bring good luck to myself during the daytime?

Your personal magnetic directions work the same during the day as at night, so facing one of your personal four magnetic directions as you work, watch TV, or whatever it is you are doing, will bring you the same positive benefits. When you face one of your personal lucky directions you will easier attract success, health, romance and satisfying relationships, and personal and spiritual growth. I personally have an app on my mobile phone and when I am going into a meeting, a restaurant, or where I may be sitting for a while, I always quickly check to in which areas my four directions are located. Most compass apps are free so make it easy to take advantage of your positive energy and get one.

3. If I don’t know where my personal magnetic directions are, for example, in a restaurant or a meeting, what is the best place to sit?

The best place to sit during a meeting, in a restaurant, or basically anytime, is so your back does not face the door. You always want to face the door so that energetically you are watching for opportunities and so that no one sneaks up behind you. This is the same Feng shui principle you apply in your office. Face the door if at all possible.

4. What can I put in my home on a permanent basis to attract romance?

To attract romance or strengthen or maintain a current relationship, place a piece of art, a painting, or a small sculpture of two people holding hands, dancing (if you like to dance), kissing, or being romantic. Put this is one of two places:  1) your personal relationship direction 2) in the Southwest, which is the area that represents love, marriage, and romance. See also: What Hangs in Your Bedroom Can Block Romance

Another thing you can do on a permanent basis is to keep colors which bring in the love vibration in your bedroom. They are pink, rose, red, and violet. You only need a small amount of these colors to bring in that energy.

Placing a couple of pink rose quarts hearts in your relationship direction can also attract romance. If you don’t have those, place anything from the earth, such as a crystal or an amethyst to tap into the earth element to bring in romance.

Remember, there is no such thing as perfect Feng shui! Have fun!

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Posted on: February 13th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen

Romance and intimacy in the bedroom is very much affected by what hangs in your bedroom.  Do your paintings bring you romance or block it from you? The energy in your bedroom is part of your energy field and very much sends messages outward.  That energy determines what you attract back into your life, including romance.

The colors, art, smells, light, fabrics, the arrangement of your room and everything in your bedroom can either improve romance and sensuality or block it. Your brain waves actually change within seconds of entering a room depending on its energy.

Here are some examples of paintings that do not attract romance:

What's above your bed to attract romance?

What’s above your bed to attract romance?

For example, a picture of your parents or family in your bedroom will block it romance and energetically create their intrusion into your life.

  • A picture which is has a mysterious look, will create a mysterious relationship.
  • A painting of a dense forest will make it difficult for you to find your true love because it will be hard to find that romance in such a dark, dense place.
  • A painting which reflects sadness, loneliness, violence, are anything are not romantic and will bring you anything but romance. You want art that creates a soft, sensual, relaxing mood.
  • Painting of predatory animals or weapon collections will send a bad message about romance.
  • A painting of you alone, will send the message you love only yourself and that you want to be alone.

A couple who was on the verge of separating had a painting which was so huge it went from floor to ceiling, it almost covered one wall. It was directly across from the couple’s bed so it faced them. The painting was blue which is the worst color for the bedroom and romance since a large amount of blue can cause waves of emotional instability. The painting was of a a woman facing downward, struggling to get to the top  and in eminent danger of  drowning. No wonder their relationship was unstable, struggling, and in eminent danger of ending.

  • An angel or cross in the bedroom, even in your personal spiritual direction, should be very small or non-existent because angels do not focus on physical intimacy, but on spirituality  Unless your bedroom is a spiritual sanctuary, then I suggest you do not make them a major decoration in that room.

What should you hang on your wall to attract romance?

  • The first thing is to make sure you have two people or animals, rather than a single person. A picture of a couple being romantic would be ideal. If you have a single person in a painting will not attract romance. It sends a message that you want to be single.
  • Two something beautiful attracts romance

    Two something beautiful attracts romance

    Two beautiful flowers would represent a beautiful couple. A special flower that attracts romance to women is peonies.

  • A beautiful painting of two peaceful, loving animals would be appropriate. The secret to romance is to hang a painting that will send the message and ‘give you the feeling’ you want to have in your romance. What do you want? Do you want a sexy relationship? Do you want a loving relationship? Let the picture reflect the feelings you want in romance.
  •  Light is very important although there are times in romance when you want dim light and candles. A chandelier or light in the bedroom is not a problem, unless it is directly over the bed. This puts is too much light on your personal intimacy.
  •  A TV hanging on your wall can definitely block romance. If you have it, cover it. If you communicate with your TV you are not communicating with your partner. A TV is a major intrusion into romance and intimacy.

Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction around you. If you are looking for romance or want to bring more romance into a current relationship, look at what hangs on your wall. Is it sending the message of romance that you want to enjoy? If not, now is the time to make some changes.

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How’s the Energy in your Home?

Posted on: January 11th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen
The 5 elements of nature affect the energy in your home

The 5 elements of nature affect the energy in your home

Everything is energy. At an energetic level, you, your home, your workplace, and everything in the  environment you are in, is a living, vibrating energy which is part of the vast universal field of energy. Your home establishes waves of energy based on what is reflected there. If clutter, dingy walls, violent or images or dead flowers, surround you in your home, plan to feel overwhelmed or even depressed. On the other hand, if you create order, beautiful colors, and uplifting images in your home, you are creating a powerful flow which can bring new energy and life to your career, health, relationship, and spiritual and personal growth.

The energy around you in your home and in the entire universe is divided into five essential elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood. Each element represents a different energy, and each element interacts with another one in a different way to either create harmony, to cause havoc, to strengthen or weaken each other. Actually, Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction around you.

Fire energy in your home

The Fire Energy in your home is active and exciting. It brings fame, reputations, recognition, and success. The fire element is brought in your home by actual fire, such as a fireplace or  something red, or even something the shape of a fire, a triangle or pyramid. Fire energy in your home is housed in the South. Fire is dominated by water, strengthened by wood, weakened by earth, and dissolved when it is used to destroy metal.

Earth energy in your home

Earth’s energy brings in family harmony and happiness and spirituality. Southwest and Northeast are the compass directions of earth energy. Earth energy can be brought in your home by clay pottery, crystals or gemstones, rocks or things from the earth. It can also be brought in by the colors beige, tan, and yellow. Earth energy is destroyed by wood, strengthened by fire, weakened by metal, and dissolved by water.

Metal energy in your home

The Metal Element is brought in your home by anything that is made from metal, like brass or copper, such as furniture or decorative images made of metal such as a clock.

Metal energy brings mentors and powerful and helpful people into your life. Metal energy in your home is found both in the West and Northwest. Colors which represent metal are gold, and silver, rust, and white. Metal is destroyed by fire, weakened by water, strengthened by earth, and dissolved by wood.

The Water Element in your home  energy flows in abundance and prosperity.  Water energy is anything that has to do with water, such as a waterfall, an aquarium, a fountain, a swimming pool, a painting of a water scene, or a dolphin sculpture, for example. Certain colors also bring in water energy. The colors that represent the water energy are black and blue. The water energy is located in the North. Water is destroyed by earth, strengthened by metal, and weakened by wood.

Wood energy in your home

In Feng Shui, the Wood energy in your home represents growth and expansion in all areas of your life. It is brought into your home with flowers, live plants, wood figurines or decorations. Wood energy is in the East and Southeast. The main color which will also bring in wood energy is green.

It is not only important to know how these energies to create harmony in your home, relationships and health, it is important to understand how they affect each other when making yearly and monthly corrections in your home. Sometimes, the energies which come into your home are not harmonious with the direction they land in for that month so considerations must be made. Also, when I send you the activations and cures, I take into consideration, not only the monthly energy, but how it affects the yearly energy in your home.

The nice thing is, you don’t even have to worry about all this if you simply subscribe to my monthly energy updates.


Halloween Feng Shui

Posted on: October 10th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Bad feng shui can keep prosperity away

Bad feng shui can keep prosperity away

Hallows Eve or Halloween is what we call the holiday in North America. Whatever you call it, you certainly don’t want your Halloween decorations to cause mischief in your life-and they won’t when you Feng Shui the right way.

Feng shui decorations can be morbid and dark and then there are feng shui decorations that are festive and fun. One thing that is very important is to consider your personal Feng Shui magnetic directions and be wise about where you place your Halloween decorations. You want to be especially careful in your feng shui relationship and success directions. For example, if you cherish your relationship(s), you certainly would not put the grim reaper or his bloody brother in your feng shui relationship corner to attract dark energy.      

In your success corner, place decorations which will attract abundance, rather than send a message that will attract dark energy there. Exactly like a misplaced garbage can in your relationships or success corner can send the energy that your success should be thrown away, a deathly or morbid Halloween decoration can cause death to your success and prosperity. When you decorate, no matter the season, it’s important to think about feng shui and the energy you are bringing into your home.

Because this holiday is related to darkness, protective scents, such as lavender and chamomile candles or essential oils burning in your home will add a protective, calming energy.

Whether it is Halloween or not, light is always important in the home. In Feng shui, it is known that light dispels darkness. You can have beautiful and fun Halloween decorations and still keep good light in your home. Dark, dense energy especially lingers in the unlit corners of your home. No matter what the season, dark corners are not good feng shui.

Use fabulous, fun, festive Halloween decorations

Use fabulous, fun, festive Halloween decorations

Everything is energy. You are energy and you exchange energy with everything around you, including your holiday decorations. What you place in your home has an effect on the mental, emotional, and physical condition of everyone in your home. What is a good way to gauge which Halloween decoration are wise for your home? Simply ask yourself, “How does it really make me feel? Is it fun, festive, or make me feel fear or loss?” The answer to that will tell you whether it is good feng shui or bad feng shui.

Any item with dark,dense energy has a negative effect on any person in the room, just the same as a wealth ship or fresh flowers have a positive effect.

Perky orange lights, jack-o-lanterns, witches, ghosts and fun decorations are good feng shui. I’m really big on decorations; however I make sure I choose ones that keep the energy in my home festive and fun. When you realize how energy creates harmony or discord in your home, you will choose your Halloween decorations wisely to maintain good energy in your home with your feng shui. You will want to be especially careful with your entry way because in feng shui we know your front door brings in money.


Do You Have Light in Your Home?

Posted on: September 27th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Light is energy

Light is energy

Light is energy! Feng Shui has everything to do with light. It is one of the major energy influences in creating an abundant feeling in your home. You are either benefited by the light around you, or damaged by the lack of it.

Sufficient light is absolutely necessary for a healthy, harmonious home. Light is healthy. When  you are sick, you will benefit by sitting in the sun because it soaks into your skin and bolsters  your immune system. If you pay attention, you will see that animals innately lay in the sun on purpose. A well-lit room actually feels healthy, whereas a dank, dark room gives you a message that it is unhealthy and perhaps even unsafe.

Lights outside and inside, other than fluorescent light, are both beneficial. Dense, negative energy cannot exist in the presence of light. Florescent light has been banned in some European countries because research has found it to be a danger to health. Unfortunately, many American schools are lit with this kind of light.

Dark, dense energy lingers in dark corners of rooms

Dark, dense energy lingers in dark corners of rooms

Most people do not have sufficient light in their homes. Open your windows and let the sunshine in. Make sure you have enough light in your home so that the corners at night are well-lit, since corners are places where dense energy can linger. Lamps, standing or hanging, can take care of any lighting problem. Usually, a minimum of three lighting sources should be available in every room.

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Colors are a source of light energy. Bring beautiful colors into your home because color is light. Notice how happy people and children are attracted to light and bright colors. Light is nourishing to body, mind and soul and will change the energy of a home faster than almost any other thing you can do. Bring beauty and good energy into your home with light.

Bedroom Colors that Don’t Attract Romance

Posted on: September 25th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Too much red color for romance

Too much red color for romance

Are there paint colors that DON’T belong in the bedroom if you are looking for romance? – YES!

If you want a bedroom that feels peaceful and allows you to enjoy relaxation and romance, there are certain colors that you must avoid.

Does BLACK attract romance?  No – The color black absorbs energy and draws energy inward. Think about what color monks and nuns wear. That’s right – black. You want a color that will replenish your energy, rather than absorb it while you sleep, so that when you wake in the morning you are refreshed and filled with energy. Black in the bedroom can even cause depression. Black wall color is a no-no for romance.

Does RED attract romance? – Yes, but…..Red is a stimulating fire color which encourages passion and physical activity. A lot of red in the bedroom can make it difficult to relax and fall asleep. It can cause over stimulation sexually. Yes, red is sexy and creates passion, and is actually an color acceptable in the bedroom, in small amounts. When using the color red in the bedroom for romance use it in small items such as a carpet, a lamp, a red candle, a pillow, vase, or another accessory. A little red goes a long way. The red bedroom in the picture is overbearing, would not be relaxing, could contribute to insomnia, and would be out of balance for romance.

Does YELLOW attract romance? - Yes – but not too bright. Bright yellow is also a stimulating color. If you want romance and relaxation, it’s best to choose calming, soft colors. When you walk into your bedroom, you don’t want a rush of being stimulated, but rather a feeling of peaceful, tranquil feeling. Keep bright yellow for other rooms and soft colors for romance.

Does BROWN attract romance? – Many shades of brown are kind of downer colors. In a bedroom, it is often an old, stagnant color. A very light brown such as a light coffee or a brownish cream would be better than a darker brown. For romance, add a flare color bring in a flare color to bring in passion and sexual energy, such as violet, red, or fuchsia.

Does stark WHITE attract romance?- Stark white is too cold and sterile for a bedroom. Keep stark white in the laboratory. White must be mixed with a soft, warm color to supply a relaxing, peaceful, sexual energy. White represents purity and innocence – not romance. White is great for a room where you want open, fresh energy. You wouldn’t want white as the main color for your bedroom, for sure.

Does BLUE attract romance? –No!  Blue brings in water energy which is a no-no in the bedroom. Do not put water, fountains, or water images such as seascapes in the bedroom because it can cause unstable emotions problems. No one needs the ups and downs of emotional waves when it comes to romance.

What colors do you want in the bedroom? Certain colors do attract passionate love. At least one of the colors that attract romance, such as pink, rose, lavender, purple, and red should be somewhere in your bedroom. Colors in your bedroom are very important. It is a great place to think about whether your ‘personal colors’ will bring you nourishment, relaxation, and romance. If you don’t know your personal colors, get it FREE from my website:   Click on the ‘Colors and Element’ link.

I walk through several bedrooms to illustrate color, bed location, arrangement of furniture placement, headboards, windows, and all the  important things to bring romance into your bedroom in my Feng Shui the Easiest Way video series.

How Energy Creates Harmony in Your Home

Posted on: September 17th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Create an energy of balance  and harmony in your home

Create an energy of balance and harmony in your home

Harmony in your home is a balance of the Yin and Yang energy. This sounds very complicated, but is actually very easy to understand. As you know, every thing is energy. So is every person. So is every situation you deal with every day. There is no place-where energy isn’t. The whole universe is made up of these two totally opposite energies, which are constantly interacting with each other.

Yin energy flows a feminine frequency. Yang flows a masculine energy. Yin is black and Yang is white. Yin is winter energy. Yang is summer energy. Yin represents a peaceful night and Yang represents the fiery sun. Yin is soft, slow, relaxed and quiet. Yang is aggressive and fast. A peaceful, comfortable, harmonious home is one that is a balance of both these energies. In your home, you want soft, calm YIN energy in your bedroom, while your active kitchen should be YANG energy.

In every room there should be one predominant energy (Yin or Yang) that is stronger than the other. When we say no plants, exercise equipment, TV or computer in the bedroom, it’s because it changes the energy from a calm, relaxing, passive Yin energy to an active, work Yang energy. The Yin energy should be the major energy in the bedroom so you can sleep and enjoy romance. A small amount of Yang brings in passion, such as candles, low lights, or a red pillow to balance the energy. Having a harmonious balance of both Yin and Yang energies creates the feelings of comfort and harmony you feel in your home.

Yin energy is soft & relaxed and quiet. Yang energy is aggressive and fast.

Yin energy is soft & relaxed and quiet. Yang energy is aggressive and fast.

A bathroom should be predominantly Yin, whereas as your active family room or home office should be predominantly Yang.

Your home needs a balanced Feng Shui energy for a happy, health, harmonious atmosphere. Use the Law of Attraction around you to influence your life. You can use plants, fruit, and flowers to increase your prosperity and bring money into your home.

Is Your Bed Good for Your Head?

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Your energy of your bed should be good for your head

Your energy of your bed should be good for your head

If this bed would fit into your western décor and jazz up your country bedroom, you would also want to consider  whether the bed was energetically good for the person sleeping in it nightly.

Even if you don’t have a western décor, you can learn a lot about a bed because the principles are the same-whether your bedroom has a western, modern, or romantic theme.
The large spaces in the bed between the slats at the top of the headboard is where energy can escape from you throughout the night while you are passively sleeping, however it is not a problem in this case, because the bed  is against a wall.
It’s a good thing that the bed posts are round instead of large square ones, which would have sharp points being pointed at the person while sleeping during the night.
But, woah…cowboy! Look at those antlers that are hanging above the person’s head nightly. My guess is that this person not only has insomnia, but when he or she gets to sleep, nightmares would be common. NO predators, weapons, or scary things above your bed! Instead put an item or picture of something that represents something you DO want in your life so that energy can enter your third eye as you sleep under it at night.
It’s only a guess, because we can’t see it in the picture, but I think this room would also have beams on the ceiling which would cut the energy of the person sleeping in the bed under them. This which is unhealthy and disturbing to a peaceful sleep.
The passive energy while you are sleeping in your bed can benefit you or be harmful to you. Your bed can determine whether you wake up energized or feel like you haven’t had a wink of sleep.
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In this bedroom, I’m sure with a few quick fixes will make it just right to sleep in, bed included!
Another very important place in your home besides your bed, is your front door. It  is the mouth of your home and is very important when it comes to money. The color of your door, the size and condition says a lot about the energy that is entering your home and your ability to attract money. The energy in your environment is part of your own energy field which sends a messages to the universe.