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You are an Energy Package

Posted on: August 30th, 2013 by Glenda Feilen

The secret that science has revealed to us is clear – your life is all about energy. It has been found that there is no other way to get what you want in life than to match your energy with the energy of what you want in life. When you match your energy with what you want, what you want quickly comes to you.  Now, that IS a super-secret, but how exactly do you do that?

Let’s talk about how to maintain your personal energy so that you live with a high vibrational energy, which in turn will attract high vibrational things and people into your life, such as wealth (rather than debt), fulfilling relationships (rather than being stuck in an unsatisfying one) and good health (rather than sickness or accidents).

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You are an energy package

First of all, remember, you are an energy package.  The energy that you send out is affected by the total energy in your personal energy package.

So, how do you live in positive, high vibrational energy? This is done many ways:

1)    Your energy package includes the energy that flows into you from your Divine Source. The energy that constantly flows into you is a high vibrational, joyous, energy of love and peace. When you stay connected to your Divine Source it is easy to send out love, acceptance, and joy to others.

When you stay connected to your Source, it is easier to have thoughts and feelings which attract the things you want, rather than thinking of the things you don’t want into your life.

2)    The energy package that emanates from you is also affected by the state of your physical energy, which is determined by the amount of high vibrational foods you eat. What you eat can very much affect your energy package. Carnivores are not peaceful creatures. Our bodies are not made to be carnivorous. We do not have short guts with lots of hydrochloric acid to dissolve huge chunk of meat. Rather, we have different enzymes to digest the different foods grown by nature, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. When you eat greasy, sugary, hard-to-digest foods such as red meat, you have to sit down and rest because your body is taking its energy to digest. When you eat a high vibrational meal of a salad, whole grain, and vegetables, you feel energized and ready to move. Lack of physical energy affects the energy you send out to others. Sleep is another thing that affects your energy. When you don’t have enough sleep, you cannot function at optimal energy because your brain waves are negatively affected, which in turn affects your physical energy.

3)    Your energy package is also affected by what you have on you. Yes, it true. There a way to dress to attract the right things and people into your life. When you synchronize your energy on the outside with the innate, God-given energy from inside, the right people are attracted to you, your make more money, you have better relationships, and you feel better about yourself.  Here is a video about the Law of Attraction On You

4)    Your energy package is affected by the energy in your surroundings. A research study done by Paul Scheele of the Learning Strategies Corporation.  By using an  EEG machine, which is used to measure brain waves, he found that when a person entered a room with good energy, there was an immediate impact on the brain. He found that the brain automatically begins to produce more alpha waves,  which allows you to perform better in every area of your life.  He also found that when entering a room with negative, unbalanced energy, the brain waves spiked to beta levels which caused mental chaos and made it difficult to relax or focus.  This happened without any effort on the part of the person – why? Because you exchange energy with people and things around you. That is why you we use certain colors in our home or office and arrange your surroundings to create balanced energy in your home. That way, you flow high vibrational energy from the things around you. The energy in your surroundings make a big difference in who and what you attract into your life.

Because you are an energy package and constantly exchanging energy with people and things around you, YOU control your energy and therefore you control your life.

Why Can’t You Get Rid of Clutter?

Posted on: October 15th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Are you emotionally attached to clutter?

Are you emotionally attached to clutter?

Why can’t you get rid of clutter? Getting rid of clutter should be easy–right? Why then is it so hard to do. In order to understand why we keep accumulating things, we have to understand why we keep things we don’t really need and frequently don’t even love.   
Here are some common reasons for your ‘clutter problem’.

You are EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to the clutter:

  • Are you keeping clutter because of emotional attachment? Maybe you are keeping an item of clutter because you are ‘considering the source’. You are attached to the person who gave it to you. Perhaps that person has passed and keeping it is your way of remembering them. That is certainly understandable, however be realistic.

I knew a lady who had to walk through a narrow path in her home because she had so many keepsakes from her departed parents that it was difficult to move around in her own house. This clutter was creating stuck energy. Keep in mind the ‘thing’ they gave you is not them and when you release it, it’s not letting ‘them’ go.

  • Maybe you are emotionally attached to an item of clutter because it is a remembrance of an old boyfriend, an ex, or even a memory you had with a person when times were good–but have now changed. You will never bring in new energy to replace the old with clutter from the past. This is the worst kind of clutter. These items suck energy from current relationships and abundance. These items of clutter must go!
  • You are required to keep a gift you don't like because it's clutter

    You are required to keep a gift you don’t like because it’s clutter

    Perhaps you are emotionally attached to an item of clutter because it was a gift from someone you care about, even though you don’t so much like the gift…but you don’t want to hurt their feelings. First of all, they probably won’t know. Secondly, by releasing these items of clutter you are not only bringing in new energy for something you do want and need, you are actually creating a better energy between you and that person because subconsciously you feel guilty because of having a little resentment about having to keep it around. Let this clutter go!

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When you release energy, new energy must come in. Look around your house to see whether you have any of this type of clutter in your home and see it for what it is…clutter!

Kick Out the Clutter

Posted on: October 3rd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Too much furniture causes clutter

Too much furniture causes clutter

Clutter keeps you stuck; it keeps you in a rut. Why does clutter just seem to grow around you? Clutter accumulates because of your habits. Kick out clutter and expect to see new energy to help you move forward?


Maybe you just have too much stuff in too small a space. One of the most frequent clutter mistakes is to put a lot of furniture in a small room. When you walk into the room and you get the cluttered-feeling but don’t know why, this is often the reason. Do you have too many shelves, tables, sofas and chairs, in a space meant for less? Take something out and feel the difference.

  • Keep you computer free from clutter

    Keep you computer free from clutter


Today, for most people, computers are a big part of our lives. Is this a place that is weighing you down with clutter? Do you delete emails but forget to delete the deleted box? Do you read emails and immediately take care of them or do you let them build up into the hundreds and thousands and create clutter and overwhelm? Purge emails and files.  Keep your addresses up-to-date. Imagine how you would feel if opened your computer with an open, clear mind, rather than the thought of, “Oh, I’ve got to clean up this clutter mess, someday.” A computer with clutter can get out of hand and create overwhelm. Make it a habit to clean your computer clutter each day.


Yard clutter not only affects your own family, it affects those who live around you. Why do you think property values diminish when there is a neighborhood with clutter? It’s because clutter diminishes and shrinks abundance. Clutter affects you every time you come in or go out of your house. Overgrown or too much shrubbery in your yard can be clutter. Is there an eye-sore in your yard? Is there something that is no longer needed or loved by you? Is there beauty in your yard? Do you find it a peaceful, calm place to sit? Your yard is included in the energy of your home.


If you’re a charitable person, it could be a clutter problem. Many people travel, move away, or for some other reason, they do not want to take their ‘stuff’ with them, so they leave it at your house to clutter things up. Consider saying ‘no’ next time–or make sure you have a shed or place to ‘hide’ their clutter from the universe so it isn’t affecting you.


Closet clutter is so annoying because we constantly get into our closets and are being reminded of this problem. Take a day to put things in stacks: give away, throw away, and put things back in the closet in sections. Personally, I separate summer from winter, sports, business, and formal, and then I place things in the closet by color. Such an example is putting all yellow/gold tops together–all brown tops together – and so on. It feels so good when it’s done. And, remember, all that leaves your closet energetically is creating an energy void that must be filled.

The shocking truth about clutter is that it not only affects you physically. It can negatively affect you mentally and emotionally. Isn’t it time you kick the clutter out of your home?

Is your Front Door Bringing you Money?

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen


Money flows in through your front door.

Money flows in through your front door.

Your front door is the mouth of your home and is very important when it comes to money. The color of your door, the size and condition say a lot about the energy that is entering your home and your ability to attract money. Everything in your home, including your money, is energy. The energy in your environment is part of your own energy field which sends a messages about how you feel about money to the universe. Money is attracted to you or money is repelled by you depending on the energy you put out.

The front door allows energy to flow into your home to bring money, a new job, health, and supportive relationships. New opportunities from the Universe come in through the front door. Walking in from the street up to the front door, check to see whether your front door is blocked by bushes or whether you have unhealthy plants. If so, your are blocking your money flow. Perhaps it is difficult to see your home from the street. If so, you are not being seen energetically by the universe and its abundance. Maybe the door is tarnished or the door bell is broken. If so, it isn’t the best way to receive new money and new opportunity. This is where your guests get the impression or where you ‘en-trance’ those who enter.

Make sure your front door is well painted and in good condition.

Make sure your front door is well painted and in good condition.


To bring in money the front door should:

1. be the size that is appropriate to the house – not too small to limit the energy or over-sized

To bring in money the front door should:
2. open inwards

To bring in money the front door should:
3. be solid and protective

Your front door should open inward to bring in money.

Your front door should open inward to bring in money.

To bring in money the front door should:
4. have a door knob or knocker that is good condition, not rusty or damaged

To bring in money the front door should:
5. be well painted and in good condition.

To bring in money the front door should:
6. be painted a color that matches the element of the direction of the front door.

To bring in money the front door should:
7. be well lit during the day and night

To bring in money the front door should:
8. have a welcome mat without holes

Check out your front door right now and see how many of these money tips you can incorporate.


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Feng Shui the Easy Way

Feng Shui the Easy Way

You’ll find details and specific examples of front doors and what they bring to you, in my FENG SHUI THE EASIEST WAY.
Feng Shui Your Home – One Room at a Time

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Glenda will teach you how you can Feng Shui on a budget to create an amazing and harmonious home as she reveals all the inside secrets to improve the health, wealth and happiness of all who live within your walls.

Watch for yourself, how Glenda arranges each of these rooms: the entrance way and front door, the living room, family room and master bedroom, a child’s bedroom, a teenager’s room and a guest bedroom, plus the kitchen, bathroom and home office.

You’ll discover how to avoid common mistakes most people make.

Find out:

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Aquariums Bring You Money

Posted on: May 22nd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Let your surroundings bring in money

Let your surroundings bring in money

Does an aquarium bring you money? Is water really a prosperity symbol? 

Absolutely- Aquariums do being you money when they are arranged and placed in your house correctly.

First of all, let’s look at money. What does water have to do with money? Both are a system of energy. Everything is energy. There is no place where energy isn’t. Everything you deal with every day-every person and every situation is energy. 

Money, money, money. We all like money. Money is not just paper and metal. Money is the stuff that we barter with. Money is the thing for which most people give up their time every day. The money that comes to you is determinative on the energy that flows out of you and that which is around you because you constantly exchange energy with other things and people every minute you live. When you have a fountain or an aquarium placed properly it activates your energy to connect with the universal energy that flows the energy of money into your life.

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One reason aquariums bring in money is because they are a perfect harmonious balance of several elements that attract prosperity.

For example:

1. You have the Water element – inside the aquarium.
2. You have the Metal element – in the frame of the aquarium.
3. You have the Wood element – in the plants inside the aquarium.
4. You have the Earth element – in the little gravel and rocks on the bottom of the aquarium.
5. You have the Fire Element – in the aquarium lights, as well as the brightly colored red, yellow, and orange fish. The lucky number of fish in your tank would be 8 or 9 fish.

To activate the water energy with universal abundance energy, put your aquarium in the following areas

  • NORTH, which represent your future and career
  • EAST, which represents family and health
  • SOUTH EAST, which represents wealth and abundance.
  • NEVER put aquarium in the bedroom. No water or even pictures of water should be placed there because they can bring in unstable emotions. They also do not belong in the kitchen.

Find out more about how the Law of Attraction AROUND YOU, in your environment can bring money into your life in my WOW SYSTEM.


Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction Around You

Posted on: January 24th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction 'Around you'

Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction ‘Around you’

Did you know that Feng Shui is actually the Law of Attraction ‘around you?’ If not, you are missing an important tool for your success.

Are you using the Law of Attraction in all 3 of your fields? If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you know that everything that looks stationary is actually moving and constantly vibrating. Science has shown us that everything has an energy field: your body, your desk, your pet, your plants, your food… everything. As a human being, you can radiate about 18 to 25 feet. Smaller things have smaller energy fields. You constantly exchange energy with the things and people around you. The energy in your environment, the surroundings in your home is a living, breathing energy field and therefore, Feng Shui is important in creating your life. This Feng Shui energy is affecting you right now. The flow of energy that surrounds you, Feng Shui, greatly influences whether you are achieving your goals or blocking your dreams.

To be powerful, you must create a Feng Shui environment that will attract money, customers, health and vitality, and fulfilling relationships. Feng Shui is the science of creating that type of successful energy.
There are many people who are stuck, who don’t seem to be able to go forward in their life, even when they are mindful of the thoughts, words, and attitude they project to the universe. They do not understand that the influence of their environment is at work 24 hours a day, every week of their lifetime. They do not realize that Feng Shui and their environment is as important is what they say or think. Remember – you are a living, breathing energy field. Your environment is part of that field. You can change your life and level of happiness by changing the energy around you in your environment. Feng Shui for the bedroom is especially important because you are surrounded by your bedroom energy for six to eight hours every night. The Law of Attraction can bring you luck while you sleep!

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Will Your Home Attract Wealth in 2012?

Posted on: January 4th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Arrange your home to attract wealth

Arrange your home to attract wealth

Are you using the energy in your environment to attract wealth, health, fulfilling relationships and personal and spiritual growth? Do you have the colors, pictures, and things in your home arranged to attract wealth-such as better cash flow, new opportunities, unexpected income, and even long-term abundance? There are certain things that tell the universe to energetically send you wealth and increase rather than lack and decrease. 

The energy in your environment influences you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your whole lifetime. When you enter a room, you FEEL the energy. You feel unfocused, stressed, uneasy, or maybe your surroundings make you feel relaxed, successful…productive, focused. You feel an energy of wealth and abundance or lack and scarcity.

You can create an amazing and harmonious home to improve the finances, the health, wealth and happiness of all who live within your walls.

Attract wealth into your home

Attract wealth into your home

In FENG SHUI THE EASIEST WAY, you walk with me as I arrange the entrance way and front door, the living room, family room and master bedroom, a child’s bedroom, a teenager’s room, a guest bedroom, plus the kitchen, bathroom and home office. You’ll discover how to avoid common mistakes most people make which drain their wealth.

Feng Shui your home to attract wealth, one room at a time, when you walk with me as I take you on a virtual tour through each and every room. It’s like having me consult with you in your own home.