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Clutter Landed Him in Prison

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Clutter caused a prison sentence

Clutter caused a prison sentence

Could it be possible that clutter landed a man in State prison where he is doing hard time?  It’s true. He had so much clutter in his yard that, in itself looked like a prison. His yard had big clutter, such as cars, and boats, and every type of junk imaginable in his yard. Not only was his clutter an eye sore, it was so bad that it was a violation of criminal law.

He was given many chances to clean up his clutter, however his response was that it was ‘stuff’ he used and it looked fine to him. He told the authorities that if they didn’t like his clutter, to go somewhere else. Unfortunately, the county had already spent $20,000 twice to clean it up his clutter but he just put it back. He’s actually been accumulating clutter for over 20 years. He even loved his clutter so much he had a physical run in with an enforcement officer who was trying to clean it up. He was sentenced to a year and a day in prison…for clutter!

What happens when you hoard? You fill your life with clutter (with things) to fill up an emotional loss or trauma you have experienced.  When you hoard negative feelings, resentments, anger, and the like, you will be prone to clutter a little here and a little there, and soon you’ll be stuck, like the man who ended up in prison. The things you hoard are energy. The problem is, you clutter your energy field so that nothing new can come into your life. It also works vice-versa. When things clutter your physical space, it affects your mental and emotional space.

Clutter clogs

Clutter clogs

The picture on the right is not the front yard of the man in the story, but of a front yard with clutter in a neighborhood of a small community. What do you know about the occupants of the home? They are stuck, not only physically, the mentally and emotionally and are on a crash coarse downward because if this clutter is on the outside of the house, think what is on the inside of the house…and on their insides.

Every night, before bed, clear the clutter from your house. Pick up little things that can accumulate. Clear the clutter from your mind. If you’ve been hurt, or have had an emotional trauma, or negative feelings, make a conscious effort to clear them. Choose forgiveness and love. See things in your mind’s eye the way you wish they would have been with the feeling you would have had. When you do this you are clearing the negative energy and clutter from your mind so it won’t accumulate. You will clear your clutter when you apply this old saying: ‘Write injuries in the sand and kindness in marble.’

Constantly be creating an energy vacuum in your life by clearing the clutter,  so new energy, new things, opportunities, and people, can come into your life.

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The Money Secret

Posted on: February 22nd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Do you know the Money Secret?

Do you know the Money Secret?

There is a secret to making money. The first secret to making money is that is has nothing to do with age, formal education, where you live, or whether you are a man or a woman. The secret to making money has nothing to do with your IQ, however, knowing the money secret does have to do with who raised you. Unfortunately, many people do not earn money because they picked up habits of how they think about money from their parents, and they from their parents. Not knowing the money secret is something that is passed along from one generation to the next, which causes stress and unnecessary problems.

What IS the secret? Well, first, what IS money. Money is just paper with ink on it, however, making money is a by-product of your consciousness about money. Money is the reward you receive for a service you render-the more valuable the service, the greater the reward. You have probably heard the money secret expressed with phrases such as ‘Sowing and Reaping, Cause and Effect, or Action and Reaction.’

Emerson taught the money secret in his law of compensation, which paraphrased is, You can’t get something for nothing.  If you do, what you have received will crumble because it does not have a firm foundation of serving behind it. Be deliberate about about using the money secret and you will become wealthy. Give more to make more! The money secret is a simple principle. It’s a law!

Your thoughts, feelings and actions are seeds that you sow. The conditions of your life are the harvest you reap as a RESULT of the seeds that you have sown. How have you been sowing? That will tell you how well you’ve been using the money secret.

Do you want to get rich? Determine a way to currently use the money secret to give more service to more people and you are on your way. Ask yourself:

  • How can I increase the quality and quantity of the service I am giving?
  • How can I do what I am doing more effectively to give more service?

Is it time for you to put the money secret into action, to give more service and make more money? If you’re not making enough, you’re not giving enough. Money is your servant, the more you earn, the more you can help and serve others. What a secret! The more you use the money secret, the more money will come to you.

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Find your OwnTrue Love

Posted on: February 14th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Your own true love is looking for you

Your own true love is looking for you

It’s never too late to find your true love. It can happen when you least expect it. In fact, that is usually when it does happen.

When you meet a new possible love relationship, one of the most important things to remember is to keep the past in the past. There won’t be love in the air by getting off on the wrong foot when you complain about a past heart break or reveal the ever-so-sad story about your last failed love relationship.

Be open to finding your true love every where you go. My friend, who was looking for his true love, realized that he wasn’t going to meet her without going out and honestly looking. He decided to move to Hawaii, where met his soul mate, who was from his home town in California. She lived her whole life just a few miles from where he had lived his whole life. He had to go all the way to Hawaii to find a girl who lived just around the corner but they had never run into each other. This goes to show that no matter where you are, you can vibrationally attract your true love if you are looking.

Take your time to get to know this new love. How do you know it’s your own true love? There is chemistry! You feel their energy, their vibes, literally. You feel the love vibes when you have fun together! You feel the love vibes when you are being romantic. You feel the love vibes when you are being quiet and still. You feel their love vibes because they make you want to become a better person every day. You feel their love vibes when you are courteous. You feel their love vibes when you are romantic, when they are thoughtful, and interested in your interests.

Love who they are NOW

Love who they are NOW

Look carefully at the person’s family because they tell the whole story about who the person is. How do the parents treat each other? This is a clue as to how your love will treat you.

You really don’t know this new love until you’ve gone through every season of the year with him or her. People actually act differently during different holidays and seasons.

Be courteous, be generous, be positive, be YOU. Is your new love courteous, generous, and positive?

Most of all, do you love this person exactly as he or she is – because they are never going to change from who they are right now. Too many people find their true love. They say, “I love you. You’re perfect,” and then when they marry their true love, they say, “Now change.” Don’t expect your true love to change after you’ve sealed the deal.

Is this really the person you want to be in your life forever? If you can say, “Yes,” then congratulations; you’ve probably found your own true love!

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Be Positive and Give your Heart a Tune Up

Posted on: February 9th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Be positive

Be positive

Be Positive NOW. According to 2010 Gallup polls, only 57% of people say they are happy and can be positive. 40% say they are struggling to be positive or trying to be happy… and 3% say they are suffering.

Research found that up to 50% of your ability to be positive and stay happiness is genetic. You were actually born with a particular set point for being happy; however 40% of being positive is what you attract to yourself so you can improve your ability to be positive.

It has been found that people who make time in their day for quiet time and do deep breathing  attract happiness, have less stress and can be positive more easily. If you meditate for at least 10 minutes a day you have a tendency to be calmer and to be positive.

Sometimes, there is confusion between happiness and being able to be positive and ‘having more things’. Many people think that the more toys they have the happier they will be. It has been found that a new thing only makes you happy and be positive for about 9 months, however experiences that you enjoy, such as a taking a class or going on a vacation with your friends or family,  allows you to be positive longer and it is a happiness that lasts.

When you are involved in a positive event or think about joyful moments, you increase your ability to be positive and stay happy.  Experiencing enjoyable experiences brings more happiness than material items.

What makes you be positive about relationships? Research shows that joining a club and having a feeling of belonging and enjoyment, even a club where you show up just once a month, makes you have as much happiness as doubling your income. Connecting to things isn’t as valuable as connecting with people  because things can’t give anything back to you.

Be positive and give your heart a tune up! Music that evokes joy, gratitude and love help you to be positive and also improve your cardiovascular health, according to research from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. Average blood vessel diameter expanded by 26% in patients after they listened to their favorite songs. Amazingly, they were able to be positive more than double the increase than when relaxation tapes were used. Mood-boosting melodies trigger the release of endorphins, our body’s natural stress reliever, which signals blood vessels to dilate. When you live and appreciate every moment, no matter where you are, who you are with, or what you are doing, you find it easy to be positive.

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be positive

Let your Past Make you Better-not Bitter

Posted on: February 8th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Let your past be passed

Let your past be passed

How do you remove the past from your future? The first thing you need to do about your past is to realize that what has passed, has passed. Of course, you wish you could go back and change the past, but it simply is not possible. You can’t rewrite the facts of what you went through.

What is possible, however,  is to change the way you think about what happened in your past. The thing that is bad about an unfortunate incident in your past is the way you think about it. When you change how you think about your past, you’ll change your future.

When you change the way you think about a bad experience, it will no longer conjure up memories of similar bad experiences which have affected your present decisions. Until you consciously change how you think about it, your habitual reaction is to transfer the negative outcomes of the past to your current situation, whether it is in business or relationships. Now, you look at life with the expectation of the bad outcomes, the same as in your past.

  • First of all, no one is perfect. If you did something bad or stupid, forgive yourself. We ALL have done bad or stupid things. Why should you be so special as to be able to hold it against yourself. Waa waa waa.  Enough self pity!
  • If someone else destroyed your past, don’t take them with you any longer.  Leave them and your past behind. How? Forgive them! You will not forget until your forgive.

    Your past does not have to be your future

    Your past does not have to be your future

  • The absolute best way to get over the past is to make it look ridiculous. Rerun it in your mind with hilarity. Change the facts by putting some cartoon characters in the past scene. Change it so when you do go back to the past, you have to laugh instead of getting a bad or sad feeling.
  • If you consciously control your thoughts, you can stop your negative thinking about the past in its tracks by consciously thinking of the way you want life to be in the future. If you go backward into the past in your thoughts, quickly make the change to a pre-planned thought of the way your want the future to be. Visualize your future and quit rerunning the past in your mind. Literally run a movie in your imagination the way you want your future to be throughout the day and before bed at night. Soon you will have created a new habit of thinking about the future instead of the past.

We all have a past. How we look at our past determines our future. If you want a great future, make the small effort by taking the above steps to put your past in the past. Your bitterness will be a thing of the past, as well.


Where are You on the Happiness Scale?

Posted on: February 7th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Happiness Scale

You CAN consciously raise your happiness level

Where are you on the Happiness Scale? Be honest about your happiness level. If you are on the lower part of the happiness scale, here are some simple things you can do to bring more happiness into your life. When make these a habit, you will be amazed at how quickly they work and how your happiness increases.

1. Slow down and rejoice in life’s everyday pleasures. If you think you don’t have any little pleasures, then you aren’t looking. Every hour find 2 or 3 things (at a minimum, since you should have hundreds daily) to bring you happiness…a flower, a hummingbird, something someone says, a sunrise, the way the wind is blowing the trees, a child, the song of a bird, for example. It’s you who decides whether to be filled with awe or just go through your day with a hum-drum attitude and not pick up on the the things around you. Happiness is about finding joy in the moment.

2. Be forgiving of yourself. There will never be true happiness without this! Make peace with the little errors you make every day. Laugh at them and don’t take yourself so seriously. You’ll have a greater level of happiness if you aren’t stressed when you screw up. You’ll also be more successful in life because you won’t be afraid of making mistakes. When you are spontaneous and look at each adventure as a fun challenge instead of a worrisome situation, you’ll succeed more often with your goals. The adventure itself, will bring you happiness when you accomplish it with that attitude and the improved success rate will also raise your happiness level.

Happiness is in the little things

Happiness is in the little thingsHappiness is in the little things

3.  Force a smile when you’re feeling down. Research shows smiling really does lift your mood and bring on happiness. It’s easier to smile when you focus on the positive things in your life than the negative ones. When you smile on the outside, research shows that you also smile on the inside. When your smile muscles are engaged,  your mental and emotional attitude is being improved. It’s a neuro-muscular reflex that causes smiling to create fake it ’till you make it. Doesn’t it just make sense, if you have happiness, you’ll have a smile?

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You Don’t Have to Put Rose Petals on your Bed to Create Romance in the Bedroom

Posted on: February 3rd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Hot tips to reate romance

Hot tips to create romance

Things in your bedroom and how they are arranged can create romance or cancel romance. Do you believe that? If you said, Yes, you’re right and research proves it!

How you FEEL when you walk into the bedroom makes a difference in whether romance is on your mind or not. Anyone can create an atmosphere of romance to a bedroom if they just know how to create that energy.

What is it you feel when you walk into any room? It’s the energy � it�s the vibes, literally. For example, specific colors create romance; colors like pink, rose, even a little red. These shouldn�t be so overwhelming that they hit you in the face, but should influence the ambiance of romance. The pictures and images you have in the room should reflect what you want in romance and in your relationship.

Recently,� a friend revealed that he and his wife were having some marital problems and there simply wasn’t any romance between them. He said they just seemed to be �at each other�s throats all the time.� When I visited their bedroom, their pictures told quite a story. They had no couple pictures in the room. They did have a room that looked like you just stepped into a Safari with the zebra rugs, the large pictures of predators and animals ready to spring. It even had a couple of weapons (spears) and a head of an animal hanging on the wall; fortunately it wasn�t over the bed! There was even a huge wall with a river painted along it, and when water images are in the bedroom it can create unstable emotional problems. The room was anything but relaxing, let alone filled with romance. The energy was that of survival.

Put romance in your bedroom

Put romance in your bedroom

No wonder the couple was �at each other�s throats�. They were simply reflecting the energy in their bedroom in their relationship, and it wasn’t romance. There was nothing warm, cuddly, cozy, or comforting anywhere to be seen.

Most people don�t have that stark of an atmosphere in their bedroom, however there are so many easy things you can do to attract romance. Rose petals on the bed are a cute touch but colors, fabric, location of the bed, having the right images, and other things are more important when it comes to romance.

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Is Your Money in a Sinking Piggy Bank?

Posted on: February 2nd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Is your money in a sinking piggy bank?

Is your money in a sinking piggy bank?

Are you sending your money down the drain rather than into your pockets? If you are, I am sure you are not doing this knowingly. What could you be doing that is repelling money rather than attracting it?

Are you speaking words that keep money away from you? You are if you say such things as:

  • “I can’t afford it.”
  • “All I need is just enough to get by.”
  • ”….the filthy rich!”
  • “Money can’t buy happiness.”
  • “I’m always broke.”

Stop telling yourself and others you can’t afford things you need and want, because when you do, you make it come true. You must speak definite and positive words about money to yourself or others, you attract. It has been estimated that when you speak positive words about money, it can speed up your results as much as 80%. Decide on an affirmation about money that you can speak when you catch yourself speaking words of lack.

  • “I always have enough.”
  • “I pay my bills with ease.”
  • “I give thanks for quick and substantial increase in my income now.”
  • “Everyone and everything prospers me now.”

By speaking prosperous statements about money, you are not trying to make your source give you something; you are trying to open your mind to receive what is already yours. When you open your mind and words to money, you open your pockets to be filled with it.

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Are you Using your Built-in Luck?

Posted on: February 1st, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Take advantage of your personal built-iin luck

Take advantage of your personal built-in luck

Did anyone ever tell you about the built-in luck that is yours and has been since the moment of your birth? I hope so, and I hope you’re taking advantage this incredible luck. If not – here goes. You have luck flowing to you from four different places, or portals in the universe. How does it actually work?

Of course you know that the universe itself, and everything in the universe, is energy. You have 4 specific places, based on your birth date and gender where positive luck flows to you constantly.

At an energetic level, you, your home, your workplace, and every environment you are in, is a living, vibrating energy which is part of the vast universal field of energy. You are part of the energy field of the universe. You are a living, breathing magnet walking around attracting people and situations into your life and repelling others.

You have a Personal luck  SUCCESS Direction, a Personal luck HEALTH Direction, a personal luck RELATIONSHIP Direction, and a Personal luck WISDOM Direction which constantly send you luck. These are four specific directions where positive luck energy flows to you and will support your desired your  accomplishments. You can use these personal luck energy directions to enhance your life in many ways.You also have four directions that are not positive which you can attract negative energy to you.

It is  beneficial to you when you sit facing one of your four personal good luck directions. You will find that you not only have luck, but you will have more energy, be more alert and remember more. Your luck includes the way people respond to you, which is in a more positive way because you are picking up on the positive energy that is coming to you.

It is extremely beneficial when you sleep with the top of your head against one of your four personal luck directions. Not only will you sleep better, but you tap into the positive energy coming to you all night.

A client who was considering giving up on her business changed the direction of her computer, the direction she faced when she worked, and her bed direction. Soon, she was stunned at the ease with which her new clients found her and how much her profits increased. She really felt the luck. You can experience that luck in all areas of your life too.

Personal luck SUCCESS direction: Put your vision board in your Success Direction in your bedroom, living room, and/or office (where you spend 5 hours or more a day).

Personal luck HEALTH: Put images or pictures of what you want to attain in your health area in this direction. Putting your health supplements in this direction in your kitchen is a benefit to you.

Personal luck RELATIONSHIP: Put pictures or images of relationships you want to develop and keep in this direction. Take away all pictures and images of old relationships that are no longer serving you.

Personal Luck SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Put pictures and images of your current mentors, and things that you are currently working on in your personal and spiritual growth areas.

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