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An Emotional Thought is an Order to Your Subconscious Mind

Posted on: January 26th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
An emotional thought is an order

An emotional thought is an order

Napoleon Hill said in his original unabridged Think and Grow Rich, “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.”

When you think a thought, it is either passed on to your subconscious mind or it is ignored. The conscious mind is your guard to your subconscious mind, which is the mind that creates your relationships, your money, and your life.

Napoleon Hill made a point of saying each thought you acknowledge becomes a self suggestion and sinks into your creative computer. How then, does he say we acknowledge a thought? Whether it is a thought that has originated with you, someone else, or a thought from something you read, something we are seeing or hearing, etc…..unless you mix emotion or feeling with that thought, it is not being acknowledged and it will not be programmed into your future-creating subconscious mind. So, conjure up some passion and emotion when you think about the specific goals you desire  so they sink into your creative mind. Likewise, when thinking about what you don’t want, be careful…..don’t be emotionally connected to that thought! When you have an emotional thought that is negative about something you do not wish to have repeated in your life? If your thought is mixed with emotion…it is yours and it is sinking in! And that’s why we control our thinking!

You have been created so that you can have ABSOLUTE CONTROL over every thought that reaches your inner mind if you want to. Most people don’t really think about how their mind is programmed or even try to control their thought. That is a sure-fire way to live a life of poverty.

When you want something, concentrate on it with a burning desire until it becomes an obsession. It’s really true that every thought is a powerful thing which can translate into riches or poverty, happiness or unhappiness, depending on you.

Anyway you look at it, an emotional thought is an order to your subconscious mind. Learn a simple easy technique to take total control of every thought in the WOW SYSTEM.


This Habit Can Bring You Money!

Posted on: January 25th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
A habit is a chain to success or failure

A habit is a chain to success or failure

There is a habit that can bring you money, success, happiness, and empowering relationships. It’s a habit you want to cultivate. This habit is one that only a minority of people have. What is it? It is the way you respond to any given situation, circumstance, or event.

I’m sure you want to cultivate the habit of responding like a happy, successful person responds—right? Dr. James Hardt, the  world’s expert on brain waves, tells us that the brainwave activity of a happy, successful, optimistic person is completely different from the responses of a person who is unhappy, pessimistic, and unsuccessful.

After many years of research, Dr. Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania also found that an optimistic, successful person  has a habit of interpreting events in a way that keeps their minds positive and their emotions under control.

How do they do that? They have a habit of talking to themselves in positive ways! Whenever they experience any adversity or problem, they have a habit of quickly describing it to themselves in a way that destroys its ability to trigger negative emotions or feelings of helplessness in themselves.

Every habit is a link in a chain that binds you and keeps us from living life to the fullest. The chains of habits are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken easily. Dr. Seligman named his book Learned Optimism because he said responding this way is just a habit that can be learned. Breaking a habit simply takes focus and patience. This habit is one that will change the course of your life forever when you learn to respond as happy, successful, prosperous people do.

Since 95% of what you think and say today is exactly what you thought and said yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, so how you respond is a habit! To change your normal response, simply be aware of your usual habit and speak to yourself differently.

You can learn to talk to yourself in a positive way no matter what situation you’re in. Next time you feel discouraged—take control. You should be, and can be your own best coach with a habit of speaking to yourself in positive ways. Learn an easy step-by-step ways to change this habit and many more in the WOW SYSTEM. 


Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction Around You

Posted on: January 24th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction 'Around you'

Feng Shui is the Law of Attraction ‘Around you’

Did you know that Feng Shui is actually the Law of Attraction ‘around you?’ If not, you are missing an important tool for your success.

Are you using the Law of Attraction in all 3 of your fields? If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you know that everything that looks stationary is actually moving and constantly vibrating. Science has shown us that everything has an energy field: your body, your desk, your pet, your plants, your food… everything. As a human being, you can radiate about 18 to 25 feet. Smaller things have smaller energy fields. You constantly exchange energy with the things and people around you. The energy in your environment, the surroundings in your home is a living, breathing energy field and therefore, Feng Shui is important in creating your life. This Feng Shui energy is affecting you right now. The flow of energy that surrounds you, Feng Shui, greatly influences whether you are achieving your goals or blocking your dreams.

To be powerful, you must create a Feng Shui environment that will attract money, customers, health and vitality, and fulfilling relationships. Feng Shui is the science of creating that type of successful energy.
There are many people who are stuck, who don’t seem to be able to go forward in their life, even when they are mindful of the thoughts, words, and attitude they project to the universe. They do not understand that the influence of their environment is at work 24 hours a day, every week of their lifetime. They do not realize that Feng Shui and their environment is as important is what they say or think. Remember – you are a living, breathing energy field. Your environment is part of that field. You can change your life and level of happiness by changing the energy around you in your environment. Feng Shui for the bedroom is especially important because you are surrounded by your bedroom energy for six to eight hours every night. The Law of Attraction can bring you luck while you sleep!

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Everyone has a ‘special little problem’ of their own

Posted on: January 23rd, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
You CAN solve your problem

You CAN solve your problem

The greatest stumbling block to accomplishing anything in your life is your own little special problem. More dreams are shattered and goals are not accomplished because of that little problem than any other factor.

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I would like to do or have this but I can’t because ……” Whatever follows “because” is your special little problem. Everyone is secretly carrying around their own little problem no matter how confident they appear. Your special little problem can cause a detour in your life but you should never permit it to stop you from being happy and successful.

We all have our own little problem, however successful people use their little problem to catapult them on toward their goals, while the masses use their problem as an excuse or a road block.

It takes action to solve your problem

It takes action to solve your problem

The next time you hear someone say they would like to buy a new car or take a vacation, but they can’t because they have a problem, tell them what Wallace Wattles said,” By thought, the thing you want is brought to you. By action, you receive it.”  Simply decide to take action on the ‘problem’-other action than continuing to think about it. Do not let your problem stand in your way because you have not taken some action to resolve it. If you take NO action, nothing will change. Any action will create a change in the energy of the problem. Make a decision to fix your problem and get it done!

Next time you hear yourself mention something you’ve been putting off “because”…make a decision to take some action toward resolving your problem and quit using it as an excuse.

Learn an easy step-by-step way to easily solve every problem and live a WOW life by using the simple, easy techniques in the WOW SYSTEM.





What to Do on Chinese New Year for an Abundant 2012

Posted on: January 19th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
What to Do & Not Do on Chinese New Year for an Abundant 2012

What to Do & Not Do on Chinese New Year for an Abundant 2012

Many people do not understand the importance of the energy of the surroundings in their home. Feng Shui is the LAW OF ATTRACTION AROUND YOU. The Chinese New Year energy coming into your home on January 23rd is symbolically the energy of the water dragon. It is a 5-toed dragon (most are 3), which is very active for good and bad, depending on you.

What can you do and not do on Chinese New Year to bring abundant energy into your home in 2012? The Chinese understand energy based on thousands of years of research. They know that everything in the universe is energy, including you. The energy that comes into your home on Chinese New Year is the energy of the Water Dragon and it will remain there all year. Chinese New Year, January 23rd, is the day you celebrate that new dragon energy. What you do and don’t do on Chinese New Year relates to what you can expect that energy to bring you throughout the whole year.

Things to do:

  • On Chinese New Year-Open your doors and windows for at least 10 minutes to welcome in the new energy.
  • On Chinese New Year-Take time to celebrate and be active with friends because Dragon energy is yang energy and it is packed with action.
  • On Chinese New Year-Have a clean, tidy house to rid the house of back luck welcome the dragon to show you have room for abundance.
  • On Chinese New Year-Be generous, give praise to others and speak only words of harmony so you will have harmony in your relationships all year. The Chinese give little gifts in red paper.
  • On Chinese New Year-Do something that benefits your health so you will bring in health energy all year.
  • On Chinese New Year-Put flowers or flowering plants which indicated wealth growing in your home so your wealth grows throughout the year.
  • On Chinese New Year-Place fresh fruit (in a gold bowl if possible) on your dining room table.
  • On Chinese New Year-Make sure your house is filled with light. Chinese people hang lanterns inside and outside their houses to light the way for the mystical creature to come into their home.
  • On Chinese New Year-Celebrate by starting the day with an abundant breakfast and wear something new (something red if possible – not black which is thought to be a sign of death)
  • On Chinese New Year-don’t be a couch potato. The dragon is a powerful symbol of action, so celebrate with friends and family.

Things not to do:

  • On Chinese New Year-Do not do menial tasks such as cleaning, cooking, or laundry or other menial tasks. Make your food and clean your house the day before.
  • On Chinese New Year-Do not gossip, have negativity, or speak unkindly about others or you will reap criticism and negative events.

What you do on Chinese New Year is the energy you set in motion is a pattern to be continued all year. To find out more about 2012 Water Dragon energy and what it means to you….and how to activate the good 2012 energy (such as cash flow, unexpected income, long term abundance, and relationships and romance) and cure the dense, negative energy (disaster, violence/theft, conflict), get my Free weekly FENG SHUI TIPS at

Feng Shui is using the energy of the Law of Attraction Around You. Learn more about Chinese New Year and the  Law of Attraction Around You and bring prosperous energy into your life.

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‘Stressed’ is ‘Desserts’ spelled backwards

Posted on: January 18th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen

“STRESSED” is DESSERTS spelled backwards

Do you get stressed?

Do you get stressed?

The word ‘stressed‘ is ‘desserts’ spelled backwards. Do you think eating sugar, candies and pastries can make you stressed? I’m sure you’ve noticed the connection, but if you haven’t, please be informed that the ‘pickup’ you think you’ll feel from a candy bar really gives you a big-time low and makes you stressed. Eating the right kind of carbohydrates not only gives you real energy; it prevents being stressed.

The right kinds of carbohydrates are those grown by nature. Have you ever picked, in a garden, a piece of cake or a candy bar? Of course not! You can, however pick fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Look at what you are eating. Does it remotely resemble the way it was picked? Is it a potato that looks like a potato-or is it in the form of a French fry? Carbohydrates provide glycogen, (fuel for the brain and the muscles) for about three hours. When you feel tired and stressed, you’ve probably used what you’ve eaten and it’s time to replenish yourself.

You can actually control whether you’re stressed by making wise choices about the foods you eat. Many people are stressed because they don’t eat. You wouldn’t ask your car to take you very far if it didn’t have any fuel. The least you can do, if you want to prevent being stressed, is to treat your body as good as your car. Eat several small meals throughout the day to supply your body with steady nutrients before you nutritionally “hit the wall” and you won’t end up stressed.

Sweat a little. Exercise is a powerful way to supply your body energy and prevent being stressed. When you exercise, extra endorphins make a positive point of view easier. This is a great way to prevent being a “negaholic”. Negaholics aren’t drinkers, but they do spend a lot of time staring into a glass-the half empty kind. They focus more on negative than the positive, thus you have a tendency to become stressed.  In a Duke University study nearly 40% of depressed patients relying on drugs were stricken with depression again within six months, versus 8% of those who exercised.

The average American eats a whopping 372 pounds of sugar annually. Drinking soda and eating sugar will result in a depletion of calcium in the body which will make you stressed. It can cause tooth decay and cause or affect an established blood sugar problem.

All you habits, not just eating, have a great deal to do with whether you are stressed. Find out success habits to eliminate stress and be happy in the WOW SYSTEM.


Are You Rejecting Romance because an Old One Didn’t Work?

Posted on: January 13th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Keep an open attitude toward romance

Keep an open attitude toward romance

Are you rejecting romance because an old one didn’t work? Why would you do that? If you tried to swim but it didn’t work, would you say, “I’m so disappointed that I’m never, ever going to swim again.” If you do that with everything you’ve tried that didn’t work, your life will be very limited.That’s what you’re doing when you judge all future relationships by one that you tried that didn’t work.

First of all, there is a purpose for every romance that enters your life. You can learn something valuable about yourself, about another person, and about life in general, whether or not the romance lasts for a long time. After all, you attracted this person. You are here to interact with other others and to learn and grow in the process.

Always be ready for a new romance, but fall in love for the right reasons-not just because you are lonely. If you have one romance after another that didn’t work out, now is the time to pick up on a very important little romance secret. If a romance didn’t work, examine the reason why. Was the person in the romance controlling? Then you have control issues to take care of. You saw something in them that subconsciously you needed to work out within yourself. If you attracted someone who is stingy, then you have some hidden issues about being stingy. Look deep inside – you’ll find the issue that caused the problem with the romance is really your problem. Until you recognize that issue – you will keep having a romance a person with the same issue.

Learn all the secrets of having a fun, happy, fulfilling relationship in the WOW SYSTEM.

Your Attitude Always Shows

Posted on: January 12th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
What's in the inner attitude of your mind?

What's in the inner attitude of your mind?

William James, an American psychologist and philosopher, wrote, “The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

What a statement! When you change your attitude – you can change every aspect of your life. Do you REALLY believe that an attitude can do that? I do. Your inner attitude is so important that it is revealed constantly in your outer circumstances.

Look at your life? Where is there a problem? Then, you have an inner attitude problem about that part of your life. Look honestly at your attitude so you can see where the problem is. Once you do, you can decide to change it.
So many things in your in life depend on your attitude. The way we choose to see things makes all the difference. Charles Swindoll—author, educator, and Christian pastor—said: “Attitude, to me, is more important than the past, . . . than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. Attitude is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company, a church, a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.”

Learn how to have WOW attitude and a WOW life with the  WOW SYSTEM.


The Shocking Truth About Clutter

Posted on: January 11th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
Clutter clogs

Clutter clogs

Many experts suggest that clutter is a physical manifestation of stuck energy. Everything around you, especially your home environment, mirrors your inner self. Clutter is a symptom of what is happening in your life and then becomes part of the problem itself, because the more clutter you have, the more stagnant energy it attracts to itself. Clutter-clutters your future and prevents you from receiving.

According to ancient Chinese, clutter traps the chi, one’s energy or life force. Clutter at the front door blocks the energy as it flows into the house and therefore affects the energy in every room. Bedroom clutter is very undesirable because it’s where you sleep and are affected by passive energy all night. It is a room where you should be able to relax. You can never completely mentally and emotionally relax in a cluttered space. Studies show that what you are thinking before you go to sleep affects your quality of sleep. A  room with clutter creates a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Not only does clutter result in such consequences as low self-esteem, tiredness, weight gain, and inability to concentrate, it can affect your prosperity by creating a lack of it.

There is order in the universe. It is a principle that everything in nature obeys. It is a principle that you must obey to enjoy nature’s abundance. Clearing clutter in your life clears your mind—and helps to reopen your life to prosperity. To have joy, peace, and abundance in your life you must create that in your physical space.

If you can’t set aside an entire day to take on the problem, commit to five minutes to clear clutter each day.

An office filled with clutter will affect you the same as a cluttered home. When you clear your clutter, you clear your head, and you are clear to create the future you desire.

Creating a vacuum is a universal prosperity principle. Nature abhors a vacuum and when you clear a space, something better must flow in. It’s a law. Clear the clutter, gain more energy, harmony, mental clarity and abundance in your life.

Decluttering is simply a matter of mind over mess. The more clutter you have the less focus you have. The more clutter you; have on the outside, the more disorganized you are on the inside.

Learn more about creating a vacuum and how it relates to your prosperity in the WOW SYSTEM.


4 P’s for Success

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by Glenda Feilen
4 P's are the Key to Success

4 P's are the Key to Success

There are 4 P’s that are the key to success. These 4 habits are a driving force in anyone’s success. These success habits allow you to create a happy, successful life and still enjoy the journey along the way.


The dictionary defines patience as: without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like. It’s also: quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care and diligence. Often, we see people who seem to appear a sudden overnight success. In most cases, if you look into their history, you’ll find that there’s been a lot of trials and challenges that required patience along the way to the top. A key to success is to let time be your friend—and to  enjoy all your experiences. Impatience or anxiety is counter-productive.



It has been found that many of the best ideas come after many attempts and much failure. Persistence is very important to success because it is one of the keys in motivation. Another benefit is that it helps you to objectively look at what works right along with what doesn’t. Persistence gives you the options to make changes in your plans—to recalculate and refocus. Patience and persistence are team-mates in helping you reach success.

Positive Attitude

When you have a positive attitude, you are able to look at things objectively and view situations in a way that allows you to see opportunities that you might not have noticed without that positive attitude. People who have a positive attitude have more success than people who have a pessimistic outlook. Also, don’t associate with people who have a negative mindset-they will bring you down. The influence that others can have on you has a direct impact on the success of your business and your life. Take a good look at your circle of influence.


This is the most important key to success. Without passion, your dreams will only be wishes. Passion is a huge catalyst behind great ideas and true success. Without passion, your enthusiasm wanes. When you have no fire, you can’t ignite others. Passion drives the entrepreneurial spirit and will bring your dreams to life.

Find success by having a WOW life when you use the WOW SYSTEM.

Thanks to Debra Sweet for these 4 P’s