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Affirmations work!

Posted on: October 31st, 2011 by Glenda Feilen


Affirmations give you the power to change yourself

Are you writing affirmations? Or are you missing out on a powerful tool to improve your finances and reshape your relationships?

Positive words affirm what you want to the universe. Affirmations work when you write them correctly at the right time of day using the right positive language.

Affirmations take only minutes in your 24 hour day, but can change your day into one you’ve been hoping for.

Start writing affirmations today. Do it for 2 weeks, and see the difference. Affirmations give you the power to change yourself!


You CAN bring your dreams to life!

Glenda Feilen


Demi Moore Getting Mixed Messages

Posted on: October 28th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
Demi Moore is getting mixed messages

Demi Moore is getting mixed messages

Demi Moore is giving and getting mixed messages. She has been getting mixed messages all her life. Demi Moore got the interesting message of, “Oops, we didn’t mean it,” from her parents who split up before she was born. Demi Moore received mixed messages about life being stable. She had moved more than 30 times by the time she was 14. By 16, Demi Moore had dropped out of school.

Demi Moore married Ashton Kutcher in Beverly Hills in 2005.  Is Demi Moore still getting mixed messages? Ashton seems to be giving her a few. He sent a message when he had a public make-out session with a blonde he met in a bowling alley in Hollywood. Demi Moore was there, but the girl slipped him her number on a napkin and a day later, on the eve of his 6th year wedding anniversary, she met him on the sofa in the house where Demi Moore, Ashton, and their daughters live.

Mixed messages create mixed feelings and a mixed-up life. Could mixed messages to Demi Moore mean Ashton’s over his marriage? Demi Moore was also sending him mixed messages by not wearing her wedding ring and by missing Kutcher’s premiere.

Are you giving the universe mixed messages like Demi Moore? If so, you could be wondering why you aren’t getting exactly what you want in life. It reminds me of the Law of Attraction and how most people only send messages from what they think, do and say. They forget the energy on them and around them is equally important in sending messages to the universe. Send the exact message of what you want and you will get it. Change your messages and you’ll change your life. It will work for Demi Moore and it will work for you. Find out how. Take a moment and watch my WOW SYSTEM video.

Demi Moore

“I Knew That Would Happen…”

Posted on: October 27th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

“I knew it would happen” I bet you have have said this many times! Just a coincidence? No way. It happened just the way you predicted it – because you predicted it. You thought it, you believed it, you spoke it, and you created it! There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Why don’t you quit doing this with the things you don’t want, and start doing it with the things you do want?

Glenda Feilen

You get what you expect so expect great things!

Want to Change Someone?

Posted on: October 26th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
Change yourself to change others

Change yourself to change others

Do you want to change someone? Do you really think you can change someone? You can, however the only time anyone will change is when they feel there is a benefit in changing. You cannot directly change anyone any more than painting them with a paint brush would make them change inside; however, you can change the energy you send to them. They will match it and send it back to you in return.

Earl Nightingale knew the secret to getting this accomplished. He said, “Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.”

If you want someone to change, change who YOU are to them. When you are accepting, others accept you. When you are suspicious of others, others will be suspicious of you. When you anger people, others will find things in you that anger them. Change the way you feel about them, and you will change them.

If there is someone you don’t like, get to know them better. Learn from them – because there is something in them that is reflecting that same thing in you.

Change yourself to be the type of person you want other person to be. If you want the person to change into a person who loves life, you start loving life more. When you see the good in others, you magnify that good and that good will increase in them because you magnified it.

Have you got the WOW SYSTEM yet? You’ll change everything and everyone in your life when you do.


How You Dress Can Change your Luck

Posted on: October 25th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
How you dress can change your luck

How you dress can change your luck

How you dress can change your luck. It’s been proven that how you dress gives you a huge advantage in many ways. Research studies from Harvard Medical School have revealed that when people dress in a way that it enhances who they are, people see them in a better light.

The studies indicate that not only the way you dress makes a difference, but when you put a little makeup on, you are taken more seriously than if you don’t. Those in the study who applied a little makeup did much better that those who had no makeup on, as well as those who wore a lot of makeup. How you dress and how you make yourself up tells a lot about what you believe about yourself. How you dress shows you take responsibility to improve yourself. How you dress reveals you care about giving your best to others.

Do you dress in a way that brings out the best in you? Do you dress in a way that is consistent with your personality and personal energy – or do you dress so that people notice your clothes and your makeup more than you?

When you dress on the outside in a way that shows who you are on the inside , it has been shown that:

Do you dress for your success?

Do you dress for your success?

  • people trust you more
  • people think you are smarter
  • people respect you more
  • people believe you more

When you dress to show your best, it not only only benefits you personally, but it has been found to be a great asset to you professionally. This doesn’t mean you have to ‘dress up’. It means wearing the colors, fabrics, designs and patterns that enhance who you are.

You can know exactly how you dress to feel and look your best. Watch the FREE video to find out more.

you dress

How to Be a Smart Person

Posted on: October 24th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
Be a smart person

Be a smart person

Do you want to become a Smart Person? I’m sure you are already pretty smart if you’re reading this, however you can become smarter. It’s easy to do so why not go for it?

It has been found that a smart person constantly fantasizes, dreams and imagines. It is no secret that to get what you want in life, you must first create it in your mind. Do you want a new car? Do you want a sizzling relationship? Do you want a new job? If you aren’t getting it- there is a good reason. You can have it all. Just do what smart people do and see the specifics in your mind.

If you desire something, and it hasn’t come to you yet, you aren’t being a smart person. You aren’t holding it in your mind. You aren’t planting the seed of what you want in your imagination so it can seep deeply into the soil of your subconscious mind. A smart person fantasizes, with all the passion they would have, if he or she already had it.

A smart person holds the mental experience of already having what they desire, for a minimum of 16 seconds, which is the time it takes to connect it with your creative mind. If you want to attract something specific into your life, a smart person knows that the more frequently and passionately you do it, the faster it will come to you.

Another thing a smart person knows, which is vitally important, is when you frequently fantasize something negative, you will get it also. When you frequently fantasize something positive, you will get it!

Start today being a smart person by having a special time of the day to visualize with passion, and then repeat it frequently.

Learn to do what a smart person does when you listen to SENSORY IMAGING IS POWERFUL. My WOW SYSTEM teaches you to fantasize with your senses. Be smart. Start now!


Make Every Relationship Better

Posted on: October 20th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
Gratitude feelings improve relationship

Gratitude feelings improves a relationship

Can you can make your relationship better? No matter who you are, you can always make ANY relationship better! It’s easy and there is relationship research to prove it.

It has everything to do with the way you express gratitude. Gratitude is a vibrational frequency of love which comes from the heart and soul. Showing gratitude is one of the most important elements in any successful relationship. Studies indicate that gratitude contributes to a satisfying long-term marriage.

  • A 2005 study found that expressing gratitude to your partner was related to a higher marital satisfaction. Partners who began to express gratitude in their relationship for 3 weeks showed a great improvement in their relationship. John Gottman’s relationship research reveals that for a marriage to survive, the ratio of positive words and actions to negative words and actions in a given relationship has to be at least five positive to one negative. The fact is, ANY relationship, parental, social, intimate, or a co-worker relationship can be improved by using gratitude.

3 Ways to express gratitude in your relationship:
* Go the extra mile in your thoughts and think about what you appreciate about your partner and your relationship.
* Do something you wouldn’t normally do to express gratitude either verbally or in writing.
* Do some small and simple appreciative actions.

What Energy Are You Projecting? Most people don’t realize the very energy (the feeling) behind the words you speak to another person-is the actual relationship vibration you have with that person. You can change any relationship by simply changing the energy between you and another person. What energy are you putting out when you communicate to others? Think about a person with whom you have a less than optimum relationship. Now think about the energy, the feeling you usually have, when you speak to that person. If you are being honest, you will easily see that the relationship between the two of you is an extension of the feeling behind your words and actions to them.

I'm grateful for you and our relationship

I'm grateful for you and our relationship

Now think about someone you adore and with whom you have a fulfilling relationship. How do you feel right before, or at the same time you utter your words to that person? Your energy output is quite different from your other relationship, isn’t it.

Pick a relationship to improve and have fun creating a new habit. Use the Law of Attraction to improve your relationship. We get in a habit of sending the same energy vibrations, having the same feelings when we speak to certain people, no matter what the subject. If you want to change a relationship, change your vibes when you speak to them. Of course you can! You are in control of your words and your feelings.

Discover how to improve every relationship by using all the Law of Attraction. Watch my FREE videos!





Lindsay Lohan Won’t Get Away With It!

Posted on: October 19th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
Lindsay Lohan won't get away with it

Lindsay Lohan won't get away with itLindsay Lohan won't get away with it

When Lindsay Lohan arrived in court today she was wearing a flimsy, sleeveless, white frock. When Lindsay Lohan left, she was wearing handcuffs. She was taken into custody because Judge Stephanie Sautner was furious with her disregard for the law. The judge said she gave Lindsay Lohan a ‘gift’ of probation for reckless driving and possession of cocaine which terms, she blatantly ignored by missing her community service appointments. Lindsay Lohan’s probation now involves spending 8 hour sessions in the morgue.

It was no problem, however, for Lindsay Lohan, to post the $100,000 bail and get out of jail to once again, do her thing. What is Lindsay Lohan’s thing? It’s doing whatever she wants with no regard for the rules. She thinks she can break the rules but not receive the consequences. Lindsay Lohan will not get away with it. Eventually, even if the law of the land won’t result in the consequences of her breaking the laws, the universal laws will get her. The universe does not make exceptions. When you obey the law, you receive the benefit. When you don’t obey the law, you receive the consequence.

In June, she served 35 days in jail, but was released early because she’s a nonviolent offender and there are budgetary issues and jail overcrowding. The universe has no budgetary issues. As a matter of fact the universe is filled with abundance and all you need to do to get in on that universal abundance is to obey the laws. As Emerson called it, the Law of  Laws, the Law of Attraction.

The universe doesn’t care whether you are Lindsay Lohan or Joe Blow. It doesn’t make exceptions depending on who you are and how big of a star you are, like the court system.

The Law of Attraction gives you back exactly what you put out. Whether you are Lindsay Lohan or not, the universe is filled with abundance, and when you put out abundance in your words, thoughts, and actions, you benefit from universe’s abundance treasure chest. When you put out destructive energy, you receive destruction to yourself and your life.

Let’s look at Lindsay Lohan’s abundance lately. She hasn’t had any good press to speak of. She hasn’t been in any movies. She was promised a minor part in movie, but funding for the movie didn’t come through. She doesn’t even look good. Let’s face it, Lindsay Lohan isn’t being sent universal abundance.

Don’t be like Lindsay Lohan. Learn how you can receive abundance from the universe by using the Law of Attraction in my complete, step-by-step guide, the WOW System. Learn little known secrets in my videos!

Lindsay Lohan


Your Life Goes Where Your Thought Goes

Posted on: October 18th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
Every thought becomes something in your life

Every thought becomes something in your life

Every thought you think sends out your personal energy and causes a vibration. A negative thought, an angry thought, a sad thought, a resentful thought all lead to a negative feeling which creates low frequency vibrations. A positive thought, a happy thought, and an optimistic thought leads to a good feeling which creates high frequency vibrations. Why does that matter in your day to day world? Because science tells us that like-energy attracts like-energy. Send a certain type of vibe; you’ll get back that same type of vibe. Send out certain types of thoughts and you’ll get back those same types of people, situations, and finances in your life.

Did you ever notice when you smile at someone, or say something nice, they usually respond in exactly the same way? Have you also noticed that when you’re feeling depressed or mad, you seem to attract even more bad situations because of the vibes you are sending out with your troubled state of mind?

So if life goes the way every thought you have goes, the best thing to do is to think about what you’re thinking about. Start today to catch yourself when you’re not consciously thinking and see what you unconsciously think about. If you don’t like it – you can change it. You can change any thought any moment you want. You can choose any thought your want…and when you do, you choose your daily life situations.

When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change…but how do you change your thought? Find out how to make it happen for you in EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH A THOUGHT (AUDIO MP3 FILE – 51 MINUTES – 36MB) from the WOW SYSTEM.

This is a sample from Everything Begins With a Thought

The WOW System for a WOW LIFE


What’s your current thought?

Can You Be Positive and Maintain a Smile Like J.R. Martinez?

Posted on: October 17th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
Be positive and maintain a smile

Be positive and maintain a smile

Can you be positive and maintain a smile? It’s something that J. R. Martinez found was essential to him. How can he be positive? In 2003, while deployed to Iraq, he was the driver of a Humvee when the left front tire hit a landmine. He suffered smoke inhalation and severe burns to more than 40 percent of his body. He learned that the only way forward was to be positive and maintain a smile. He did that during his 33 cosmetic and skin-graft surgeries.

Are you going through anything like J. R. Martinez? If not, get a clue. I’m sure if he can be positive and smile, you can be positive and smile also.

While in the hospital in recovery, a nurse asked him to speak to a withdrawn burn patient, who had just seen his body for the first time.

J. R. Martinez

J. R. Martinez

After about 45-minutes, the patient opened the curtain to let the light into his room for the first time. Right then, J.R. understood the impact he had on this patient to help him be positive and maintain a smile. He decided to use his experience to help others be positive and smile. He began visiting patients in the hospital to share his story and listening to theirs. He always brought the message of  ‘be positive and maintain a smile.’

J. R. told Ellen DeGeneres, “If I stay positive and maintain a smile every single day, something good will happen to me.” If YOU stay positive and maintain a smile every single day, something good will happen to you!

How can you be positive and maintain a smile when your whole life falls apart? You acknowledge what’s bad. You decide you are bigger than the situation, and then you make the biggest decision ever-the decision that can make everything better in the future: decide to be positive and maintain a smile. It WILL make things different because the ‘be positive’ vibrations you send out will attract good things, rather than keep you in a victim mentality. When you maintain a smile, it actually creates physiological change in your cells. It tells others to be positive and maintain a smile which helps them send the positive vibes to the universe.

Dancing with stars

Dancing with stars

Is it easy to be positive and maintain a smile when something bad happens? No – but it’s easier than being a victim. The important key is just to make the decision to be positive and maintain a smile. Once you’ve actually decided, your emotions will follow.

J.R. and his partner, Karina Smirnoff, have performed one of the most emotional dances in the history of  “Dancing with the Stars”. He’s not a dancer,  but takes the challenge on like all his challenges: be positive and maintain a smile.

Start your new life today with the simple, easy-to-do steps in the WOW SYSTEM. You’ll have a WOW life and you’ll be positive and maintain a smile every day the easy way!

Be positive and maintain a smile