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Where Did the Money Sign ($) Come From?

Posted on: August 31st, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

The money sign

Where did the money sign come from? Actually, no one really knows but the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, who designs and prints all those lovely green money bills, has a pretty good guess. They say it was originally used to denote Spanish and Mexican pesos, “P S ,” and it came to be written so that the S was on top of the the P. The symbol was widely used before the first U.S. paper dollar was ever printed. In case you’ve never noticed, it doesn’t actually appear on U.S. real money at all.

The U.S. chose to design the U.S. dollar coins to duplicate the Spanish coins, in terms of matching the material and weight. At that time, Spanish money consisted of coins made of silver and valued after the price of silver.  Doing this allowed the U.S. coin to be exchanged for a peso in a 1 to 1 exchange.

Speaking of American money, occasionally you hear that the dollar sign actually comes from superimposing the “U” and “S” from United States on top of each other, but this is proven false.

What does this have to do with you bringing those dollar signs into your wallet? Absolutely nothing. The laws that govern money and prosperity are as specific and workable as the laws that govern mathematics, physics, music and all the sciences. There is a current of energy that runs through everything on this planet, including money. You emit energy vibrations, like radio signals, from your words, thoughts, and feelings about money which influences money coming into your life. Money is energetically neutral and the energy you give it is the energy it takes on in your life.

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You CAN bring your dreams to life!



Is Your Home Inviting?

Posted on: August 30th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

How’s the entry of your home?

Is your home inviting? What is it that greets you when you enter your home? Does it feel welcoming or depressing?
What is it you focus on when you enter your home-the shoes at the door, a luscious plant or water fall, a beautiful mirror or painting? Do you want to continue to enter?

When a person enters, is it inviting to their senses? What do they see, hear, smell, and touch? Is there a sound of a soft flowing fountain? Does your home have an inviting smell? Are there items that make the room feel comfortable, such as a soft rug, or pillows, or a beautiful lush plant or fresh flowers?

What might you have that wouldn’t make your home feel un-inviting? Well, of course, clutter would make you want to turn around and leave. Clutter can give a depressed feeling. On the other hand, sometimes the room is so orderly and formal that it gives an impression you shouldn’t sit down or touch anything-certainly not what you’d call cozy. Often, when you have too much furniture, it may make the room appear uninviting because it would result in an overcrowding feeling.

Check out your home by going outside your door and walking in as if were the first time you were entering. Is your home is welcoming? One of the biggest mistakes people make is not realizing the importance of their home and office surroundings. Your surroundings can help you achieve your goals or they can block your dreams!

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You CAN bring your dreams to life!



Life Gives You Lemons?

Posted on: August 29th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
life gives you lemons

Does Life Give You Lemons?

Life gives you lemons instead of lemonade? Ever had a dramatic life changing experience? Has something disastrous ever happened to you? Well, when life gives you lemons, the only thing to do is to pucker up and put the Law of Attraction to work in your favor-and expect delicious lemonade.

The first thing to do, is to be grateful for what you have. When life gives you lemons, by being grateful for what you have, you are already ahead of the game. When you go forward with gratitude, you start with a winning attitude compared to ‘poor me’ attitude.

life gives you lemons

Life gives you lemons

Next, you make a plan of exactly what you want. Don’t skimp on what you want. Think bigger than what you had before. Never go forward without a magnificent improvement on your past. Once you’ve decided, the next step is vital. Write it down! When you do this, your plan is seeping into your subconscious mind which is in sync with the universe and attracts exactly what you have ordered. When life gives you lemons, your life is about to improve if you play it right.

When life gives you lemons, you must think about what you want (not what you have). You must constantly feel as though you have what you want in advance. The most important thing you can do to make lemonade out of lemons is to take control of your expectations. You must expect what you want and believe you will get it – or you won’t! You can’t fool the universe.

By seeing your dreams in your imagination and feeling as though it was already accomplished, your cells are receiving the vibration of what you want. When your cells send vibrations to the universe, the universe send you situations, people, and things matching those vibrations. When you imagine your future using your senses, your dreams manifest quicker. Learn to do this incredibly easy sensory imaging technique to start changing your life today, in the only complete, ultimate guide to the Law of Attraction, the WOW SYSTEM.

You CAN bring your dreams to life!


Life gives you lemons

Dirty Money

Posted on: August 26th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

Dirty Money

money, money, money

Having dirty money is no problem as long as you don’t let it affect your attitude about it. All money could stand to be laundered because the stuff is filthy. Studies reveal that a most U.S. bills are contaminated by cocaine. Drug traffickers frequently use hands which have coke on them to move cash, and often they roll bills into sniffing straws. ATMs have  brushes and rollers which spread the coke through the rest of the money supply.

Another gross fact about bills is that fecal matter is found on bills. A 2002 report in the Southern Medical Journal revealed 94% of dollar bills tested had pathogens — including staphylococcus — on them. Paper money can carry more germs than your toilet, carrying viruses and bacteria which can live on most surfaces for about 48 hours, and paper money can reportedly transport a live flu virus for up to 17 days.

Now, don’t let the fact that money is physically dirty mean that it is mentally and emotionally dirty. Oh no! It’s fabulous stuff and your thoughts and words should reflect that. You don’t do yourself any favors by calling money ‘filthy lucre’ or referring to the wealthy as ‘filthy rich’. Some people actually think you can’t be a spiritual person and have plenty of money at the same time. It would surprise them to discover that the Bible is the greatest textbook on prosperity every written. It is the lack of money that is a sin. It is actually poverty that is dirty uncomfortable, and degrading.

A great affirmation to remind yourself  to love money and to create personal prosperity is: I love money. Everything and everybody prospers me now.

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You Won’t Make Money If You Do This

Posted on: August 25th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

Stress doesn't make money

You won’t make money if you are stressed or tired. You won’t make money if you are angry or jealous. You won’t make money if you are worrying. Why? Because you are not in the vibration of receiving money or increase. You attract into your life the exact energy vibration of what you put out mentally and emotionally. When you struggle in any way, you are working against your goals and dreams.

We all want to make money, however we all get angry, jealous, worried, and stressed. So what do we do? When you find yourself in one of those low vibrational feelings, simply find something that will raise your vibration and make you feel good, or happy, or grateful. Shift your focus and you will shift your energy. When you feel good you are connecting with your prosperity. Everything, including making money, is created mentally and spiritually before it manifests physically. The universe can only bring  to you-what it can do through you…through your thoughts, feelings, emotions which result in your outgoing vibrations.

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You CAN bring your dreams to life,


make money

Make Money

Posted on: August 24th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen
make money

Love money

Make money! You can make money the easy way or you can make money the hard way. If you want to go the easy route, the first thing to do is to cultivate a good attitude about money. Money reacts to your attitude about it. You attract what you appreciate and money responds accordingly. If you think favorably about money, you multiply and increase it. However if you criticize and condemn it in any way, either your own money or another person’s, you dissipate it and repel it from you.

Everyone wants to know how to make money, however not everyone is willing to simply change their way of thinking about it. To make money you must have a prosperous attitude about it. You must love money. You must feel good when you think about it. In fact, thinking about making money should make you happy. Think of money as being charged with divine intelligence that tunes in on what you say and think about it.

Let your joyous, money-journey begin with a feeling of gratitude for all that is coming to you, no matter how much it is. Welcome money from all directions and let the universe know you are ready to receive it that way.

Make money by using this affirmation daily: All financial doors are open; all financial channels are free and endless money now comes to me. Learn simple, easy ways to make money by creating an attitude of gratitude and appreciation  in UNIVERSAL LAWS OF WEALTH, PROSPERITY, AND ABUNDANCE.

You CAN bring your dreams to life,


make money

The Jersey Shore,The Situation, Abercrombie & Fitch and Law of Attraction

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

The Situation and Abercrombie are a terrific of example of how the Law of Attraction works. The clothing company, Abercrombie and Fitch offered the Jersey Shore star, ‘The Situation‘, and his Jersey Shore friends a “substantial” amount of cash to cease and desist wearing their clothing in public.

CNN reported that Abercrombie said in a press release: “We are deeply concerned that Mr. Sorrentino’s (the Situation‘s) association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image.” Abercrombie wants ‘the Situation’ and the other Jersey Shore stars to ditch their brand. Their concern was that the association of those particular stars with their brand of clothes could cause significant damage to their image.

So, what is really happening here? The Law of Attraction principle, ‘what you focus on expands’  is at work. Because Abercrombie  focused on the fact that the less than high class ‘Situation’ and other Jersey shore stars were wearing their clothes, allowed millions of people who didn’t know that information-to expand. Millions of people who probably wouldn’t want to wear clothes associated with the Jersey Shore folks, now know. That would work against Abercrombie and Fitch.

However, just maybe Abercrombie used the Law of Attraction exactly like they wanted. Perhaps by focusing on the Situation and the Jersey shore stars wearing their clothes, other people like the Situation & the Jersey Shore gang, who aren’t already customers, will flock to their stores to purchase their clothes.

Whichever of the two scenarios was their intent, it worked for or against them because ‘what your focus on ALWAYS expands!’ just like it is did in this case. It always works-for everyone, for corporations, for you!

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You CAN make your dreams come true,


the situation

How to dress? – Don’t Dress Like These Stars

Posted on: August 22nd, 2011 by Glenda Feilen


In Fashion We Can’t get Away With, but Celebs Can, we are reminded that it’s fun to emulate the fashion looks of celebrities. Please, do NOT emulate these looks. Celebrities can’t even get away with these! They are ridiculous. In these looks, all yohow to dressu see are the dress, rather than the celebrity. When you use the Law of Attraction to determine how to dress, people see you-your eyes, your light, the real person inside rather than seeing the dress itself.

Every person is born with a specific energy which they radiate outward. When you dress so that the same energy you radiate from within matches the clothes you have on, others see the real you inside. how to dress

Megan is actually wearing a pretty cool dress which radiates Regal energy. It is stylish, sleek, high fashion, and the color is stunning. The problem is, it makes her appear as though she has a figure fault. Too much body (boobs) on top and the unusually-shaped skirt on the bottom is too short for the design of the dress. This creates an imbalanced, mis-shapen look. The last thing you see is her.

How about these lovely frocks worn by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I love these little twinies, but why must they look like old ladies? Where are their pretty little shapes, their youthful curls. Why are they hiding in those clothes? They look like the energy has simply been sucked right out of them. Are they really manifesting the energy they were born with…no way! They are confusing… and that’s what happens when you don’t dress according to the Law of Attraction, people get confused about who you are.

Okay, let’s check outhow to dress another celeb. Chloe Sevingy decided how to dress a rather interesting outfit. It has the colors of the sleek Regal energy, the cuteness of the lively blouse and jacket reflects the Brilliant energy, and the lovely socks with mary janes accentuate an awkward stance. Her hair reflects the Stream stream energy and once again, we have confusion.

Here is a great look you can emulate if you are the same energy as Brooklyn Decker. This adorable little red leather dress mini dress brings out her fun, Brilliant energyhow to dress. The cute tucks, the shiny gold, glittery heals, and her wispy hair all say, ‘Life is a party’.

Another look to copy, if you radiate a Regal energy,would be Rihannas stunning, stylized, gorgeous black lace dress. He red braid accentuates even more her Regal energy. It all makes a statement, as she does. There is nothing confusing about who she is inside! You see her, her face, her eyes, her personality.

How you dress sends an energy message to all who see you. Find out how you can dress according to the Law of Attraction On You in my WOW System.

how to dresshow to dress

Happiness Robbers!

Posted on: August 19th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen


happiness robber

Don't Let anyone rob your happiness!

Who are happiness robbers?
They are people who take your time, energy and attention by not having an honest and equal energy exchange. How do you know you’ve encountered one? Oh, you know—it’s how you feel when they leave. Your energy is drained, your spirit is damaged, and you are physically  tired.

They invade your life with the best of intentions (they would want you to think) but do not be fooled;  they know exactly what they are doing! You see, they feel better when they leave you because now you are closer to their energy than when they first encountered you. This is a bonding experience you don’t want and one that will not make your life better. Here are some of the happiness robbers you encounter:

the victimThe Victim
These are the ‘poor me’ people that always have a story about how life has dealt them a blow—to no fault of their own. They never take responsibility for what happens in their life. Their joy is the drama with which they delightfully entertain you about their life horrors.

The DownerHappiness
These engaging souls whine and cry and always find the worst, rather than the best, in whatever is happening in their life—and unfortunately, in yours. These never see the option of a positive outcome in a situation. They have programmed themselves, and are hell-bent on programming you that nothing will turn out okay. They do not like ‘happy’ and don’t want it for anyone else.


HappinessThe Dream Stealer
Whatever your dream, they are experts in why you aren’t the person for the job—or why the job, whatever it is that you are involved in, is a losing proposition. These people are especially dangerous and contagious. The can infect you with their negativity if you aren’t careful.


You can protect yourself from all of the happiness robbers by, first of all, being aware of them. Simply create a happiness barrier around you. Something like the virus protection you have on your computer that gives you a warning when a dangerous virus is suspected. Whenever you recognize that one of these robbers is in your presence, immediately think, “Alert…Alert…Alert.. Robber here!”  Stop them in their tracks.  Block them…put up your mental barrier knowing what they are up to. Better than that, remove yourself physically or ask them to remove themselves.

Sure, they’ll be disappointed they could not work their negative magic on you and so charmingly steal the life and energy from you. Do not feel badly—they’ll find someone else who will listen intently to their tales.

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You CAN bring your dreams to life!

Glenda Feilen


You Have a Genie in a Bottle-the Law of Attraction

Posted on: August 18th, 2011 by Glenda Feilen

law of attractionImagine for a minute that you have a genie in a bottle that gives you the power to make whatever you desire appear in a puff of smoke. The truth is YOU DO. It’s the Law of Life, commonly called the Law of Attraction.

You are a Divine being and you have been given a Divine power to make anything you choose appear in your life (not so sure about the puff of smoke.)

You may say, “I’ve been praying that God would send me a new relationship (or a new job.)” You don’t have to pray about something you already have. Because of the Law of Attraction,you have it the minute you desire it with your thoughts, feelings, and energy from within you, on you, and around you. Now, do the rest of the work and bring it into physical form by simply acting like it’s already true…by seeing it in your mind’s eye until you expect it.

Be confident, creative and expect the future you wish to have. The Law of Attraction requires that you dwell on what a great day it is today, on the wonderful relationship you do have, on the good things about the job you already have. When you do this, you will be in the frame of mind that no obstacle is too big for you to overcome. You must be it today to attract it tomorrow!

You do have the Divine Power to turn anything around you want. You created what you have now – you can uncreate it and create something new anytime you want. You don’t need genie in a bottle because you already have something better.

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How Does It Work?

Find out how the Law of Attraction really works. Why do many people, who think they are living the Law of Attraction, not get the results they want? Learn to harness the power of your critical energy fields–from Within You, On You, and Around You.






You CAN bring your dreams to life!


Law of Attraction